Can Polkadot Become the Top Coin Ahead of Cardano?

Each day is introduced with a new form of cryptocurrency in the digital world and each crypto is unique due to its characteristics.

Each crypto is in the hurdle of being at the top level. But the crypto market does not favor every cryptocurrency. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum have ensured their top level in market capitalization. Polka dot is an upgraded version of Web3 foundation which is decentralized and the multi-chain protocol seems like it will fix its position at the top of all the cryptocurrencies.

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Polkadot retains its top position

Polkadot retains its top position

The largest cryptocurrency as per market capitalization is Bitcoin along with many of its other metrics since 2009, whereas the growth and success of Ethereum become the reason for its expansion of other altcoins. Although the ball rolling has been set up by Ethereum already to make smart contacts with Blockchain. Due to its best scalability, Cardano can reach the directions up to the top level.

Although the position of Cardano in the crypto market is Number five among all crypto. If we see the ranking of coinmarketcap and Alonzo manner, it has been described as an ETH killer. Although polka-dot is a new technology that can spot 5th position due to its straight framework and its networks of Canary name as Kusama.

What is Polkadot?

This app was developed by the Web3 Foundation, Polkadot is a network protocol that is scalable and secure and guarantees the possibility of seamless interoperability. It is known to be “the protocol for the next web.”

Although seamless data transfer is quite possible through this technology, it is not limited to tokens only because blockchains were also connected to the Polkadot network. However, both regulated and unregulated blockchains can easily share data between them.

Can Polkadot trust Cardano for the top-level position

In the queue of altcoins,  Polka Dot positioning itself behind Ethereum is quite possible through a tool that is provided by the technology and team behind Polkadot. Initially, Kusama, Polkadot’s Canary Network which was made with the help of Substrate and comparable code with Polkadot, has been a creative outlet for innovators who are willing to accept risks to rank up their solutions and organization for deployment on Polkadot.

The most complicated experiment or polka dot was Kusama which finally came from the experimental environment and due to which more developers have been added up to the network of Polkadot. Although the platform was able to achieve an incredible transaction for a solution which clearly shows the significance in the mid-term of 2022.  Moreover, if we talk about capital value over $15 billion and thus take the crypto space by storm.

Moreover, while we talk about Built on Substrate, Polkadot has a clear advantage over its opponents because developers can easily create on it, even with restricted funding. Moreover, interoperability, speed, and scalability are some of the significant factors which would help polka dots to stand out in the crypto market.

As compared to Ethereum, it performs within the block time of six seconds on the platform which makes it a faster and safer network. On the other hand, although Polkadot faces problems like network issues and heavy network traffic congestion yet it can perform 1000 transactions per second thus making it a scalable and cost-effective transaction network.

On the Flipside

Whereas the scalability and interoperability of Polkadot are admirable, in case the market downfall trend does not reverse backroom. Well in that case polkadot will keep on. The interoperability of Polkadot while watching the general downtrend of the crypto market.

Although the way of Cardano is not easy in terms of popularity still it has been on fire recently, hitting 52,000 new staking addresses in three weeks

The Expansion in the Future of Polkadot

The Expansion in the Future of Polkadot

Although the polka price value and financial capitalization are more than enough to consider the market capitalization which is more enough to drift pursuing the takeoff and implementation utilized on the blockchain.

In other words, we can say that your utility is no doubt as it creates an intermediate of blockchains arrays and furnishes a solution to the plethora of crises faced by developers. Moreover, it has more than 360 decentralized applications available on the blockchain including Acala, Seascape, and Clover.

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