18 Best Sneaker Resell Sites for Flipping Shoes

The struggle of getting sneakers can’t be over if you don’t resell them and make profits. Unfortunately, reselling your shoes can be a mission impossible if you don’t know where to sell them.

Well, we have sorted out some of the best resell platforms to help you maximize profits and grow your sneaker-selling business.

Best Sneaker Resale Sites in 2024

Flight Club Homepage

Flight Club is a legit sneaker trading platform where you can sell brand-new and second-hand shoes. You should start by registering an account with them. Once you do that, you need to create a submission for sneakers that you wanna sell and ship them to their collection centers. Alternatively, you can deliver the sneakers by yourself. Flight Club will verify your sneakers and list them across their selling channels for possible buyers.

Once someone buys your sneakers, Flight Club pays you via PayPal or bank transfer. Please note that Flight Club charges a commission of 9.5% and a $ 5 seller fee. They also charge a 2.9 % cash-out fee when processing your payment. If your sneakers don't sell, Flight Club can ship them back to you or advise you to adjust prices.

Goat Homepage

Goat is another reliable online platform where you can re-sell your sneakers and make profits. This is a sister company to Flight Club, but each business operates as a distinct brand. You can use their site or mobile app to sell your sneakers. The first step is to open an account with them and have it verified. Once your account is ready, you have to list your sneakers with them so that buyers can view and buy.

You also need to ship the shoes you’re selling to Goat for verification before they’re listed. This platform charges a seller fee that varies from one country to another and a commission fee of 9.5%. You can cash out your money as long as it’s more than $25 at a cash-out fee of 2.9%.

StockX Homepage

You can also resell your sneakers on StockX and make profits. This is a reliable online platform where sellers list their shoes for any price so that buyers can bid. Once you find a buyer for your sneakers, you need to send the shoes to StockX so that they can verify them and send them before sending them to the buyer. The sneakers should be in their original box and new.

StockX charges a seller fee of 9.5% and cash-out fees of 3% for beginners. However, it reduces seller fees as you make more sales. You get paid through PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Stadium Goods Homepage

Stadium Goods is a reputable online platform where you can sell your sneakers to make profits after copping them. The Company works in partnership with Alibaba and eBay. You start by shipping sneakers that you wanna sell to their store in New York or drop them in person. Once you do that, a sales member of staff from Stadium Goods will help you to determine the right price to sell your sneakers.

The company pays sellers on a weekly basis, and they charge a 20% commission from total sales.  You can opt for a direct deposit from Stadium Goods or pick a check-in person from their store.

Klekt Homepage

Klekt is a legit online platform where you can sell your sneakers quickly and make profits. However, you need to start by opening an account with them so that you can list the shoes that you wanna sell. Once you find a buyer for your sneaker, the next step is to ship them to their store for verification. Klekt then ships the sneakers to the buyer after making payment.

The company charges a commission of 20% and a shipping fee of €10 (flat-rate). You get your earnings through PayPal. Although Klekt accepts sellers from all parts of the world, it's suitable for those who live in the EU.

Kixify Homepage

You can never go wrong by reselling your sneakers on the Kixify platform. This is one of the “Largest sneaker marketplaces.” Their goal is to change the culture of buying and selling sneakers online. Here you can use their site or app to sell and buy sneakers. The first step is opening an account with them so that you can list shoes that you wanna sell.

Kixify takes only an 8% commission fee each time you sell an item on their platform.The good thing about this Kixify is that you don’t even pay a dime to open an account and list your sneakers on their platform.

Novelship Homepage

Novelship is one of leading Asia's platforms where you can sell your sneakers and make profits after copping them. The platform is legit, and you don't have to worry about scammers. Other than making money, Novelship sellers also enjoy better rates and robust rewards. You can learn more about their seller fee rewards.

Selling your shoes at the Novelship platform is very easy. You just have to list them on their platform, and you’ll receive your earnings if someone buys your sneakers. Novelship charges a selling fee of 9% to 3% depending on the seller’s rating. Therefore, the more you sell on their platform, the lower the selling fees.

Poshmark Homepage

Poshmark is a reputable online platform where you can re-sell your sneakers stress-free. The platform is legit, and you don’t have to worry about your online safety. Another advantage of selling at Poshmark is that you can request buyers to pay shipping fees. Poshmark takes 20% of the sales that you make on their platform. For that reason, this platform is expensive compared to other sneakers re-sell markets out there.

However, that doesn’t make Poshmark any inferior because you have access to readymade shipping labels and a large pool of buyers. Just list your sneakers with them, and your money is deposited in your Poshmark account every time someone buys your shoes.

Laced Homepage

Laced is London based online platform that offers a reliable platform for people to re-sell their sneakers. You start by creating an account on their website using your email address. Here you can only sell brand new and authentic sneakers. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your online privacy when selling on Laced because it's an anonymous marketplace. Laced pays its sellers in GBP, but it also converts payment to the seller's local currency.

Shipping fees vary from one location to another. For instance, UK sellers pay £8 shipping fees while those from EU countries pay £15 shipping fees per item. Once your item sells,earnings are credited to your Laced account, and you can cash it out to your bank account. The platform charges a commission of 12% and 3% for processing payment.

Kickstw Homepage

Kickstw is a reputable Australian online platform where you can re-sell your sneakers and make good money. Therefore, sneakers cop from Australia should take advantage of this platform. In order to sell at Kickstw, you should start by filling a list of the items you wanna sell and their suggested prices.

Once you ship your sneakers to their store, Kickstw staff will review your items, finalize the process and offer you a physical contract. The company lists your sneakers and pays you once they find a buyer. You should note that Kickstw charges a commission of 17% per item sold or a minimum of AUD 25.

