Should You Buy An iPhone 12 Pro Max in Australia? – Apple’s Latest Flagship Phone

iPhone 12 Pro Max is now the most expensive Apple flagship phone available in the market. iPhone 12 Pro Max was released in September 2020 and to date, it is one of the most powerful phones available in the market. This is the reason why people have started calling iPhone 12 Pro max a super-phone because it can do everything a computer can do.

Why is everyone calling iPhone 12 Pro Max a superphone?

iPhone 12 Pro Max a superphone

iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with some great features and a very powerful processor designed by Apple called the A 14 bionic chip. With all the hardware loaded inside the phone iPhone 12, Pro Max is no less than a computer.

It can run multiple heavy applications without any lag. All the experts who have tested this iPhone 12 Pro Max have ended up calling it a superphone.

Features of iPhone 12 Pro Max

Features of iPhone 12 Pro Max

Since iPhone 12 Pro max is the top-of-the-line smartphone from Apple it is filled with all the top-of-the-line sensors technologies and chips. The processor of all the iPhone 12 series phones is the same which is an A 12 Bionic chip. Here we will be talking about all the features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max which makes it a superphone in the market.

  • Performance

The A 14 bionic chip is the latest chip designed by Apple. The new chip comes with a nanometer processor which helps the processor to boost 4 core GPU, 6 core GPU and also helps in learning accelerator by 70 percent.

The chip helps iPhone 12 Pro Max get more efficient and it helps in generating more speed from less efficiency. iPhone 12 Pro Max can take a load of intensive gaming and workload without any problem simultaneously.

  • Big display

The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a 6.7-inch OLED display which is a Super Retina XSR display. The bezels of the phone are really small and it is an amazing experience when playing a game. Watching a movie on this phone also makes the experience much better.

This is the biggest display designed by Apple to date and the entire screen is protected with gorilla glass. The display is also color accurate and watching HDR videos is just a treat.

  • Triple camera setup

iPhone launched its three-camera setup in 2019 when they launched the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 pro max. In 2020 Apple kept the camera design the same but changes were made with the sensor. With the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple included one of the biggest camera sensors for the wide-angle.

The three lenses in the camera setup are telephoto lens, ultrawide lens, and wide lens. The three lenses are responsible for creating all the bouquet effects which make the photos look good. A night mode function has also been introduced in the phone which helps people click great images in low light conditions. Users also can click photos in raw format with help of the ‘ProRaw’ feature.

  • Great battery life

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has the biggest battery in the whole iPhone 12 series. Since the battery is larger in size users can get longer battery life. Apple has introduced a new fast-charging feature where the iPhone 12 Pro Max will charge up to 50 percent in less than 30 minutes.

This phone also has MagSafe compatibility and will charge from any wireless charging pad. No charging adapter is included in the phone so users are recommended to get the power adapter so that they can use the fast-charging option.

  • 5G Compatible

All the iPhone 12 series phones are 5G compatible so the iPhone 12 Pro Max is not an exception. With the help of 5G, users will be able to get superfast internet even in congested networks. The smart Data Mode is a new setting added to the phone which allows users to use their 5G network whenever the device is in need.

If users are downloading or streaming an HRD video, the phone will switch to 5G on its own. If the phone is using less data the phone will switch back to LTE so that it can save data as well as battery. This new feature has surely impressed everyone.

  • Pricing

The price of the iPhone 12 from Phonebot starts from $849 AUD in Australia for a 128GB variant ( which is insane and all the features offered by Apple surely makes up for the price you’re paying for it. There are other storage options available but they are a bit more expensive. The refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max will surely be about 25 percent lower than the price of a new phone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the greatest high-tech premium smartphones available in the market in 2021. With this phone, the main focus of Apple was on the bigger screen and performance and they have surely done a great job.

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