Best Portable Pressure Washers to Buy

If you are searching for a powerful, portable and efficient washer, then you have come to the right place. Check out our list of Top 10 Best portable pressure washers for you.

Finding the best portable pressure washers can be very daunting. There are hundreds of brands in the market and counting. Together with a host or other considerations, choosing the best from this pack is only set to be even more challenging.

As it is today, most manufacturers are focusing more on performance. Not much focus has been given to the weight and portability aspects of pressure washers in a while. However, this is set to change soon. As new models and brands of portable pressure washers grace the market, more focus is now shifting to the aspect of portability.

Portability begets convenience and ease of use. The lightweight varieties are easy to carry around during operations. Besides, they are compact and deliver impressive washing performance. In this review, we have sampled some of the best brands of portable pressure washer for you. Compare and contrast all the brands and models in our collection in order to find what suits you.

Overview - Top 10 Best Portable Pressure Washers

  • Best Product Warranty: Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer “Ivation Multipurpose portable spray washer is a compact and sleek washer that offers pressure level up to 130.5 PSI. It is a perfect device for a place where water is scarce.”
  • Best Multipurpose Washer: Aqua2Go GD605 Multipurpose Outdoor Portable Spray “The compact and portable washer comes with a Detachable tank for 17 liters of water, long brush, shower head, and rechargeable batteries. You can enjoy endless outdoor water activities with the amazing pressure washer.”
  • Best Cordless Pressure Washer: WORX WG625 20V HydroshotCordless Portable Power Cleaner “With WORX WG625, you can enjoy five different nozzle settings to serve different cleaning purpose including car cleaning to watering your plants.”
  • Best for Indoor Cleaning: Mrliance Cordless Portable Power Washer “Mrliance Cordless Portable washer comes with a 6-in-1 multifunctional nozzle and 40V rechargeable The 960 PSI maximum pressure removes the toughest dirt.”
  • Best Budget Pressure Washer: Greenworks 1600 PSI 13 Amp Pressure Washer “The attachable detergent bottle, rotary brush, the water pressure of 1600 PSI and 20 ft high-pressure hose help you clean even the toughest spots efficiently.”
  • Best Compact Pressure Washer: Stanley SHP1600 Electric Power Washer “Stanley SHP Electric power washer offers a pressure level of 1600 PSI. The compact and portable washer allows you to clean your car, bike or backyard mess.”
  • Best for thorough Outdoor Cleaning: Aqua2Go GD70orGD600 1 Pack Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer “Aqua2Go is a portable spray multipurpose, powerful washer. It features an adjustable spray and 10,000 pulsating vibration boost cleaning system.”
  • Best Pressure Washer with a Water Tank: Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer “With this remarkable multipurpose portable washer, you can effortlessly carry 4.5 gallons of water anywhere you. It is perfect for car cleaning, bike washing and even bathing outdoors.”
  • Best Washer with Interchangeable Nozzles: POWER Pressure Washer LTW-2700 “The powerful, sleek and beautiful washer is perfect for every type of job. It features a Total Stop System and 20 ft. long hose for the best cleaning.”
  • Best Low Noise Pressure Washer: Power Pressure Washer “The induction motor, along with the Total Stop System and the 20 ft long hose makes Power Pressure washer an excellent choice.”

Why do you need Portable Pressure Washers?

The pressure washers are extremely useful in places where water is scarce. They come in handy especially when cleaning. Portable pressure washer can be used to clean a range of floors; wooden, to cemented, and tiled varieties. The main reason you need one of these high end machines is the convenience and ease of cleaning. With them, you’ll be able to get your carpet, floor, and even car cleaned with no much strain.

They are small and compact. As such, they take very little storage space. So, if you are living in an apartment or other small living spaces, a portable pressure washer is a must have cleaning companion. You can readily store them inside your store room or in the tools closet.

These handy machines also have other uses. For example, you can use them for cleaning your bikes, walking boots or washing down the willies. You can even use them to water your plants and clean the mess in your backyard.

They are affordably priced. However, note that the exact cost is so much a subject of brand and model.

Types of pressure washers

There are different types of portable pressure washers. Some of the common one include:

Hot water washers

These portable washers delivers water at temperatures of up to 311 degrees Fahrenheit. They are considered ideal for removing greasy grime and other oily dirt. Besides, they are also good at eradicating bacterial and other microbes from surfaces. They come with an integrated heating system. In terms of price, they are considerably more expensive than the usual cold counterparts.

