Top 10 Best Portable Water Filters in 2023

Whenever you are going out and about, you need a ready supply of clean and refreshing drinking water. Portable water filters come in handy in such instances. They are compact in design and hold just enough water to quench your thirst whenever you are on the go.

Hiking, cycling, camping, and general wild adventure goes hand in hand with a need to constantly hydrate. And the best way to do that is to have a sizable portable water filter that delivers quality water wherever you are.

These water filters come with replaceable filters that remove most of the contaminants. And these bottles work with any freshwater. From your home water tap, river or lake or from any other freshwater source. So the next time you are traveling or just going about your normal adventures, remember to carry your portable water filter.

What is a portable water filter?

A portable water filter is a sizable filtration system that can be used to eliminate most water contaminants from any fresh water. Such types of water filters aren’t recommended for use with saline water. Saline water accumulates salt on the filter and in turn damages it. They come in different types of filtration mechanism in play. Some filters user the reverse osmosis technique to filter contaminants. UV water filters are not really filters but instead, sterilizers.

They eliminate all the microbial elements from your water. Activated carbon portable water filters are the most popular. In fact, most portable water filters are of this type. Then there are the ion exchange resin types. Not very common, but yes, very effective and works even with saline water. I can’t forget to mention the water ionizer category. Not a water filter passé but does a good job alkalizing your drinking water.

The categories aren’t important though. What you need to know is that portable water filters are very important during adventures and even emergency situations.

Do you really need a portable water filter?

There are a thousand and on advantages associated with portable water filters. They are eco-friendly and as such, reduce over-reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. By using these filters, you are actually saving some money and also saving our planet. One thing about portable water filters is that they make any other water drinkable and safe. So you don’t have to laden yourself with very heavy water bottles. Just carry your portable water filter and off you go for your wild adventure.

Today, there are many brands of portable water filters in the market. With the large collection comes the advantage of variety to select from. The large variety might also bring with it a lot of confusion on the side of consumers.

They become spoiled by the choice and may end up with low-quality filters. In this review, we have rounded up some of the best portable water filters in the market. Take time to compare them and also remember to follow the Amazon links included for the best price deals.

Below is a quick summary of the different brands of portable water filters in this listing.

Top 10 Portable Water Filter Reviews


Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration system – Best filtration capacity

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration system When it is time for camping, hiking, traveling or simply going to work, you want to be sure the water you drink is safe and very healthy. That is when you need the Sawyer portable water filter. I have been using this for the last couple of months and am really impressed. It uses high grade 0.1 Micron water filter to eliminate common water contaminants like chlorine and the rest. The manufacturer indicates that the product is triple tested for quality water filtration, style, and portability that is consistent with modern travel needs. The package comes with hydration packs, a drinking straw, and standard disposable water bottle. I have always liked the filter's ability and capacity to eliminate micro-plastics and microbes. These are often a major concern to me, though it's good to know that others like mercury and asbestos are also reduced. The replaceable filter has a lifetime capacity of 100,000 gallons and comes with a squeezable pouch, a cleaning plunger, and a seven-inch long drinking straw.

  • Portable water filter with a lifetime filtration capacity of 100,000 gallons
  • NSF standard 42 certified for the reduction of chlorine taste and odor.
  • Eliminates 99% bacteria, virus, cysts, etc.
  • Uses high performance 0.1-micron inline filters that are tested and approved to remove most contaminants.
  • Best portable water filter for outdoor adventures and travel
  • Not identified


Grayl Ultralight water purifier bottle – Ultra-lightweight water purifier bottle

Grayl Ultralight water purifier bottle If you are always traveling or are just in love with outdoor adventures, you want to stay healthy by drinking clean and refreshing water. There’s no better way to do that than with Grayl Ultralight water purifier bottle. Most brands of water bottles require some suckling, pumping, or maybe squeezing.

Not this brand though. Not even prolonged waiting before you can drink your water. And it works with any fresh water. Be it from a river, lake, or even municipal tap water. This filter virtually decontaminants any fresh water to give you fresh and sweet tasting water for drinking. It is important to note that it doesn’t work well with salty water from wells, ponds or any other source. The salt damages its filter.





  • Good for use by travelers, campers, hikers, or when just heading out to work.
  • Makes clean and sweet tasting water from any fresh water source
  • One press design features a high-performance filter that removes 99% of common contaminants.
  • No squeezing, suckling, pumping, or extended waiting before you can get to drink your water.
  • The filter is replaceable after a while.
  • No warranty


JTTVO BPA-free Filtered water bottle – Best 2 stage portable water filter

JTTVO BPA-free Filtered water bottle This is a 2 stage water filtration bottle that is designed and made from BPA-free materials. It is, therefore, safe for keeping drinking water. It is best for use during camping, hiking, traveling, etc. the filtration mechanism is one of the best.

It comes with a hollow fiber membrane filter system. This has been tested and proven to eliminate most contaminants like chlorine odor and taste. It uses activated carbon filters with 0.01 diameter microns for superior filtration. It requires a little bit of sucking to facilitate the filtration process and also deliver pure and clean drinking water whenever you need it.

