Buying Real and Instant Instagram Likes in 2022 – TOP 3 Sites

To improve positions in 2022, users can buy likes and Instagram followers using Instashop, Cheap Ig Followers or FriendlyLikes.

So what is it for? According to the forecasts, the number of unique Instagram users will exceed 2 billion users in 2022. It will no longer be possible to compete in this environment using the old methods.

The time when you could get quick results by creating content is gone. It's not enough anymore.

Bloggers, companies, celebrities use global marketing strategies to maintain their accounts.

You can invest dozens of thousands of dollars in a pr-strategy. Even though there is no guarantee that it will work, and that you will be able to attract the attention of a new audience.

Therefore, a guaranteed result is what builds the current social media marketing market.

Purchasing Instagram likes and followers brings a 100% guaranteed effect. You can control the number of reactions, followers, views and comments independently. You can analyze your profile and buy things that are missing.

Find a few services below that will help you achieve guaranteed results on Instagram.

No. 1. Instashop — Buying real Instagram likes and followers


Instashop is the leader of our rating. This is one of the most popular services to buy Instagram likes. You can also buy followers, views and even comments from real users on the platform.

A flexible system of package offers gives you the opportunity to find your individual marketing plan for the promotion of the profile. You can buy from 100 to 80,000 likes. The service also enables you to test the offer and get 50 likes for free.

The website has a professional tool — Instagram engagement rate calculator. One can calculate the coefficient of engagement and buy the appropriate package.

Moreover, Instagram Verified Check is another unique tool.

Almost every Instagram user has a dream of the famous blue marker for their account. This tool is a way to check your account for compliance with the verification conditions. It will also help to pass the verification by providing professional support for the promotion of the profile.

The site has 24-hour support. The company guarantees cashback for every purchase.

No.2. Cheap Ig Followers — quick and easy: Instagram likes

The website cheapigfollowers .com presents itself as a service for buying Instagram likes and followers at low cost.
However, this is more of a marketing trick than the truth.

1000 followers will cost $18. In contrast, other sites offer such services for $11-12. In comparison with Instashop, for $35 here you get 2,500 likes. Instashop will give you 5,000 likes which is twice as much.

However, it is worth noting that the lack of really cheap Instagram likes is counterbalanced by the fact that they are all real. This is a key advantage that the company talks about.

Thus, it is worth overpaying. If you intend to implement a major marketing strategy, then such tactics will cost quite a lot.

No. 3. FriendlyLikes — More likes, more Instagram friends


This service is one of the longest-standing and most experienced in the market. They launched account promotion services shortly after the emergence of the social networks.

Convenient and well-designed package system for buying likes allows you to achieve excellent results. The maximum package is 10,000 likes. It will cost $60. New feature allows you to redistribute likes among posts and adjust the time in which the order will be executed.

The disadvantage of the service is that you cannot buy followers. The service still adheres to the idea that the new followers should come in organic ways. The new environment, however, will have to change this concept, and perhaps in the future there will be an opportunity to do so as well

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