Cold water pressure washers

These are the common varieties you come across routinely. They are ideal for homeowners. You can use them for cleaning carpets, wooden floors, cemented surfaces, and even tiles without damages to the surfaces.Compared to the hot water washers, they are affordable and need no much experience to use.

Electric pressure washers

As the name suggests, these ones are powered by electricity. Some are battery powered while others are supposed to be connected directly to the mains when in use.

Gas powered washer

Some portable pressure washers are gas powered. Washers in this category deliver more power during cleaning operations. Furthermore, they are also noisy. As such, they are best suited for cleaning surfaces outdoors.

What to consider before buying your portable pressure washer

Because of the wide range of brands in the market, it is important to know what suits you best. Here are some of the things to look for when shopping for the best portable pressure washer.


Portable pressure washers are powered by gas or electricity. The main difference between the two is on performance and usability. While the former can be used to clean large areas and equipment, the latter deliver comparatively low power and can only be used to clean small areas.

So, if you are doing cleaning at a commercial scale, the gas powered portable pressure washers are an ideal fit. However, with the massive power also come the downside of noise. You have to deal with that. On the other hand, electric pressure washers are ultra-quiet in operations but only suitable for basic cleaning at home. So, depending on your needs, you can choose appropriately.


Another critical aspect to consider when shopping for these washing machines. As the name suggest, they are meant to be portable. As such, they should be lightweight and compact. This aspect provides for easy handling for extended periods. For details on this, I suggest you check the product manual for weight and other specs.


Some portable pressure washer have warranties. The coverage is basically a promise of quality and a willingness on the part of the manufacturer to take responsibility for product malfunctions. Whenever possible, it is advisable to choose on products with a warranty coverage. With such, you get to enjoy free repairs and replacements done by the manufacturer throughout the warranty period.


When shopping, keep to affordable brands. You don’t have to overspend on a pressure cleaner when there are affordable options that perform just as well. However, it is important to note that high performance pressure washer come at a slightly higher price tag.

Cold or hot water support

Most pressure washer use cold washer. On the other hand, some use hot water for cleaning. The exact specifications are available in the user manual. Be sure to check and verify the same. You don’t want to damage your cold water washer by accidentally using hot water.

Top 10 Best Portable Pressure Washers Reviews

Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer

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This excellent portable spray washer is the perfect solution for cleaning your backyards, bike, or car. It does not release high-pressure water, yet it is perfect for areas with water scarcity.

The washer offers a pressure level of up to 130.5 PSI. It means that instead of getting unmanageable water pressure, you will have a gentle stream like pressure, which is extremely easy to manage.

It comes with a rechargeable 12V battery, thus you can use four and a half gallons of water anywhere, any place you like. All you have to do is connect the washer with your car’s charger port and you are good to go.

Ivation’s spray washer is designed to function as a lightweight, standalone, all-inclusive portable washing system. You can use the portable spray even without a power code due to its rechargeable battery.
The water spray comes with packed with basic units and several accessories. This powerful machine offers an adjustable shoulder strap, one removable water tank, one showerhead, one brush head, a spray gun, a hose, and four sealing rings.

Its powerful trigger nozzle enhances its all overall. You do not have to crank or pump anything in order to get the water going. All you need to do is press the trigger to produce a steady spray of water.

  • 4.5 Gallon Capacity
  • Steady stream like water pressure
  • Continuous Trigger Nozzle
  • 12V rechargeable battery
  • Does not offer high pressure

Aqua2Go GD605 Multipurpose Outdoor Portable Spray

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The Aqua2Go Multipurpose Portable is among the best portable pressure washer. The main attraction of this amazing washer is the ease of use. You do not need any fixed power or water connection to use the machine.

Simply put in water to the attached tanks and you are ready to go anywhere you want. The tank can hold up to 17 liters of waters, thus it is perfect for cleaning your bike, taking a bath or even your car.

Another great thing about the washer is its built-in lithium rechargeable battery. The 12-volt connection allows you to use and charge the batteries on the go. You can connect them with your car’s charger, and it will work seamlessly.

The small size and elegant design make it extremely easy to transport. In addition, the washer does not take up a lot of space. So, even if you are running out of space, you can always manage to place the portable pressure washer in the tiniest space possible.

Unlike many other pressure washers, Aqua2Go does not need a lot of time for charging. Its fast charging feature further enhances its portability factor. Even though it takes little time to charge the batteries, but they go a long way.

