4 Reasons Why Business Professional Needs A Branded Bio

Many moons ago, the online bio was unnecessary. Before that, the online bio didn't exist. In 2021, however, you're expected to have some sort of bio if you're a business professional. People like to know who they're working with, and without a bio, you're an enigma.

What's the point of a personal biography online, though? You're not a writer. You aren't here to make friends; you're here to do your job. Isn't a traditional resumé enough?

While it depends on your industry, probably not, personal branding is bigger now than ever, and your bio is part of that brand.

It doesn't have to be accurate. It can be entirely made up (aside from your work history), but it should be present.

Keep reading to learn why a personal bio is so important.

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1. It Helps Build Trust

People don't like it when they don't get a clear view of something before committing to it. This might seem silly, but it's true. People will scour the internet for a LinkedIn profile or Instagram page that might lend some insight into who you are.

Instead of that, wouldn't it be better to have a small, personalized bio that you can control right where your potential clients can see it?

When customers can know who you are, they can trust you.

2. A Resume Can be Too Much

There are times when a CV or resumé are appropriate, when you're applying for a job, for example.

Other times, this is unnecessary. Sending a followup email, or even a cover letter, don't require this much information. This is also true if you're networking with other professionals.

You're trying to impress them, but they don't need to know your life story. They need a snippet of your personality and background so that they can understand your brand. Short bios are great for that.

3. A Bio Makes You Seem Confident

Bios were once only for the elite or “higher-ups” in the world. If you have one, what are you saying about yourself?

You know who you are and you know what you have to offer. You're confident in your personality, work, and brand, and you want to share that confidence with the world. And why wouldn't you?

Sometimes bios can seem conceited, but to the right people, it will seem perfect.

4. Everyone Is Doing It

This isn't going to be a lemmings argument. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean that you also have to do it.

That said, there will come a time where you'll be the odd one out, and not in a good way.

Many digital natives have personal bios online even for small jobs. They've turned their resumes into websites and they've been branding themselves since college.

You're missing out on an important opportunity that everyone else is taking, and you might end up paying for it.

Are You a Business Professional Without a Personal Bio?

In this day and age, any business professional worth their salt needs to have a personal bio. You might think it's silly or that it makes you seem overconfident, but you don't want to be left behind by your younger or more web-savvy peers.

Be confident and proud of the work that you do. Set up a personal bio today.

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