12 Best Places to Buy Pinterest Followers Safely in 2023

Pinterest is among the best social media platforms for showcasing your products and ideas. By purchasing followers, you will scale your brand faster. Learn more here. 

If you have been thinking of expanding your business to Pinterest, then you might want to think about buying followers. Pinterest is one of the largest and best places to market your business today. It only makes sense that you add it among the other social media sites you have been using.

It can take you a long time to grow your Pinterest account. You must work tirelessly to gain a following, likes, and even pins. The good news is that you can get them at a fair price without breaking your bank. This guide will help you learn where best to get Pinterest followers.

Best Place to Buy Pinterest Followers

GetAFollower Buy Pinterest Followers

GetAFollower is a social media growth site whose purpose is to help you grow your Pinterest account. The site is also used to grow other social media platforms and is fairly priced. Your ideas will reach a mass market because of the followers, likes, and comments you receive. The platform charges a minimum of $3 for 100 board followers or profile followers. It also claims to provide organic and authentic followers.

  • It is a safe website to buy Pinterest followers
  • It is a fairly priced platform
  • It is a trusted platform and has been in existence for a long time
  • The website’s ownership details are very scanty


If you’re looking to grow followers for your Pinterest account, consider using Followersup. The platform has been providing these services since 2016 and it is known to deliver fast. For $5, users get 100 followers with a 30-day warranty and they don’t require to have your password. The website is safe to use and users’ data is well protected because the website is encrypted.

  • The platform is well priced and the followers are delivered fast
  • The website is secure with SSL encryption
  • Users can buy followers using cryptocurrency funds
  • There are no free trials

Media Mister Pinterest Buying site

Media Mister has been in operation for a long time making it a safe platform to buy Pinterest followers. The platform also helps several other social media accounts by providing likes, followers, and comments. To get 100 profile followers a user will need to pay a minimum price of $3. It is an effective platform for building a following on Pinterest as they claim to provide organic followers.

  • The platform is safe to use with secure payment gateways
  • It also offers a money-back guarantee for undelivered orders
  • They have good customer support
  • The followers provided are mostly bot activity

Mr Insta buy pinterest Followers

Mr. Insta is a platform dedicated to growing your social media accounts including Pinterest. To get 100 followers you only need to make a $15 payment. The platform guarantees delivery of the orders placed within 24 hours. Mr. Insta does not need to have your password to deliver the followers and likes. It is a secure site and does leak any user’s data to third parties.

  • It is a safe and trusted platform
  • It has visible pricing information on its website
  • The platform provides a free trial
  • Some reviews claim that the platform doesn’t provide organic followers

TurboMedia Pinterest Buying site

TurboMedia is a secure website for buying Pinterest followers. The platform will not ask for your account password to deliver new followers, likes, and comments. The website is also safe and secure with a secure payment gateway. The platform provides automatic followers every day for gradual account growth. Users can also cancel them any time they feel like and 100 Pinterest followers will cost you $15.

  • The website provides guaranteed delivery of followers and likes
  • It has a 24/7 live customer support
  • It is a secure website
  • A section of people claim they don’t provide organic followers

YTpals Pinterest Buying site

Buying Pinterest followers from YTpals will also encourage other people to follow suit. The platform will not require that you follow them back. The results usually trickle in within 24 to 72 hours after making the purchase. The website also guarantees full delivery and offers bulk purchases of Pinterest likes. YTpals is also a growth site for several other social media platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, and more.

  • The platform charges a minimum of $15 for 100 followers
  • They provide full-time customer service
  • It delivers fast and is a secure platform
  • The platform does not provide a money-back guarantee

SoNuker Pinterest Buying site

SoNuker is among the best platforms to buy Pinterest followers and likes. It is a US-based company and also provides Instagram and Facebook account growth services. It has an easy website to navigate and the prices are visibly seen once you get in. 100 Pinterest followers will cost you $15 which we consider fairly priced. The likes got from this website will allow you to gain more organic growth to your Pinterest account.

