11 Best Places to Buy Instagram Followers in 2024

Growing your Instagram account can be a pain because it will require you to spend precious time. You can also automate the process with either of these ten growth accounts.

Scaling your brand can be tasking at times especially when looking for Instagram followers. So is there a chance of doing this faster without spending too much time on it? Of course, through Instagram bots that will make the process fun and easy. Many businesses are spending a lot of money but automating that at a fraction of the cost can make it worthwhile.

Keeping in mind that Instagram has a non-bot rule, you have to make sure you have the right one. You just need to buy new followers and the bots will do the rest, incognito. This guide will help you know some of the best platforms to buy Instagram followers.

Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers

TurboMedia Instagram Followers

TurboMedia is an Instagram growth service that provides engagement such as likes, followers, and more. Their website says they provide organic growth to bring credibility to your user profile. Their orders are usually delivered between 24 and 72 hours after an order is placed.

  • Start Price:  $50

This includes a followers package deal that gives you 1,000 followers & views, 25 comments, and 500 likes. It also has a free program that provides 10 free Instagram followers and likes daily. The site does not ask for your password. You only have to take a minute to complete five social actions or complete a survey. It is safe and secure and only needs to be activated every 48 hours.

Upleap Instagram Followers

This is a service for selling real Instagram followers and likes but of course, this is a bot. It is just like an account manager dedicated to growing your Instagram account. The platform does not need one to provide his password to gain followers. It only requires the username and the rest is up to the bot. Upleap allows you to define your target market, follow, unfollow, and like other Instagram accounts.

  • Start Price: $5

For this price, users instantly get 500 followers in their accounts which is quite fast. The only requirement is that you need to have put your profile status as public. Users are advised to not change the account names after placing their orders until they are complete. Upleap is well-rated among different rating sites and they also have responsive customer service.

Mr.Insta Instagram

This is a well-rated platform that offers Instagram growth services for people looking to get more likes and followers. The service delivers paid packages between 24 to 72 hours with no password requirements. It also offers to make your Instagram get organic growth, and users don’t need to follow them back. Mr. Insta has been in the market since 2013 helping people gain popularity with their Instagram accounts.

  • Start Price: $10

At the price stated, a user gets 250 followers and these are delivered safely over time. Users of this platform can be sure of staying ahead of their competition helping to build their brands. Users no longer need to spend countless hours trying to manually get account followers.

Stormlikes Instagram Followers

This is a marketplace for buying real Instagram followers and likes who can also comment on the content you share. The platform guarantees that all the comments and likes are from real people which makes it a sure way of promoting your brand. Users of this platform can control the rate of comments and likes which helps in ensuring that your account is not caught for using a bot.

  • Start Price: $1.39

For this price a user receives 50 Instagram likes instantly and the platform claims they are from real people. You can choose to split the likes over different pictures in your account to make it more popular. Stromlikes also provides 24/7 customer live support and is guaranteed to be a safe service.

InstaShop Instagram Followers

InstaShop is another marketplace for buying Instagram followers, likes, and comments. The platform is quick and efficient in delivering orders helping to boost your growth. Users can connect their Instagram accounts to product pages on e-commerce websites to boost their credibility. This means that they can shop directly by clicking on the image and you can choose whichever image to display.

  • Start Price: 3.79

For this price, a user is guaranteed to have 200 Instagram likes that are real although we know that they use bots to deliver them. It has mixed ratings on many review sites, some being good and others bad. It integrates with product sites such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, and others.

Followersup Instagram Followers

This is another Instagram growth tool that will help you to boost your brand through Instagram and other social media sites. It is considered a safe, quick, and efficient service with excellent customer support. Users can expect to have their orders delivered within 24 hours however large orders may take more time. Their website is also secure and does not put your payment information at risk of getting captured.

  • Start Price: $14

At the price stated, you will receive 1,000 followers within 24 hours. The growth service has been in the market since 2016 therefore it can be trusted. The company also accepts cryptocurrency payments and debit/credit cards.

SocialViral Instagram Followers

This is a platform that offers Instagram growth through followers and also works with other social media sites. The platform is trusted therefore safe to use and it provides organic followers fast and efficiently. For large orders, the platform drip feeds them into your account over time to achieve the intended purpose. To get a package deal from SocialViral, you only need to provide your URL and make the required payments.

  • Start Price: $1.44

At this low price, you can be assured of getting 50 high-quality followers to your account. The order is delivered fast with no password requirements and they provide 24/7 live support. According to their website, SocialViral claims to provide genuine and active followers even though we know they are using bots.

Media Mister Instagram Followers

MediaMister is a trusted Instagram growth service that will help you grow your brand on Instagram. Having operated for a long time, the platform can be considered safe and legit. Other social media platforms supported include Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, and more. Once you have bought a package, the platform drips the followers and likes to your account. The process is done in a human-like manner making it hard to get discovered.

  • Start Price: $2

At the stated price, users get 50 Instagram followers or likes depending on the package they go for. Instagram mentions are however priced from $33 which is important for promoting engagement. The orders are normally delivered between 1-2 days making feel more authentic.

AppSally Instagram Followers

This is a well-rated Instagram growth service that allows its users to promote their brands on Instagram. The platform allows you to purchase likes and followers with no bot activity therefore all engagement is real. In as much, we suspect that this is another bot service. They claim to check every submission and the order with screenshots as proof of the activity received. The services can provide you with shares and comments at a small price.

  • Start Price: $17

At this price, the service will deliver 130 Instagram likes and comments which will greatly boost your brand’s engagement. They deliver efficiently by dripping them over a period of time, usually within 5-15except for large orders. This ensures that the Instagram account is having authentic activity without getting discovered.

SocialPlus Instagram Followers

SocialPlus is a platform that helps people to scale their brands on Instagram. The platform delivers likes and followers in packages that are well priced. The growth service also provides services on YouTube and is soon to have SEO audits. Its reviews on rating sites look good but we suspect them to be fake. The service however does not provide clients with a free package for trying out their service.

  • Start Price $3.95

For this low price, a user will get 100 followers with good quality profiles and it also offers high retention rates. Deliveries are done fast and efficiently and the growth service provides 24/7 customer support.


1394ta is a great way to get more followers on Instagram. If you're looking to increase your following quickly and easily, 1394ta is the best way to go. They have a large network of users who are always looking for new content to follow, and they can help you reach them. All you need to do is provide them with your username and they'll take care of the rest!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with 1394ta today and start getting more followers tomorrow! Secure your spot today and get started on growing your Instagram following! The password or any sensitive information is not needed. The 24/7 Support team, and replenish lost is provided.

  • Start Price: $11.99

1394ta has even discounts varying on the number of followers 1394ta you want to buy, starting at just $11.99 for 500 new followers up to 5000 followers for $84.99. Go check them to buy even likes and views as well. Buy real Instagram followers from 1394ta.

What Should You Notice

When buying Instagram likes, followers, and comments users need to audit to know if they are getting a quality service. The followers you buy should be real or at least feel real and you can tell this by checking their activity on Instagram. When you buy a package from a growth service, expect the delivery to be done fast and efficiently without raising any alarms. At the of the day, it is advisable to buy Instagram followers and likes as it is a form of cheating. Ultimately you must be in control of your account to spur real growth for your brand.


There are tons of Instagram growth services but the list above is sure headstart to seeing your brand grow. Always vet them before staking your money to ensure you don’t get discovered and eventually banned from Instagram.

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