Something else that I find very intriguing with this bottle is that it uses a high-capacity filter replaceable after every 396 gallons. And the replacement process is super easy. It entails simple unscrewing and fixing it appropriately. What’s more, the bottle is leak-proof so you can be sure your stuff inside the backpack won’t be messed up with water. It is also noteworthy that every purchase comes with a 5-year warranty for free replacement and maybe repairs.

  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty for replacements. You can, therefore, buy it with confidence.
  • The high-performance 0.01-micron filter removes most of the contaminants like chlorine and microbes.
  • Long-life filter replaceable after every 396 gallons of filtered water.
  • Suitable for hiking, traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities.
  • BPA-free and leak-proof portable water bottle
  • Not identified


LifeStraw personal water filter – Best microbiological filter

LifeStraw personal water filter LifeStraw personal water filter uses microfiltration membrane to eliminate 99% chlorine, lead, and micro-plastics. And as the manufacturer claims, every single bottle is rigorously tested by independent laboratories for quality, suitability, and superior performance.

It is made of BPA-free materials hence is good for keeping your drinking water. This portable water filter uses high-grade microbiological filters with a lifetime capacity of up to 4000 liters. And something else that makes it stand out is that it is NSF standard 42 and 53 certified to quality filtration. Unlike other brands, this one delivers pure drinking water with a simple press. So, absolutely no sucking, biting or even waiting.





  • Good for hikers, climbers, campers, and travelers. You can also use it when heading out to work or school.
  • Uses high capacity microbiological filter capable of removing 99% of bacteria, cysts, and other contaminants.
  • The filter has a lifetime capacity of 4000 liters before replacement.
  • NSF/EPA/ASTM certified for superior water filtration.
  • No warranty

Seychelle Extreme water filter bottle International travel can pose a real challenge when it comes to getting used to the drinking water used in the other city of part of the world. To remove any doubts and have a guaranteed supply of clean and pure drinking water, Seychelle Extreme water filter bottle is all you need. It used activated carbon filter membrane that eliminates all contaminants larger than 0.2 microns. So, anything from bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and even radiological contaminants are all removed from your drinking water. Other than camping, hiking, and travel, this portable water bottle can also be used for emergency preparedness. That is to say, you have it inside the first aid kit for assistance in cases of severe dehydration.




  • Ideal for use during emergency situations of severe dehydration.
  • Made of high-quality FDA and EPA approved materials for quality water filtration.
  • Made by an ISO 14000 certified Seychelle water filter facility in the USA.
  • High-efficiency 0.2 micron water filters remove most of the contaminants like bacteria, cysts, and heavy metals.
  • The filter is replaceable after every 5000 liters filtration.
  • No product warranty

Survivor Filtered Squeeze portable water filter If you have been looking for gravity or squeeze filter water bottle, then I think Survivor is all that you need. The manufacturer claims that it uses a whole new set of high-performance 0.05-micron filter capable of removing most of the contaminants like chlorine and heavy metals. If that didn’t convince you then I guess you’ll be moved by the superior BPA-free design that can easily be taken apart when cleaning. Yes, you don’t find that with any other portable water bottle. This guarantees you quality drinking water whenever you are out and about. If you’ve never tried this brand of quality water filters then you don’t know what you are missing. Quality water purification never gets better than this. It comes with a set of 5 cotton pre-filters with a capacity of up to 264 gallons. Not only that. It also uses a membrane ultrafilter with a capacity of up to 26,417 gallons before replacement. All the two sets of filters combined guarantee you the best quality drinking water whenever you are far from home.

  • Combines replaceable carbon filter, 5 cotton pre-filters, and membrane ultrafilter with lifetime capacities set at 264 gallons, 1000 liters, and 100,000 liters respectively.
  • Every purchase comes with a Survivor filter lifetime warranty for repairs and replacements.
  • Tested and certified by independent US labs for compliance with EPA, NSF, WQA, and ANSI water filtration and quality standards.
  • Removes contaminants up to 0.05 microns.
  • Typical squeeze or gravity portable water filter.
  • The parts and components can easily be taken apart during cleaning
  • Not identified

SurviMate Filtered BPA-Free Water Bottle The SurviMate filtered water bottle uses an advanced filtration system to eliminate most of the contaminants from your drinking water. So, the next time you are traveling or just heading out to school or work, take with you this high-grade portable water bottle by SurviMate. The filtration system is a combination of activated carbon, hollow shell fiber UF membrane, and medical grade PP cotton. The multistage filtration system spares no contaminants or sediments. And because it is made from BPA-free and FDA approved food grade co-polyester material that s heat resistant for extreme durability. It uses high-grade filters that are replaceable after every 1500L of filtration. That is like once every year. So, so won’t have to overspend on filters time and again. The SurviMate portable water filter is also eco-friendly. That is to say, it is recyclable and replaces so many plastic bottled water thus helping curb pollution.