Urban Necessities Homepage

Urban Necessities is a reliable American platform where you can change your sneakers into cash. This is a 100% legit company, and you don’t have to worry about your online safety. You start by signing up an account with them, after which you ship the sneakers that you wanna sell to their store. Alternatively, you can also bring them to the Urban Necessities store in person.

You also get an opportunity to negotiate prices for your sneakers with Urban Necessities. Sellers receive payment for their sold items every Thursday. Please note that Urban Necessities charges a commission of 10% of the sales or $20, whichever is great.

Project Blitz Homepage

Project Blitz is a great platform where you can find buyers for your sneakers and make profits. However, you have to agree with their strict terms and conditions if you don’t want to have problems. Once you open an account with Project Blitz, the next step is to ship the sneakers to their store for verification.

The company pays sellers after someone buys items listed on their platform. The good thing about Project Blitz is that it charges commission depending on the number of sneakers you sell.

Sole Supremacy Homepage

You can also not afford to pass Sole Supremacy when looking for a reliable platform to re-sell your sneakers. This is a legit American company where you can list and sell all types of sneakers and make profits. You just need to sign up for an account with them and ship the sneakers to their store for verification and listing.

Sole Supremacy deals with original sneakers only, and it offers in-store trade-in services. The company pays you once someone buys your sneakers after deducting selling fees and commission.

Solestage Homepage

You can never go wrong by re-selling your sneakers on the Solestage platform. This is a reputable high-end footwear marketplace where you get access to many potential buyers. To sell at Solestage, the first step is to open an account with them. Once they verify your details, you need to ship sneakers that you wanna sell to their store for verification.

Solestage pays a seller immediately a person buys an item listed on their platform. Just like any other online retail platform, Solestage charges some commission for its services.

Cloutor Homepage

Lastly, but not least, you can resell your sneakers on Cloutor and make good money. You need to sign up for an account with Cloutor to sell on their platform. Once you fill in all necessary details, you can list your sneakers and wait for customers.

Cloutor takes a commission of 7.5% and a seller fee of $ 5 from every sale made on their platform. Sellers get their earnings through PayPal and Cloutor deducts a processing fee of $3 (to take care of PayPal fees).

eBay Resell Sneaker

eBay is one of the original online marketplaces and it offers a large and diverse market for buyers and sellers of all kinds of items, including sneakers. eBay is a more self-directed platform compared to some of the other specialized sneaker reselling websites, which means sellers have to manage their own listings, communicate directly with buyers, and handle shipping once a sale is made.

To sell sneakers on eBay, you'll need to conduct thorough research to ensure you're pricing your items competitively. Including a detailed description and several high-quality images in your listing can significantly enhance its appeal and sales potential. Once you make a sale, it's your responsibility to ship the item to the buyer. The cost of shipping can be factored into your listing price or added separately.

In terms of fees, eBay has a somewhat complicated structure that varies depending on the selling price of the item. For sneakers sold at $150 or more (including taxes, shipping, handling fees, and applicable fees), the final value fees are:

  • 8% for non-store and starter subscribers
  • 7% for basic and above store subscribers

For sneakers sold under $150, the final value fees are:

  • 13.25% for non-store and starter subscribers
  • 12.35% for basic and above store subscribers

There are also insertion fees that may apply if the seller has used up their monthly zero insertion fee allotment, and a per-order fee of $0.30. However, for sneakers priced at $150 or more, both the insertion fee and the per-order fee are waived.

One advantage of using eBay over other platforms is that, despite the work involved in listing and shipping your items, the fees are generally lower, which can result in a higher profit margin. However, it's important to note that these fees do not apply to the Kids’ and Babies’ Athletic Shoes categories.

Grailed resell sneaker

Grailed is a unique online marketplace known for its high-end clothing, streetwear, and sneakers. This platform allows you to list your items directly, providing a versatile space for products that might not be accepted by other reselling stores or apps.

When you list a product, you're required to provide a detailed description. Grailed recommends basing your listing price on the prices of similar items already sold on the platform, which can help ensure a fair and competitive price. It's important to note that sales on Grailed are not anonymous; buyers are aware of the sellers they are purchasing from, which can help foster a sense of community and accountability on the platform.

The selling process on Grailed involves shipping the sold items yourself. This means the cost of shipping will be a factor in your overall profits and should be negotiated with the buyer ahead of time.

In terms of fees, Grailed charges a 9% commission, in addition to a 2.9% plus 30 cents fee for PayPal processing. These rates are generally lower than the traditional 80/20 split seen at many other reselling stores, making Grailed a potentially more profitable platform for sellers.



RIF Resell Sneaker

RIF is a well-renowned consignment marketplace based in Los Angeles, specializing in rare, limited edition authentic merchandise, including sneakers and clothing. The company has been in operation since 2006 and has established itself as a reliable source for customers worldwide searching for rare, limited, and exclusive shoes and clothes​.

While the specifics of the reselling process on RIF are not readily available online, it's clear that RIF operates as a consignment store, meaning that sellers would provide their sneakers to RIF, which then takes on the responsibility of selling the sneakers to consumers. Usually, consignment stores take a percentage of the sale price as a commission, though the exact terms for RIF are not specified online.

To get the most accurate information about reselling sneakers on RIF, I would recommend reaching out to RIF directly via the contact information on their website. They should be able to provide specific instructions on how to resell sneakers through their platform, including any fees, requirements for the sneakers' condition, and other important details.

Final Word

I believe that every seller is at liberty to re-sell his or her sneakers at the platform of your choice. However, you can never go wrong if you try any of the platforms listed above because they are tested and proven.

Just pick the one that matches your needs depending on location, charges, customer service, terms, and conditions. Always remember that the platform that you use to re-sell your sneakers determines the amount of profits that you gonna make.

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