Benefits of Gaming: What Research Shows

Online gaming has always been the favorite hobby of many people and in the last few months, more people have shown interest in this. The lockdowns all over the world required many people to stay at home and many have been busy finding ways to entertain themselves. Online gaming has been an easy solution for plenty of people.

The gaming sector has seen growth in online multiplayer games and even the traffic on online casinos in the last few months. More people also appear to be playing survival and battle royal games. Right now, some of the most trending games include Fall Guys, Among Us, Call of Duty Warzone and Mobile, and Fortnite. All these games are social because these are all enjoyed with other players. This just shows that despite the quarantine period, people are still looking for social activities without violating physical distancing.

Now, for a long time, some people think negatively about gaming in general. Many are saying that this is an isolating activity. However, this isn’t the case anymore. Online gaming can be very beneficial to some. Here are some benefits of playing online games that you should know about.

Helps develop skills for young children

Some studies found how gaming can improve the reading skills of children with the guidance and supports of an adult. Gaming is not just for fun anymore. There are now many educational games that children can play. This ensures that children are learning without getting bored right away. Gaming is a great way to get their attention and improve their focus when it comes to learning new things.

Online Gaming for young children

Some primary and pre-schools also make use of gaming apps to teach their students like Times Table Rock Stars and Endless Alphabet. However, just make sure that the appropriate screen time is still followed and this will depend on the age of a child.

Improves cognitive skills

Most games nowadays are immersive and would require strategies and critical thinking. Playing this type of game can help improve the brain’s speed, a person’s concentration, and focus, as well as a person’s memory.

cognitive skills

The thinking skills of a person can be improved too. There is research by the Queensland University of Technology that found how games can improve the thinking skills of children. Many games would give out instructions to play and this would trigger appropriate response and action to take of the game problem. With that, awareness of the environment, attention to detail, literacy, and problem-solving and planning skills can also be improved.

Improves multitasking skills and concentration

online gamming multitasking skills

Since gaming can improve a person’s attention to detail, gamers are good at multi-tasking. Some games would require you to look for items while you do other tasks. There are even games that would sneak in a few details that only people with great focus wouldn’t miss. As you get to play more, this is something that will come naturally to you. This is why your concentration becomes better and you can multitask even under pressure.

Helps develop skills for young children

It’s now wrong to say that playing online games is isolating yourself because gaming on the internet is now a social activity. Even when the internet wasn’t available back then, people would play two-player games on arcades and their family computers.

skills development on online games

The existence of the internet just made multi-player games even better. You no longer invite people over to play any game. All you need to do is to connect online. You can even play with many people from different parts of the world. Because of that, you can also improve your social skills as you play different games online.

Even online casinos would allow their players to chat or voice chat with each other while they play. Live dealer games also make online casino gaming more social and realistic. You get to play with a real dealer who could answer your questions if you have any.

It is a great way to stay mentally and physically active

It’s already established that brain function can be improved when gaming. The same goes for physical activity. While gaming can still be a sedentary task, other forms of gaming can keep a person physically active.

mentally and physically effective on online games

Gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii U, and Xbox One and 360 Kinect Sensor can now be used for physical activities. Wii allows you to play boxing and golf with their games. Kinect Sensor has dance games.

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