Top 10 Free Cook Group (Discord Servers) in 2024

Are you in the business of selling and buying sneakers online? You can stay ahead of the game by joining the right cook group. Here get insider information about market trends and cop sneakers like a pro.

A cook group is an online chat group where various players in the sneaker business share insider information about market trends. If you are a sneaker seller, cook groups can help you to access timely information about new releases, early links and estimate reselling prices so that you can plan well. More so, beginners can also learn useful information about how to buy and sell sneakers.

All you need to do is to join the right cook group so that you can learn from experienced sneaker enthusiasts.  Here are some of the best 10 free cook groups that you should consider joining if you wanna learn more about sneaker copping.

Best Free Cook Group in 2024

Sneaker Squad Image

This is a reputable, free and unique cook group where users have an opportunity to learn everything they wanna know about sneaker copping. You also have access to advanced software and tools that you can use to cop sneakers like a pro. For instance, all users of Sneaker Squad have access to site lists, guides, free charts, and information about the most reliable proxies in the market.

You can also use the Sneaker Squad platform to buy and sell limited-edition sneakers. The good thing about this cook group is that it’s very active and you can never miss somebody to respond to your queries. You can click here to join this cook group and learn more from experienced sneaker cops.


QwikCooks is a reliable cook group where sneaker lovers get useful information about market trends. Here you learn how to buy sneakers, where to buy them, and when to buy them. This cook group used to be free, but they now charge $9.99. The good thing is that you can re-sell your account easily and recover your money. QwikCooks monitors over 300 retail outlets so that it can give its users adequate info about market trends.

You can never go wrong by joining QwikCooks because it’s a premium chat group for sneaker cops. Other important information available on this platform includes restock alerts, shock drops, and bot set up guides. You also don't have to worry about the right proxies to use with various bots when copping sneakers. All that you need to do is join QwikCooks, and you’ll get everything you need under one roof.

Hype Jungle

This is a reputable cook group where you can learn useful tips about sneaker copping and grow your business. Users of Hype Jungle have access to a large pool of information and updates that they can use to cop sneakers and resell them stress free. You have to pay 25 euros to join this cook group, but it’s worth it. Here you get useful tips that you can use to grow your business.

With Hype Jungle, you can recover your money within no time if you utilize the platform well. Other unique features that users of this platform enjoy include a robot guide, custom monitor, and flip features. You can join the cook group here and take your sneaker copping business to greater heights.


HypePlug is one of the leading free cook groups that offers its users 24/7 customer support.  Here you get up-to-date and timely information that you can use to grow your sneaker copping business. Some of the information that you get on HypePlug include bot restock info, monitors, favorite tools, and where to get discounts. Unlike other cook groups, this platform has a friendly UI that is easy to navigate.

Therefore, you don't have to be a tech guru to use Hype Plug. The fact that this is a free cook group also makes it suitable for beginners or sneaker cops working on a limited budget. Other key features of HypePlug include ticket support, cop guides, and giveaways, just to mention a few. All you need is to do is just join the cook group, and you’re good to go.

Astro Pings

Astro Pings is a renowned cook group that promises to “Take your sneaker reselling potential out of this world.” The platform used to be free, but it currently costs €20 to join the group. It’s also worth noting that Astro Pings comes with multiple features that help users to make informed and timely decisions when copping sneakers. It also comes with monitors that detect multiple sites that users can buy shoes.

Additionally, Astro Pings works with several partners to help its users to make money by re-selling sneakers. You can join this cook group by clicking here and take advantage of its amazing features.

301 Chefs

This is a free premium cook group where you can learn useful information on how to grow your sneaker copping business. The chat group is suitable for beginners because it's easy to use and available free of charge. 301 Chefs also offers group purchases and freebies so that its users can make more money.

Another unique feature about this chat group is that it offers market prediction and resale of slot machines. You also get timely updates about proxies and bots when using the 301 Chefs cook group.  Remember that 301 Chefs is normally closed for new members. There, it’s good to join as soon as you find an opportunity to do so. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Notify X

The list of the leading cook groups can’t be complete without mentioning Notify X. This is a powerhouse chat group where you can learn everything you wanna know to make good money from reselling sneakers. This platform offers its users exclusive features that you rarely get in free cook groups. For instance, members of this group have access to a large pool of sites where they can cop sneakers and resell them to make money.

Additionally, Notify X also offers its users access to in-house tools for reselling sneakers and free bot rentals. If you wanna join this cook group, you can easily do so by clicking this link.

Soflo Sneakers

Soflo Sneakers is a reputable coop group where sneakers cops learn everything they need to take their businesses to greater heights. This cook group is suitable for beginner cops who wanna become “real cooks.” The good thing about Soflo Sneakers is that it provides users with cop sneaker tutorials.

You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates. This means that you can become an experience sneaker cop in a short time if you use its resources well. Above, Soflo Sneakers has a YouTube account where you access video tutorials on how you can grow your sneaker copping business.

The Sneaker Empire

You can also learn more about sneaker copping using The Sneaker Empire cook group. Initially, the chat group was free to join, but currently you have to part with $15. Although this may look expensive, you can recover your money in a short time if you utilize their services well.

The Sneaker Empire comes with all tools that you need to take your sneaker copping business to greater heights. You can join The Sneaker Empire by following this link. The cook group is also available on Twitter and Instagram, where users get timely updates.

Noctua cook group

Lastly, but not least, you should consider joining the Noctua cook group. This's a 100% free group where you can learn all the tips you need to grow your sneaker copping business. Noctua has a dedicated staff that helps its members to cop the right type of sneakers. This platform comes with unique features such as slot machines and group buying. Users have access to bot setups, guides, monitors, and timely updates that enable them to take advantage of limited edition sneakers.

Unlike other groups, Noctua has a dedicated support team that works 24/7 to make sure customers are satisfied. For those looking for reliable proxies and discounted deals, Noctua offers all these under one roof. You can join the Noctua cook group by clicking here. Additionally, you can follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

The Cantina

The Cantina is a unique online community offering a plethora of resources typically found in premium groups but without the membership fee. With a robust membership of over 2,600 members on Discord, it provides exclusive insights ranging from Amazon FBA guidance, sneaker restocks, and stock market tips to sports betting and collectible releases.

Their diverse offerings, backed by experts and cutting-edge technology like bots, ensure members are well-equipped to seize opportunities and maximize their profits in various entrepreneurial pursuits.

In essence, “The Cantina” stands out as a hub for those keen on staying ahead in the dynamic world of online business and investments. If you're looking to be a part of this thriving community, join them from here, making it an invaluable platform for both novices and seasoned professionals.

Mesh Monitors

Mesh Monitors stands out as a premium monitoring solution, offering unmatched site coverage with the ability to monitor over 200 sites, spanning regions and various platforms. Their advanced features range from specialized All-In-One channels, and a vast array of tool bot commands, to community-driven success boards.

Complementing these tools, they have an active community on Copped Squad's Discord, where members benefit from direct links, giveaways, and more. Additionally, you can follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

For those looking to leverage this comprehensive monitoring platform and become part of a thriving community, you can join them from here.

Now what?

Well, I have provided you with a list of the best 10 free cook groups that you should join to grow your sneaker copping business. The choice is now yours! You don’t have to join all the groups because it’s uneconomical. Just go for a cook group that matches your needs and expectations based on your location and sneaker copping experience.

However, I recommend that you should start with a 100% free cook group if you’re a beginner.

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