  • Durable replaceable filter that lasts up to 1 year or 1500L before replacement.
  • Combines activated carbon, hollow shell filter UF membrane, and medical grade PP cotton for superior filtration experience.
  • Made of food grade Tritan co-polyester material thus is BPA-free and FDA approved for quality safety.
  • Eliminate 99% lead, chlorine, and other contaminants.
  • No warranty

Triple Tree Uninsulated stainless steel water bottle If you have been looking for a durable water bottle for your drinking water, Triple Tree Un-insulated water bottle is all that you need. It is made of high grade 304 stainless steel that makes it suitable for most outdoor adventures and travel.

The robust design of this water filter is made of BPA-free food-grade materials. So, in terms of safety, you can count on this bottle.  You don’t want you kids drinking unsafe water whenever they are in school or just far from home, buy them one of these bottles. It features a special fitting lid that makes Triple Tree Uninsulated stainless water bottle leak-proof.

Added to its compact design, this portable water filter fits nicely inside your travel backpack. You love your water cool and tasty? No worries. This bottle features a convenient 9.0” wide mouth so you can easily add in some ice cubes or some fruit for the taste. To wrap it up, every purchase comes with a 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee and a lifetime guarantee.



  • Every purchase comes with a 30-day hassle free money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.
  • Comes with a 1.9-inch wide mouth for easy addition of some fruit and ice cubes to your drinking water.
  • Robust leak-proof water filter easily fits inside your travel backpack
  • Made of BPA-free food-grade materials thus very safe and fit for keeping your drinking water.
  • For superior durability, this water bottle is made of high grade 304 stainless steel.
  • No warranty

Epic Water Filters ultimate outdoor travel bottle Sometimes we are caught in very tricky situations and we have limited access to quality drinking water. In such situations, you need an Epic Water Filter ultimate outdoor travel bottle. This portable water bottle uses activated carbon filters to cleanse your drinking water of 99% of contaminants.

And it is American made, so it delivers quality water filtration that you can trust. Its replaceable filter is very durable and has a lifetime capacity of up to 100 gallons. This has some saving element to it because you won’t spend much money on filter replacements every time and again. The manufacturer indicates that this filtered water bottle removes lead and other heavy metal contaminants.

Of course you the health risk associated with heavy metals is all too apparent. And unlike earlier designs, this bottle is improved for superior filtration performance. For instance, the drinking straw is much larger than was the case with earlier models.

It even includes a locking dust cover flip lid for guaranteed water safety. What’s more, this portable water bottle is very easy to use. It comes with a single button operation. Simply flip the lid cover and draw some quality drinking water from its wide diameter straw.


  • High-performance portable water bottle made of BPS/BPA free materials
  • Every purchase of this water bottle comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • High capacity filters replaceable once every year or after ever 100 gallons.
  • NSF/ANSI standard 42, 53, 401, and P473 approved
  • Comes with a dust cover flip lid to guard your drinking water against dust contamination.
  • No warranty

Bobble Classic portable Water bottle Bobble classic portable water bottle uses high efficiency activated carbon filters. As such, it is capable of removing 99% of common contaminants like lead and mercury. It is made of BPA free materials. So it delivers high-quality water filtration you can trust.

It is eco-friendly and recyclable. By using this water filter, you actually replace some 400+ single-serve plastic water bottles. This is very important in helping in the fight against plastic pollution.

Comes in a robust design featuring stylish and beautifully colored fitting lead for a guaranteed leak proof bottle. It is USA-made so it has the quality you can trust when it comes to filtering your drinking water.





  • BPA-free portable water filter with a stylish leak-proof design
  • Eco-friendly water bottle replaces some 400+ plastic water bottles.
  • Uses high efficiency activated carbon filters to eliminate lead, mercury, chlorine and other common contaminants from your drinking water.
  • The filter is replaceable once every 12 months or after 400 gallons
  • Delivers pure, clean, and better tasting drinking water.
  • No warranty

What to consider when buying a portable water filter

There are a number of considerations to make when choosing a portable water filter. Here are some of the things to check out when buying one of these survival kits:

Microbe filtration capacity

This is a very important aspect when it comes to water filtration. Microbes make us sick and any filtration system must be able to eliminate most of them. When choosing a portable water filter, you need to check its ability to filter out and eradicate bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Design and weight

Something lightweight and compact is preferable compared to something heavy and bulky. An ideal portable water filter should fit easily inside your travel backpack. Be sure to check on this the next time you go shopping for the best portable water filter.

Micron size

The smaller the size the better. Micron size indicated to what extent the filter is capable of removing minute contaminants.

Rate of filtration

A portable water filter with a high flow rate is much better in terms of providing clean drinking water whenever when you need it most.

Filter lifetime capacity

Longer lasting filters are much better because they save you from the hassle of buying a new filter every so often. An ideal filter should last at least 4 months before change out.

Ease of maintenance/ cleaning

A good portable water filter should be very easy to maintain and clean. That is to say, the parts should be very easy to take apart and wash clean.


This is the last factor in our list of considerations. You should choose a portable water filter that is affordably priced. However, take care not to compromise price for low quality.

That’s it for our review of the best portable water filters. Compare and contrast all the brands in our list so as to find what suits you best. And as always, check out the Amazon links provided for the best price deals.