Are GPL WordPress, WooCommerce Themes & Plugins Worth it?

Since WordPress GPL themes and plugins give you the flexibility to modify and redistribute them, these themes and plugins are worth it in our opinion but only if you join trusted Site.

WordPress themes and plugins have made it easier than ever for everyone to build their own website. You can either use free, paid, or GPL themes and plugins to create and manage your WordPress website.

Free and Paid themes are straightforward, right? The problem is most people don’t know what are GPL themes and plugins and the features that they have to offer.

If you don’t know anything about GPL themes and plugins, then this article is for you. We are going to share with you all you need to know about GPL and what it means in terms of WordPress themes and plugins.

What are WordPress GPL Themes & Plugins?

WordPress GPL Themes & Plugins

GPL Themes and Plugins are products that are released under the term GPL. Now, what is GPL you might ask?

GPL stands for the General Public License. It is a free license that allows a piece of code to be used by anyone in the world. It is a lot different and flexible than the proprietary software.

You can change GPL software, make copies of it, and resell it as well. GPL themes are plugins that offer you massive freedom that you just don’t get with paid software.

So, the GPL Themes and Plugins are also the same. They are like ordinary themes and plugins, but they give you the added benefits of using the themes and plugins however you want to.

Are GPL WordPress Themes & Plugins Worth it?

WordPress GPL themes offer a wide range of benefits. But they also have a few drawbacks. We are going to break down the pros and cons of GPL themes and plugins to see whether they are worth it, or not.

Benefits of GPL Themes and Plugins



GPL themes and plugins usually cost less than premium ones. There are many online sources out there that have a huge collection of GPL themes and plugins that you can download.

These platforms give you access to thousands of themes and plugins under a monthly membership. You can join such sites and download the GPL themes and plugins from there. This is one of the reasons why a huge number of people are shifting towards GPL themes and plugins.

Freedom to Change and Redistribute

Since GPL themes and plugins come with the General Public License, it gives the user the liberty to use, modify, and even redistribute the theme.

This flexibility is not available with the paid themes. They are not open-source, and you can’t make changes to them.

With GPL products, there are no restrictions for use. You can use these themes and plugins as per your use requirement.

Multiple Online Sources for GPL Products

There are a lot of online sites selling GPL themes and plugins. You can choose any of them to get instant access to thousands of GPL themes and plugins.

But you need to be careful when going to such sites. You only want to use a trusted provider that is reliable.

We recommend checking out Best GPL Site – Srmehranclub, this platform is the most trusted source for premium GPL themes and GPL plugins. With their massive collection of over 15,500 WordPress and WooCommerce GPL themes and plugins, they are the best source for GPL products that you can find out there.

Srmehranclub has a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, and they have a massive clientele consisting of thousands of users.

Safer Than Cracked Themes & Plugins

GPL themes are much safer and secure than nulled and cracked themes. You can trust these themes and they won’t affect your privacy and security in any way. Cracked themes and plugins on the other hand are not so safe. There is no way to guarantee their performance and they can easily hijack your computer system and with it your personal information.

Also, you can use the best WordPress theme detector of SEO Magnifier or SEO Tools Centre free WordPress theme detector to detect a WordPress theme that is being used by a site. Once the theme is identified, you can download it from GPL websites.

Drawbacks of GPL Themes and Plugins

Nulled GPL Themes

There are a lot of GPL sites offering nulled and cracked themes and plugins for free. You should avoid such sites as much as possible. Nulled themes often contain viruses and malware. These products do more harm to your online business than good.

Viruses & Malware

Hackers with malicious intent can add viruses and malware in themes and plugins and when you download this software, they attack your PC to steal your personal information. These attacks can include ransomware as well. So, you need to avoid suspicious platforms and you should make sure that you don’t download themes and plugins from there. This is very important to join only trusted GPL site like Srmehranclub they provide purchase proof

Hard to Get Updates

When you download a GPL theme, it is hard for you to get its updates. You are at the mercy of the original developer releasing the update. And even when you get the update, you have to manually reinstall it. This can affect your business activities. Although there are sites like Srmehranclub that make it easier for you to get the latest updates for GPL themes and plugins.

Performance Issues

Some people have reported minor performance issues with GPL themes and plugins. Premium ones don’t create such problems as they are backed by the24/7 support of the original developer. So, unless you are downloading GPL themes and plugins from a reputable source, you might have to face speed and performance issues.

So, Are WordPress GPL Themes and Plugins Worth it?

Since GPL themes and plugins give you the flexibility to modify and redistribute them, these themes and WordPress premium themes download are worth it in our opinion but only if you join trusted platform so before join make sure you have well researched about the company

You just don’t get the same level of freedom with paid software or the ones that are not released under GPL. Changing or reselling this software can get you into copyright violation issues.

So, we recommend you to join Srmehranclub – #No1 Trusted WordPress GPL Site going for GPL themes and plugins for building your WordPress website. Make sure to find a trusted provider for GPL themes and plugins and download from there.

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