  • Use 5 full tanks on a single charge
  • Detachable tank for 17 liters of water
  • Rechargeable batteries and 12 V connection
  • Includes long brush
  • Includes Showerhead
  • Sometimes the attachment doesn’t hold on

WORX WG625 20V Hydroshot Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

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There is no denying the fact that WORX WG625 is perhaps the most portable handheld pressure washer to date. Its advance machinery uses a minimum amount of water while delivering 5 times the water pressure of a garden hose and nozzle.

Its great power and efficiency make it an excellent choice for cleaning the backyard, cars, bikes or even taking a balk. What more is that the pressure washer is extremely lightweight. Thus, making it possible for you to transport is to any place you like.

All you need is a freshwater source, and you are good to enjoy a maximum force of 320-PSI. In addition, the bottle adapter of the washer allows you to take water with you. It comes with a 20V Max power share battery and you can use it on any other WORX 20 volt tool as well.

We do believe that the hydro shot is an excellent power cleaner and it has just the right amount of pressure. It also offers versatility in terms of functionality. You can access five different settings on the nozzle. Therefore, from blasting mud out of the tries, you can bring the dial down to watering your plants without any worry.

  • Up to 320 PSI
  • 20 V  max power battery
  • Five different Nozzle settings
  • Delivers 5 times the water pressure of a garden hose and nozzle.
  • Needs freshwater source

Mrliance Cordless Portable Power Washer

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The MR-XK005233 is perhaps the best power washer that you will ever come across. It is perfect for any sort of outdoor cleaning task. You can wash your bike, backyard or whatever you with this amazing cordless portable power washer.

Its strong, inbuilt 40V rechargeable battery offers impressive usage time. It takes about 3 hours to, fully charge the battery; however, it can go on for a long time. The outstanding battery is among the major reasons for Mrliance Cordless to make it to our top best portable pressure washers.

The strong washer offers a maximum pressure of 960 PSI, which is great to clean up all the stubborn dust on your car. The maximum water Inlet Pressure that it offers is 70 PSI, which is again impressive. Another great thing about the strong washer is that it requires a maximum height of 1.2 meters for proper water suction.

Its 6-in-1 multifunctional nozzle further enhances its appeal. Instead of just getting a regular washer, the nozzle offer multi-functionality. For a bigger spray area, you can go with an upgraded spray nozzle.

You can select from six different modes of the power cleaner. You can go with the shower mode, the foam jetting mode, 40-degree mode, slant direction, 20 degree or 0-degree mode. Each mode tends to serve a different purpose. All you need to do is turn around the surface of the nozzle to activate your desired mode.

  • 6-in-1 multifunctional nozzle
  • 40V Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum height of 1.2 for water suction
  • 960 PSI maximum pressure
  • Maximum water Inlet Pressure 70 PSI
  • No Tank attached
  • 3 hours of charging

Greenworks 1600 PSI 13 Amp Pressure Washer

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Greenwork pressure washer will help you restore your surfaces in no time. Its high pressure will blast through the dirt and grime. The washer is extremely portable and you can take it anywhere you want.  To ensure greater stability, you can use the washer either horizontally or vertically.

The effective washer allows you to reach even out to elevated accumulated dust because of its 20 feet high-pressure hose. The 35 ft. power cord further ads to its feasibility factor.  Another great thing about the washer is that you can use it as a soap applicator as well.

All have to do is use the attachable detergent bottle, along with Turbo quick connect nozzles, and you can get any job done. Its universal motor: 120, 60Hz ensures that the washer offers great power and that too for a long time.

The rotary brush tends to get rid of even the toughest spots. Simply use a rotary brush on the spot and then blast it with water for effective results. Greenworks pressure

  • 1600 PSI
  • Attachable Detergent Bottle
  • Rotary Brush
  • the fine-spray nozzle may have some issues

Stanley SHP1600 Electric Power Washer, 1600 PSI, Yellow

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If you are tired of spending money on car wash every other day, then you are in for a treat. The Stanley SHP1600 is the perfect solution to your dilemma. This one-time investment would go a long way.  Once you buy this amazing washer, you will never have to spend another dollar on getting your car washed

There is no denying the fact that Stanley SHP1600 is an amazing Power Washer. The washer offers convenience along with several other impressive features. Its 35 ft power cord and 20 ft soft flexible pressure hose will ensure smooth and perfect cleaning of the stubborn dirt accumulation.

