Got an iPhone? Take a Look at The best VPN for iPhone in 2022

The mobile phone has become a primary necessity for any individual today. There are millions of people who are using mobile phone worldwide and there are millions of people who are accessing the Internet using their mobile. With such a huge amount of people using the Internet and mobile phones, security has become the primary concern. Our topic of discussion today is focussed on iPhone users.

There are more than 150 million iPhone users all around the world. With such a whopping clientele, security is a major concern.

Is Your iPhone at Risk?

You should know that Android users have faced many issues till now. Like their phone slows down or suddenly there is a hike in their data usage, all this happens because of malware’s and viruses. Talking about iPhone, there have been fewer cases of malware’s and viruses but it doesn’t mean that you should not be protecting your phone.

Sources of Virus

Mobile phones are being easily infected by viruses and malware’s today. The reason is public-wifi, non-secure data download and non-secure application downloads. If you don’t trust any application then you should not be downloading it. Same goes with pirated data. Cyber criminals can easily target you if you are using public wi-fi.

Role of VPN

A VPN helps you by protecting your data from snoopers. VPN masks your true location so no one will be able to trace you. Outsiders can’t penetrate your network as well as can’t track you. The other reason is VPN will help you see your favourite television shows and movies without restrictions. For example NetflixBBC iPlayer. Etc. As compared to other options like OpenDNS, VPN is far better as it completely encrypts your data.

Recommended VPN

Selecting a good VPN Service Provider is a must if you have decided to use a VPN. As a good VPN Service Provider will have its servers in most of the places around the world and will always give you a good bandwidth. So let us take a look at some such good VPN Service Providers.



HideMyAss has always topped the list when it comes to VPN. HideMyAss provides both VPN and free website proxy services. HideMyAss is from the UK, its Graphical User Interface is simple and easy to use. The address bar is easily accessible which helps to access a particular website. HideMyAss also has advanced features which include the use of SSL certification.


IP Vanish

IP Vanish is another good option as a VPN but sometimes there have been small issues which they have immediately solved. IP Vanish can be used on multiple devices which are the same as HideMyAss. As compared to HideMyAss, IP Vanish has less number of servers worldwide. Leaving this, IP Vanish works smooth and efficiently.


Express VPN

Express VPN has been in the news since much time. The reason is Express VPN has seen rising popularity worldwide. Again, the functionalities are almost same like the other two, but HideMyAss has the most number of servers any VPN Service Provider could provide.


Each VPN Service Provider is good and has its own client sector. Their users love it and are always referring them. I would prefer HideMyAss VPN but you can select whichever is convenient for you as our ultimate goal is to protect your phone from being a victim of the Internet Spying.