Learn Quickly How To Watch BT Sports Outside UK

The common ways of watching BT sports is through BT TV, Sky or via their dedicated app or online player. The nicest feature of it is that you can watch BT sports on the go as well, even when you are not at home. However, BT sports won’t let you do that if you are not in the UK that means the features explained above only works while you are within the UK so if you have run out of the UK then so have your luck for enjoying BT sport. But don’t give up on your hope yet because it’s totally possible to watch BT sports outside UK and I will tell you how.

Watch BT Sports Outside UK

The first and the foremost solution to watch BT sports is the use of VPN (Virtual Private Network), a VPN service is very easy to use, and it allows the user to bypass the geographical restrictions deployed by the websites or several other service providers like BT Sports.

Buying a VPN Subscription

There is both type of VPN services available paid and unpaid, however; I will strictly recommend going for a paid VPN services, and I have written a separate article as to why you should avoid using a free VPN service.

The paid VPN service cost a small fee but ensures more reliability and protection at the same time as compared to free VPN service. HideMyAss is one such paid VPN service; they have made their services very affordable and unmatched in terms of support and reliability.

Watching BT Sports via VPN Outside the UK

  • So, once you have bought a VPN subscription all you have to do is to setup the VPN according to the instructions provided by the VPN service provider.
  • Nowadays every VPN provided and easy to set up the one-click installation process.
  • Once done with the above process open the VPN client and then choose a UK based server from the list of VPN servers since VPN providers have servers spread across multiple countries.
  • So, you have to choose a UK based server in order to get a UK based IP address then you can easily watch BT sports outside UK.

More Information About VPNs

The system of VPN developed in order to tackle the necessity of sharing filed among the employees while on the go, the method is tried and tested but also makes the connection secure with the help of encryption that means no third party will be able to see your data.

VPN works by bypassing the user’s data through secure tunnels and also encrypts the data with 256-bit encryption which means that the data could not be intercepted by any third party. And also assigns a different IP address to the user thus granting anonymity to the user over the internet thus, protecting the user from online threats.


In the above article, I have made an attempt to explain as to how you can watch BT sports outside UK, and the best way to do this is with the use of a VPN subscription. I hope the above guide will be helpful to the reader in watching BT sports while they are outside of the UK or while visiting their friends and family staying outside of the UK, because BT sports is such a nice platform to watch latest sports events and a fan can’t stay away from it just because BT sport doesn’t allow access to the users who are outside of the UK. Well, I just helped you out of the situation, Happy BT sporting!