In addition, the washer comes with a pressure washer wand, a pressure washer gun, and a 14 oz. detergent tank. It means you can first place detergent, rub it properly and then wash it off for greater results.

The amazing power washer comes with a 2-year warranty program. In addition, the company offers an efficient customer service. You can reach out to them at any time of the day, and they will respond promptly.

  • 1600 PSI
  • 14. oz detergent tank
  • 20 soft flexible pressure hose
  • Affordable
  • No wheels
  • No water tank

Aqua2Go GD70orGD600 1 Pack Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer

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The Aqua2Go GD600 is among the best portable pressure washer that you will come across. It is very compact and highly efficient. It comes with a water tank, so you really don’t need freshwater sources. Simply, put the 4.5 gallons of water in the tank and use it on the go.

The pressure washer is perfect for cleaning your car, bike or even the untouched areas of your home steady. Their 5 ft hose makes it possible for you to reach out to the most difficult areas as well. Since the washer comes with a number of useful attachments, therefore, it can be used for multiple purposes. The rechargeable 220 V battery further enhances its appeal.

You can go on with a single charge for a long time. The adjustable spray pressure allows you to choose between 40 PSI to 130 PSI. The washer also comes with compact packaging. It means you will have a proper safe for storage the nozzle as well as the hose.

An optional soap dispensing brush is another great addition to the amazing pressure washer.

  • Adjustable Spray
  • Extremely portable
  • 10.000 Pulsating vibration boost cleaning
  • Comes with a water reservoir
  • Water pressure up to 3 to 9 bars
  • The tank may have some leakage
  • Materials seem to be of low quality

Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer w-Water Tank

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Take the amazing multipurpose portable spray everywhere you go and enjoy its endless benefits. It has the ability to tackle even the toughest jobs The compact rechargeable washer allows you to carry 4.5 gallons of water. The attached water tank eliminates the need for freshwater supply.

This is extremely handy especially in places where water is scarce. The spray washer comes with an impressive 60w pump that is capable of producing a max 130.5 pounds/square inch. The pressure holds enough power that it can get rid of even the toughest grime and dirty sport. At the same time, the water is gentle enough for you to water your plant without getting them damaged.

The updated portable washer comes with a smaller pump offering better power, lighter build, shorter base, and better design. The performance way better and you can now easily locate the on and off switch. All and all, the manufacturer has enhanced the accessibility feature of the spray washer.

With this amazing washer, you can enjoy 40 minutes of continuous spraying and the battery allows you to spray 16 gallons of water. It seems that your search for a multipurpose portable spray ends with the Ivation masterpiece.

  • 4.5 gallon Water Tank
  • Portable
  • 40 Minutes of Continuous Spraying
  • May have trouble with a hose connection

POWER Pressure Washer LTW-2700

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Power pressure washer LTW-2700 uses state of the art technology and the latest trends to deliver outstanding performance. It is highly less likely that you find a pressure washer as good as this one on the market.

The beautiful, powerful and extremely portable washer is perfect for every type of job. You can wash your car, bike, or even the mess in the backyard. It has the ability to remove the toughest dirt without any trouble.

To ensure that you reach out even to the most difficult places, the water comes with a 20 ft long hose and a 30 ft long power cord. The built-in soap dispenser lets you take cleaning to the next level.

The pressure washer has a smart Total Stop system. The system senses the flow of the water and after you release the trigger, the water stop flowing through the pump. The system automatically turns off the motor in order to prevent the pump from getting overheated.

  • 20 ft long hose
  • Total Stop system
  • PSI 1.80
  • Soap Dispenser Built In
  • Quiet operations guaranteed
  • Not Identified

Power Pressure Washer- Ultra Low Sound Power Efficient

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Talking about raw power with unmatched efficiency, the Power Pressure Washer guarantees noiseless operations.

The sleek design and the unique technology makes it one of the best power washers tin the market. And because it is electric-powered, the washer comes with an induction motor up to 1300 PSI.

The lightweight and the extremely portable washer will make it easy for you to carry it wherever you go. The washer can work up to 35 minutes after being fully charged. To ensure that you are able to reach even the most difficult places, the power washer comes with a 20 ft. hose and a 30ft long power cord.

The induction motor pressure washers are better in terms of power and noise. They are way quieter than the universal motors and offer almost twice the power.

  • 20 ft Hose
  • Induction motor
  • Total Stop System
  • Noiseless operations
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • Not identified

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