Top 10 Raffle Bots to Increase Copping Chances

You can never miss limited edition sneakers raffle if you use the right bot to boost your chances of winning.

It’s a common trend for online sneaker retailers to establish raffles so that buyers can win a chance to buy certain shoes. This normally happens during a limited-edition sneaker release. A raffle is a type of “draw” where potential buyers enter into a competition for a chance to buy an item. Sneaker raffles are normally very competitive. Therefore, you need to use raffle bots to increase your chances of winning a draw.

A raffle bot will help you make thousands of entries into a raffle so that you can cop several pairs of sneakers. All you need is to get the right raffle bot. Would you like to know some of the best rafflebots in the market? Well, this article review highlights the 10 best raffle bots that you should try if you wanna grab as many pairs of sneakers as possible.

Best 10 Raffle Bots

Sole Retriever

No doubt, that Sole Retriever is a reliable bot that you can use to win sneaker raffles and grab as many shoes as you want.  The bot is also available as an App for users who would like to cop from sneakers their mobile phones. You start by downloading the bot by scanning the QR code provided on their website.

One of the unique features of Sole Retriever is that it searches for sneakers releases and sneaker raffles from all parts of the world. This means that you’re always aware of available shoes that you can buy.  The bot also provides users with real-time notifications about restocks and the latest sneakers raffles. Sole Retriever tracks over 1000 sneakers stores and conducts over 30 lucky draw activities every day. You can also follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

Hyper raffle Bot

You can never go wrong if you use Hyper Raffle bot to cop sneakers sold through raffle draws. This is one of the most effective and easy-to-use raffle bots available in the market. Additionally, this bot offers unlimited entries for luck- draw, thus increasing your chances of winning.

Hyper Raffle bot also supports chrome extensions that allow users to secure their FCFS and win raffles with ease. Please note that you don't need an app to use this bot because it’s a web operation. Therefore, you can access it from any device that supports a web browser and from any part of the world.


This bot comes with unique features that enable sneaker cops to win raffles and grab as many shoes as they want. KageAIO supports a wide range of platforms where you can buy raffles and win a chance to buy sneakers that you want. Some popular sites where you can use this raffle bot include Footlocker, Champs Sport, Walmart, and Footaction among others.

Another unique feature of KageAIO is that you can cop sneakers using FLX accounts and earn more points. That way, you increase the likelihood of winning more raffles and raffle draw. The bot also supports the use of proxies to enter the op lottery websites.

Lastly, users of KageAIO enjoy discounts when buying proxies and popular cook groups. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.


If you're looking for a superior raffle bot that offers custom files and supports unlimited proxy, Thunder is all you need.With this bot, you can easily buy as many raffles as you want without experiencing cancellations or IP bans. Thunder is an effective bot that will definitely change how you cop sneakers. You can use this bot on both Windows and Mac devices to cop sneakers from many online platforms.

Other superior features that users of Thunder enjoy include anti-bot solutions, top-notch customer support, and account generators. You just buy your sneaker raffles with ease and win with ease. Thunder also comes with an easy-to-read guide for new users who don't know much about the bot. It's also good to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for easy communication and updates.

Flare Raffles

This bot supports unlimited tasks and you can make as many raffle entries as you wish and increase your chances of winning a draw. FlareRaffles is also one of the most affordable bots that you can find in the market. It supports over 30 site draw and comes with an account generator to make your work easier when copping sneakers.

Other unique features that users of FlareRaffles enjoy include a clean and smooth CLI, geocoding address, account checker, and link opener among others. Above all, it supports in-store, online, and App raffles. It's also worth noting that FlareRaffles is compatible with both Windows and iOS devices.

Osiris Raffle Bot

It will cost you $150 to get this super-effective and take your bot copping business to a greater height. Osiris Raffle Bot comes with unique features such as unlimited item sending and anti-zombie. The good thing about Osiris Raffle Bot is that it’s a multi-site bot. Therefore, you can use it to enter into sneaker raffles from several sites and cop as many shoes as you want.

You can reach Osiris Raffle Bot developers on [email protected] for more inquiries or business. Alternatively, you follow them on Twitter for regular and timely updates.

Kicks Raffle Bot

This “Number 1 EU Focused” raffle bot supports several sites. It also supportscustom sites at a request. Kicks Raffle bot enables users to make mass entries on raffles so that they can win more chances to buy sneakers. You don’t have to be a tech guru to use this bot because it offers simplified and seamless lottery entries.

Other unique features that users of the Kicks Raffle bot enjoy include exclusive in-house tools, 24/7 customer support, and in-house monitors. Follow then on Twitter, so that you can get timely updates on when the bot is available for sale.

Alien AIO

This reputable raffle bot comes with amazing features that enable users to cop sneakers from as many sites as they want without losses. You can never go wrong with Alien AIO because it increases your probability of winning and the prize draw.  The good thing about this bot is that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

Above all, you enjoy top-notch customer support when using the Alien AIO bot. Its developers are available on Twitter where users get timely updates. Just get your bot and you’ll never miss in any sneaker raffle. With Alien AIO, you not only buy raffles but also win draws to sneakers that you want.

Shrimp AIO

This bot comes with a friendly UI that makes it suitable for beginners. It's will cost you £250 to acquire this bot and a renewal fee of £50 every 3 months to continue using it. ShrimpAIO is one of the most reliable and Ultra-fast raffle bots available in the market.

Other feature that makes this bot superior includes in-built 3DS handling, powerful proxy support, general CSV task format, and GOLang code from scratch. Generally, the ShrimpAIO bot has unique features that make sure you don't miss any sneaker raffle. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter so that you can get timely announcements.

Raffle Hub

The last one in the list of ten best raffle bots is Raffle Hub. However, that doesn't mean that it's the least effective among the 10 bots. On the contrary, Raffle Hub is one of the most reliable and effective bots that you can use to get entries into sneaker raffles. This bot support over 60 websites, batch threading, and multiple entry modes.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you can’t miss any raffle when using the Raffle bot. The bot also comes with captcha automatic encoding access features that help users to bypass restrictions by different sites. If you wanna know more about, Raffle Hub, just follow them on Twitter.

Now what?

Winning a draw in in sneaker raffle is next to impossible if you don’t use a reliable bot to increase the probability of winning. Each of the raffle bots listed above is tested and proven effective.

However, it's good to choose a raffle bot that matches your needs if you wanna excel in your sneaker coping business. Some bots may be expensive but that shouldn’t discourage you from acquiring them. The truth is that you’ll eventually recover your money if you use raffle bots to cop sneakers for resale.

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