  • The website delivers orders to your account within 24 to 72 hours.
  • The platform does need to access your account password to deliver
  • It has 24/7 live customer support
  • Some reviews state that the followers drop out after a certain period

AppSally buy pinterest Followers

This is another Pinterest growth service that promises to bring engagement to your account. The platform is a good marketplace for growing several other social media platforms. This web-based platform charges $17 to get 40 Pinterest comments. For $18, users receive 250 Pinterest followers which are lucrative for people looking to grow their accounts. The more followers and comments you receive the more engagement you get.

  • AppSally offers a free replacement when orders are received within 15 days
  • The platform claims to provide real followers
  • It also has follower bots that allow people to automate Pinterest activity
  • They don’t have a refund policy for undelivered services

Instafollowers buy pinterest Followers

This is a feature-rich Pinterest growth service that promises to help your account to grow exponentially. For $2, users receive 50 Pinterest followers who are authentic and they deliver fast and efficiently. The followers bought are deemed permanent and therefore users enjoy a high retention rate. They also have a refund guarantee and provide 24/7 live customer support.

  • The site does not need to have access to your accounts password to deliver results
  • It is a safe website with secure payment processes
  • The platform promises high retention rates
  • Some users claim that the followers can mysteriously disappear

UseViral buy pinterest Followers

UseViral is another social media growth website for people looking to grow their Pinterest accounts. With this platform, Pinterest users can expect to stay ahead of their competition. The followers you get from this platform raise the engagement for your account helping your brand to grow. It is also a fairly priced growth service and the orders are delivered within a short time.

  • The platform has a secure gateway for payments
  • UseViral is also good for growing other social media platforms
  • It is a well-priced platform
  • A section of users claim that orders are sometimes not fulfilled

SidesMedia buy pinterest Followers

SidesMedia is a social media growth service that helps to scale Pinterest accounts. It is a safe site to use for other social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more. The platform claims to provide real Pinterest followers with real interactions. They assure users that they can’t lose followers unless in a natural way. With SidesMedia, you can be sure of real engagement and organic growth for your Pinterest account.

  • The site is safe to use with a secure gateway for payments
  • It is a good platform for raising your social proof
  • It is fairly priced as users get 500 followers for $29
  • The platform does not offer a free trial period

RedSocial buy pinterest Followers

RedSocial is a digital marketing service designed to help grow your Pinterest account. It is a good service for business owners and hobbyists who want to share their creativity. The platform charges $4 for 100 followers and the service claims to provide authentic people. RedSocial delivers fast with followers from the worldwide web. It also has an easy-to-use interface and claims that the followers provided come with a high retention rate.

  • It is a well-priced platform
  • It is secure for making payments with tough encryption
  • It is a good platform for growing your brand equity
  • Some users claim to have low retention rates

How to Buy Followers Safely?

Before deciding to buy Pinterest followers ensure that you crosscheck the providers’ information. You can start by observing the following:

  • Ensure they have visible pricing: The company providing the growth services must have visible pricing on its website. With this information, you can look at your budget before making payments. Shady companies have a knack for hiding such sensitive information.
  • Ensure the website is secure: This is one of the most important elements before making any purchases. This ensures that your data is safe to avoid it being phished by third parties. A secure site is also helpful in ensuring that you rank better.
  • Real Reviews: Look for real customer reviews on the internet before committing to pay for a service with them. Unfortunately, the web is filled with fake or bought reviews however you can spot the real ones too. This way you can gauge their services before making payments.
  • FAQ page: An FAQ section on the company’s website should shed more light on how it works. You need to know how they deliver the orders, whether they have live support, and much more. The more information you get about the company the better.

Do You Need Free Trials?

pinterest followers free trial

Free trials will help you to gauge and know that the services offered are what you need. However many of these companies don’t have that and instead provide single purchases. We advise that you don’t provide payment details before having the trial if you find one that gives it. Be keen to check that what they claim to provide in the trial period is exactly what you get.

It will be hard to make a decision when the trial period is too short therefore don’t fall for such gimmicks. You need to see and feel the quality before making any commitments to them. Since these social media companies use people to deliver the order, most are not able to give the free trials.


The list may be a little long but we have compiled some of the most credible social media growth companies for Pinterest. Each comes with different packages and delivery times, therefore, it is now over to you to decide. See that you don’t jeopardize your Pinterest account with bad services.

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