Show Your Brand Personality with Instagram

Instagram is big. And it’s about to get bigger, e.g. in 2019 outgrowing Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and even Facebook in terms of % change (eMarketer, 2015). If you follow your favourite brands on Instagram, you might notice some do better job than others. I’ve put up a list of 10 business accounts that do their homework and portray their brand personality with amazing content on Instagram. Start following them today!


Magnum – 513k followers

Instagram Profile:

Mmm, let’s starts with something delicious! Magnum literally makes me want to eat every ice cream that I see on their posts. The guys know that we eat with eyes and the same happens on Instagram.

Content is a bit quirky, very in line with their custom Magnums that they advertise also offline and they’re very contemporary – using content generated from influencers, fashionistas and city lovers.


Burberry – 16.5m followers

Instagram Profile:

The key to success is create sharable content – and this means content that is of high quality and in sync with the brand and what the audience likes. People prefer to share something that is authentic and Burberry masters this technique. Their images are extremely good and consistent – the brand doesn’t make use of any extravagant filters or image sizes.

Burberry also knows how to be consequent on Instagram. The account has a great balance of snaps from the fashion shows, shoots with models, makeup, and product craftsmanship. Even the colors are consistent with the current collection. Pure perfection.


Airbnb – 676k followers

Instagram Profile:

Instagram is also about inspiration and taking people into another world through social media. Airbnb gives you a stream of “bucket lists” images and videos that are adventurous, sunny and inspiring.

There couldn’t be better content posted here – it’s all about showing the spirit of traveling, reaching different places in the world and documenting it. You just want to pack your bags and go out there!


Charity Water – 452k followers

Instagram Profile:

Respect your following on Instagram and understand why they follow you here. This means, create content that fits the platform. Charity Water doesn’t post any sad, crying baby pictures with a message that makes you guilty for living in the first world country. What you see is a stream of high quality images like these:

The tone of voice is also more optimistic and the language fits the audience. Do you think the visuals are effective?


Taco Bell – 1.3m followers

Instagram Profile:

Talking about edgy and funny content – Taco Bell is totally rocking Instagram! Besides from sharing funky and funny graphics of their tacos, tortillas, nachos and more starchy goodness, most of all they focus on the spirit of going out together with friends, fun and just hanging out.


L’Oreal – 1.3m followers

Instagram Profile:

L’Oréal Paris Official features a mix of different products, celebrities and colors. With such a variety in content, consistency is important and L’Oréal uses colors to show their brand to the instagrammers. Scroll through their recent postings to see how they play with color transcending through their makeup, hair and beauty products.

The color palette changes per row – making it a fun experience for the Instagram user.


Rolls Royce – 6.8m followers

Instagram Profile:

Talking about rows and being creative with Instagram, check this amazing account! It’s all about the luxurious cars and limousines, and there is no exception made to the content! Scrolling down the stream makes you literally feel like you’re sitting inside and drinking champagne.The solution they came up with is quite simple – make the account as premium as possible! The layout is clean and it looks like someone has been taking great care to make it look outstanding. Great job RR!


Lacoste – 4.5m followers

Instagram Profile:

If you have ever worn a Lacoste polo you know it was all about that crocodile logo. This brand is about visibility and prominent branding. And so is their Instagram account.

The photos and short GIFs are always focused on the product, and the logo is also highly visible. Check this amazing post on #NationalChocolateDay


Audemars Piguet – 2.1m followers

Instagram Profile:

This is one of my favourites. Audemars Piguet is very careful with posting high quality snaps and showing craftsmanship in every post. Their watches are extremely expensive and customer base is very limited. Instagram is used here to show their extreme attention to detail in every step of bringing the product to life.


Hyatt – 201k followers

Instagram Profile:

Another great example of how to transport your followers into another world. Hyatt does fantastic job at showing you the experience of staying in a particular hotel or place AND inviting you to be there. Look at their images how they’re shot from the person’s perspective showing their hand holding a cup of coffee or holding you to go to the beach.

Hyatt proves you don’t need to be big on Instagram to have an engaging audience. The key is in the content and if it’s true and authentic to your brand and who you are.

A Few More Worth Mentioning

I just wanted to show two more brands that don’t have a lot of in common however they position themselves very well on Instagram. Here is where you can see their brand personalities very prominently. Check McDonald’s and a famous macaroon and pastries brand Laduree:

Two very different Instagrams but immediately showing you what they are about. I hope you also notice how consistent they are in posting their content and how this makes their Instagram accounts easy to understand and easy to follow.

I hope this article inspired you to rethink your content strategy on Instagram and gave you few ideas for the next posts. Start with defining who you are as a brand and what really resonates with your audience on Instagram. Let me know what is your Instagram account in the comments below and I’ll follow you back!