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BuyProxies247 is a leading US-based proxy provider that provides both Dedicated proxies as well as shared proxies.

Although they are a US-based online company, they have happy clients from all parts of the world and have surely established their name in the proxy market.

Overview Buy Proxies247

The quality of their dedicated proxies is good as narrated by many of their happy customers with little to no downtime at all. BuyProxies247 claims to have fully secure proxy servers with 100% uptime guaranteed.

BuyProxies247 DetailsUser RatingUser Reviews
Dedicated ProxyYes
HTTPs and Socks5 ProxiesYes
Authorized IP's1
Non – Sequential IP'sYes
Customer Support24/7 Ticket Support + Live chat

BuyProxies247 Review

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User Reviews

Rated 2 out of 5
February 1, 2024



BuyProxies247 have been in the proxy business for over three years and have surely made their company popular on the internet. Providing HTTP/HTTPs and Socks5 proxies on a very cheap price, BuyProxies247 surely are a winner in the affordable proxies world!

Proxy Server

Buying the best proxy is essential. If you are spending money on a proxy, you better make sure you are getting your worth out of that proxy as well. Before buying the proxy, you have to thoroughly check the provider and the product that they are selling. That is the reason why we are reviewing this product to make it easier for you to buy the best proxy that suits your needs. For this review, we thoroughly analyzed BuyProxies247 and its different features, Its benefits and disadvantages.

BuyProxies247 has been in the proxy business for over 3 years now and is a US-based online company. They provide you with HTTPs and SOCKS5 proxies which are really fast and have greater efficiency than other types.

There are two types of proxies offered by BuyProxies247 currently. Dedicated Proxies and Shared proxies. Shared Proxies offered by them are generally much cheaper as they are used by a limited number of people at the same time.

This limited number of users does not exceed 3, which is great as it adds more efficiency to the proxy itself. If a proxy is being used a lot of users, it slows down and also causes various problems like IP bans. Having a higher number of people using the same proxy at the same time can cause problems like slower connection speed and the risk of getting IP bans.

BuyProxy247 Pros

Like every proxy, BuyProxy247 has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each proxy is the best for a specific purpose. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of BuyProxy247.

Affordable Proxies

BuyProxy247 offers you proxy packages at a very lower price as compared to most of the proxies in the market nowadays. You can get a package of 50 proxies just for $60 which is a good price. Following are the proxy packages which are being offered by BuyProxies247

Private Proxies

PackageBandwidthAuthorized IP'sPrice
50 ProxiesUnlimited1$60
100 ProxiesUnlimited1$110
200 ProxiesUnlimited1$210
500 ProxiesUnlimited1$500

Shared Proxies

BuyProxies247 also offers shared proxies which are the type of proxies used by several users at a given time. In a dedicated proxy, you are the only one using the proxy.

Which is also why the cost of dedicated proxies is substantially higher than that of Shared proxies. The Shared Proxies which are currently being offered by BuyProxies247 are shared between a maximum of 3 users. The following are the Shared Proxy packages.

PackageBandwidthAuthorized IP'sPrice
50 ProxiesUnlimited1$25
100 ProxiesUnlimited1$40
200 ProxiesUnlimited1$60
400 ProxiesUnlimited1$120


Faster Speed with lower ping

For a better understanding of the quality of the proxies provided by BuyProxies247, we vigorously tested the proxies provided by them in their proxy packages to check their speed and ping while using the proxies. These are the generalized results.

Proxy Rate

Ping Test

If you're running a business, you will be using multiple connections at the same time. Thus you will need a proxy with a lower ping and higher speed. Ping is referred to as the response time of the server. When you're using a proxy, ping should be as low as possible to ensure maximum speed.

High pings are unacceptable and using a proxy with high ping can be very troublesome. High ping also brings more packet loss with it which decreases the speed of the proxy server as well. We tested various proxies, and the results surely didn't disappoint us!

IPProxy locationPing by


Ping from Georgia, USA


Ping from London, UK


Ping from Quebec, CA

(ms), USA4433.6162.374.9, USA1470.978.417.1, USA1471.478.817.2, USA3770.580.117.2, USA4334.3162.672.0, USA4534.2163.671.4

However, if you're present farther away from the US, you might experience higher ping than normal. This is because the proxy servers are US based only.

Speed Test

Besides the ping test, we also tested the speed on various proxies from BuyProxies247. The speed provided by BuyProxies247 better than most proxies out there and was almost as close as the internet speed without using a proxy. Here is a summary of the results that we collected.

Proxy IPPingDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)

HTTPs and Socks5 Proxies

BuyProxies247 Provide all three kinds of proxies which are HTTP, HTTPs and Socks5 proxies. There are only a limited number of proxy suppliers which provide multiple types of proxies and BuyProxies247 is one of them.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No more worrying about any data limit on your proxies as BuyProxies247 provides unlimited bandwidth usage on all of their proxy packages. You can infinitely use the proxies as much as you want, Provided you pay for the packages each month.

Proxy Price

Client-Panel Access

Using proxies can be really tough if you have a dynamic IP address. If you don't know, a dynamic IP address is the type of an IP address that keeps changing every time the router is restarted. This means that whenever you restart your router or modem, you will be granted a completely new IP address by your local ISP. This can cause problems if you have authorized your IP address on proxies.

BuyProxies247 tackles this obstacle by offering Client-Panel access to all of their customers. Using this Client Panel, whenever your IP address changes, you can simply go on the client panel and change your authorized IP address in a very simple and easy way.

Free Trial

If it didn't get any better, BuyProxies247 provides you with a 24-hour free trial, so you can use their service and get a better understanding of their service provided you meet their terms and conditions. Using this feature, you can easily try out their service if you're unsure of what they are providing.

24/7 Support

BuyProxy247 offers an efficient customer support service. They are currently offering a ticket-based support system, and claim to respond to queries within a few hours. Customer satisfaction is the main element of any online website and BuyProxy247 fulfills that element.


BuyProxy247 Cons

Like all proxies, BuyProxy247 also comes with a couple of Disadvantages as well. Still, we think it is safe to say that the benefits of this proxy provider outweigh its disadvantages. Following are the disadvantages when it comes to using BuyProxy247.

Single Proxy Authentication Method

BuyProxy247 currently only supports IP authorization when it comes to Proxy Authentication. The need for a second proxy authentication method is necessary in this case as it provides better management for your proxies.

BuyProxy247 Claims that Username/Password Authentication is not the safest method to secure your proxies, That is why they decided not to include it in the Proxy Authentication methods. Although that might be true to some extent, adding a secondary authentication provides easier access to your proxies.

Limited to the United States only

Yes, The proxy servers of BuyProxies247 are limited to the United States only. They are currently not providing proxy servers that are based out of the United States.

If you're present in a country which is farther away from the USA, you will experience higher latency and packet loss which in turn leads to a poor experience. Moreover, if you want a proxy server which are based outside of the USA, you might as well look for a better proxy provider.

Do we recommend BuyProxy247?

BuyProxy247 may not be the most versatile proxy provider in the business, but it surely gets the job done with a cheaper cost than its competitors. Its Simple Design, Easy to use User Interface and the quality of its proxies are its own judges.

If you're starting an online business and are low on budget, BuyProxy247 is the provider to go with. This proxy provider is the best if you're starting out fresh, but as it doesn't provide as many proxy types, you might want to switch your providers later in the future.


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