10 Best Places to Buy YouTube Likes

Do you have a YouTube channel and are wondering how to raise its popularity? Consider buying likes from credible platforms to bring organic growth. Read more to find out.

YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing video content. It has more than 2 billion users and therefore a great place for people to share their content. With new videos being downloaded every second, it is definitely a very competitive platform. Celebrities, marketers, actors, influencers, and others use it to advertise themselves.

How do you stay ahead with the cutthroat competition being witnessed on YouTube? The best answer is buying YouTube likes to increase your viewership and spur more organic growth. There are several places to buy YouTube likes but we have come up with the best 10 to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Best Place to Buy YouTube Likes

Buy YouTube Likes for YTpals

YTpals is a YouTube growth service that can help you grow your channel by providing likes, and followers. The more YouTube likes you buy the better your chances of retaining your newfound subscribers. YTpals guarantees 100% safe likes with no AdSense issues and the likes are got from real people. Results appear on your YouTube channel between 24-72 hours and they go a long way in helping rank higher.


  • It enjoys a good rating from Trustpilot and other review sites
  • They have a secure website therefore your details are safe
  • Users enjoy 24/7 live customer support
  • They provide one-time bulk purchases

Buy YouTube Likes for SoNuker

SoNuker is a leading YouTube Growth provider that provides credible likes to your YouTube videos. According to the website, they can deliver 200 to 800 likes every day and it is 100% safe. The likes come from genuine people and they help your account to grow organically y encouraging more interactions. SoNuker allows you to split the likes bought between various videos at the rate of 100 likes for every video.


  • Likes can be split between various videos to spur their growth
  • They have a safe website with verified payment gateways
  • Orders are delivered between 24-48 hours
  • It is fairly priced as you can get 100 likes for $30

Buy YouTube Likes for AppSally

AppSally is one of the best platforms to buy YouTube likes and the platform uses real people to deliver the orders. According to their website, they provide bot-free likes and followers to YouTube channels helping to spur organic growth. AppSally also provides growth services for other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While the platform receives mixed reviews on different platforms, it can be considered safe.


  • AppSally has a free drop replacement within 15 days
  • Users get likes from real users
  • Users are from all over the world and not geo-targeted
  • It is fairly priced as you can get 222 likes for $20

Buy YouTube Likes for Media Mister

This social media growth platform has been in the market for about 10 years now. Media Mister, therefore, has helped millions of people to scale their YouTube channels as well other social media platforms. The platform also provides targeted services from a host of countries around the world. Media Mister platform is also secure and therefore your details are safe. 50 YouTube likes sell for $9 making it a well-priced platform.


  • YouTube likes are delivered by genuine people
  • Orders are delivered between 1-2 days
  • They also provide good customer service
  • They also have a money-back guarantee

Buy YouTube Likes for Followersup

This YouTube growth service is a good platform for scaling your brand on YouTube. It delivers orders within hours and it has a good customer service team. Their website is secure and you get a 100% money-back guarantee. This tells you it is a service you can trust and you never have to give them your YouTube password. It is also a good platform for promoting other social media platforms.


  • Users get 100% money-back guarantee for unfulfilled orders
  • The website is secure and has a secure payment process
  • The growth service has been in the market for a long time
  • It is a fairly priced platform

Buy YouTube Likes for SocialPlus

SocialPlus is a social media growth channel that provides good quality and reliable YouTube likes. Video content with lots of engagement will help increase your popularity across the platform. They have fast delivery timelines and the website is safe to use. Their customer care team is available on chat support and they also have secure methods of payment. SocialPlus does not need to have your password to deliver the order.


  • They provide likes with high retention rates
  • They have 24/7 chat support
  • Users get high-quality likes
  • They have a variety of packages to choose from

Buy YouTube Likes for Instafollowers

Instafollowers is a growth tool with a variety of packages to choose from. You can get likes from as low as $0.85 meaning it’s a fairly priced platform. The platform works on your order as soon as you complete making payments. The YouTube likes you get are permanent and therefore genuine and the platform guarantees a refund for any undelivered orders. You also don’t need to give them your password.


  • They have 24-hour live customer support
  • The website is safe with secure payment methods
  • Orders are implemented within 30 minutes
  • The likes have high retention rates

Buy YouTube Likes for Viralyft

This is another safe social media growth tool that you can use to gain likes and increase engagement on your YouTube channel. The platform has a secure website and they don’t need to have your password. Orders are delivered within 24 to 72 hours and you worldwide likes. Viralyft has several packages you can choose from and you can get 100 likes for $6.99. They only need you to provide the URL of the video and ensure that likes are enabled.


  • Viralyft is a safe website with secure payment methods
  • They have 24/7 live support
  • It is a cost-friendly platform
  • They provide genuine likes with a high retention rate

Buy YouTube Likes for QQTube

QQTube is a legit growth company that can ensure that your YouTube channel becomes popular and bring organic followers. It has enjoyed good reviews from various rating sites and you can use various secure methods of paying. It is a fairly priced platform offering a minimum of 20 likes at $20.4. The customer service is available 24/7 and they have been in operation since 2013. It also has a money-back guarantee for undelivered services.


  • They have an informative FAQ page on their website
  • The platform is safe to use with secure payment methods
  • They provide free trials with a onetime offer
  • They have various packages to choose from

Buy YouTube Likes for UseViral

This is a pocket-friendly social media growth platform that can help boost your presence on YouTube. With $13, users get 100 YouTube likes and they don’t need to give out their passwords. The growth service provides 24/7 customer support and it has a variety of packages you can choose from. The UseViral platform also has different secure methods of making payments and is HTTP secured.


  • They have a variety of packages to choose from
  • Users can track their orders from the UseViral website
  • It is a safe platform to use
  • The platform is fairly priced

How to Get More YouTube Likes?

Provide Educational and Entertaining Content

Most people either want to get entertained learn about something or both. You must therefore make sure that you have great content that will keep your viewers constantly glued. You must understand what your audience wants to see and you can start with searching the internet.

Asking your audience to tell you what they want to see is another great way of coming up with great content. You can also initiate an online poll to know what they want. Gaming, travel, sports, music, fashion, beauty, food, and entertainment are some of the most popular topics on YouTube. You can also unbox products, do reviews, do Q&As, or launch products.

Cater to Your Target Audience

The target audience is a particular group of people that you want to reach out to with your video content. These are those most interested in your services, products, or content. The target audience mostly connects because of certain similar interests. Therefore, as you produce your content, ensure that their needs are met.

This will help to scale your YouTube business even further to become popular among them. Social listening tools come very much in handy as they help you to understand the conversations around your brand. You can also check with your competition to know what works and what doesn’t.

Create a Catchy Title and Thumbnail

The title of your video content is among the most important things to consider before posting video content on YouTube. Using a compelling title with optimized keywords will help to rank your YouTube channel even better. You can also use numbers and write shorter titles.

The first thing a YouTube viewer sees is the thumbnail of the video. The image should arouse interest among the users and therefore bring more engagement among the users. To have more engagement, use custom-made thumbnails instead of automatically generated images.


If you’re thinking of increasing the engagement on your YouTube channel consider buying likes from any of the platforms listed on this guide. You can be assured of the safety and delivery of what you ordered.

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