10 Best Cat Ear Headphones – Feline & Cute!

It seems that the rave for anything cat-related theme is never going to end. So, if you are searching for amazing cat ear headphones, we have compiled a list of best car ear headphones for you.

Ladies, you no longer have to wait for Halloween to put on your bunny headphones. Check out our latest collection of trendy cat ear headphones and find something for you. And the range is impressive. There’s something for everyone.

When it comes to superior sound quality, there’s no doubting the performance of cat ear headphones. Affordable, unique, and classy, these futuristic audio kits are designed to impress in all aspects. And they are durable too.

Ever wondered what informed the design of these headphones? You are not alone in that. I too didn’t know until a came across some document about one Wenqing Yan, an anime designer. Now, that is the guy credited with these popular headphones. That said, in this review, we have compiled some of the best brands of cat ear headphones for you.

Our Top Picks – Overview of cat ear headphones

  • Best speaker function: MindKoo Bluetooth, Wireless Cat Ear Headphones “Mindkoo Bluetooth headphones offer elegance, style, and universal compatibility. Long battery life makes them an excellent choice.”
  • Best build quality: iClever Kids-friendly Headphones “The best choice for children due to flash LED lights, soft pads, adjustable headband, and durable food-grade material.”
  • Best wireless connectivity: Esonstyle Cat-Inspired Pink Headphones for Girls Boys “Silicone cat-inspired headphones offer endless functionalities. They are an ideal gift for your little one.”
  • Best pocket-friendly headphones: Brookstone Wired Cat Ear Headphones “The headphones come with a 3.5 mm jack, and external speakers. It means you can turn your earphones into speakers anytime, anywhere you want.”
  • Best foldable headbands: Barsone Cat Head, Foldable Headphones for Kids “The stylish and sleek foldable headphones use Environmental friendly TPE material and it offers LED flash time of 18 to 20 hours.”
  • Best call quality: Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear HeadphonesThe headphones come with 300mA lithium battery, and 7 different colored LED lights. Great sound quality and long-lasting battery life make this a consumer favorite.
  • Best for kids and toddlers: iClever Boostcare Kids, Toddler Headphones “These headphones come with ear pad cushions for comfortable wearing, and their volume restrictors make them completely safe for children above the age of 2.”
  • Best warranty:  WOICE Cat Ear Foldable Bluetooth Headphone “The latest Bluetooth 5.0, along with a 3.5mm jack makes them universally compatible headphones. Due to 40 mm dividers and EO technology, they ensure outstanding sound quality.”
  • Best unisex headphones: GBD Unicorn Kids Cat Ear Headphones “When it comes to being colorful nothing can beat GBD unicorn headphones. These adjustable headphones with 20 hours of battery life are a perfect gift for your little one.”
  • Best Bluetooth headphones: Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones “They are more than just headphones. You can easily turn them into speakers. What is more, is that you can actually use both the headphones and the speakers simultaneously.”

Read through the product categories, compare and contrast each of the headphones so as to end up with what suits your budget and preferences.

Why you need car ear headphones?

If you are on a tight budget, these affordable and durable headphones are a great choice. After all, you can never go wrong with cat ear accessories especially when Ariana Grande endorses them. She being the ultimate cat-ear accessory fan would never miss something as great as these headphones.

In addition to being wireless, most of these headphones comes with a microphone handy for receiving calls. They also work as external speakers and you can sync them into your device via Bluetooth. They come with outstanding battery life, and you can effortlessly charge them via USB

Another great thing about most of these headphones is the changing lights. These attractive neon hues are perfect for your mood. The headphones offer style without compromising on the comfort. The ear muffs fit comfortable over the ears.

When it comes to cat ear headphones, you have several options. Thus choosing one can be a daunting task. So, to make your life easy, we have come up with the top ten best cat ear headphones. Read on to learn more about these amazing headphones.

Things to consider before buying your car ear headphones

When it comes to the choice of ideal headphones, there are a couple of things to consider. This comes in the wake of loads of brands in this category of products. So what are the things to check out? Here are some.

Wireless or wired connectivity

Cat ear headphones support wired or wireless connectivity. Though this has no impact on the audio output, it does affect the product’s flexibility and portability. Oh, and style too. The wireless varieties are considerably more portable. Also, they are compatible with a range of devices. As such, you can readily pair them with your android or iPhone for unmatched audio experience. However, it is important to note that even the wired headphones deliver top notch audio quality.


You saw this coming, right? As a rule of thumb in business, always buy products that are within your budget. You don’t have to break a bank to buy headphones. And to help you out, this collection includes affordable products that are well within your budget range. However, take care not to compromise on quality for affordability.

Audio quality

Besides style and portability, sound quality is the other reason cat ear headphones are so popular. Because they are designed and equipped with the latest sound technology. As such, they deliver crisp audio quality. The bass is also impressive. Be sure to check for the audio performance specs before committing to the purchase.

Phone call support

There’s nothing as inconveniencing as having to disconnect your headphones time after time just to receive a call. Though a common problem with some wired headphones, the wireless varieties support remote phone calls. There Bluetooth enabled and can readily support remote calls without having to tap on your screen. So, if that is something that appeals to you, then be sure to check and confirm that your selected cat ear headphone supports it.

Expandable or foldable headband

Some of the headphones come with an expandable headband. That makes them ideally suited to accommodate all head sizes. You only need to adjust the size appropriately. Fortunately, most headphones in this category support this feature. Apart from that, some headphones have foldable headbands. They are more portable and can be readily stored in your travel backpack with ease. The foldable headband also adds to their stylish design and outlook.


When shopping, it is advisable to go with products with a warranty coverage. The coverage provides for free replacement and repair of any damages headphones within the warranty period. So, whenever possible, choose on products with warranty coverages.

Sweat and water resistance

Because headphones are electronic gadgets, they are likely to be damaged by water if not well protected. Luckily, most cat ear headphones are sweat and water resistant. You can wear them for extended period without risking any damages due to sweat. Some even have impressive water resistance ratings so that you can have them on while swimming or showering.

Noise reduction

With some cat ear headphones, you can get crisp audio quality even when the surrounding is noisy. All that is made possible with the help of the integrated noise reduction technology. Note all headphones support this. So, you may want to take the time to check the product specs just to confirm.

Battery life

Apart from the wired cat ear headphones, the wireless varieties are battery-powered. They need charging every once in a whiles. The difference comes in battery life. If you want to enjoy your tracks and mixtapes for longer, then you need headphones with high capacity batteries.

Top 10 best cat ear headphones Reviews

MindKoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

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With Mindkoo wireless cat ear headphones, you will be attracting of a lot of attention. These striking and affordable headphones offer great sound quality, good bass, and unique style.

The seven fancy flashing LED lights to make the headphones attractive and eye-catching. The stylish headphones offer four different LED settings. Enjoy all flashing, just the cups, ears only or all on LED options.

The headphones come with a built-in 900mah rechargeable lithium battery. This means that the battery will go on for a long time. You will be able to enjoy minimum 70-hr talking time as well as music time with a single charge. 

In case, you forgot to charge your headphones, you still can use them by plugging in the 3.5mm audio cable. The built-in mic and the Stereo HD sound quality ensure that you enjoy your music in the best possible manner.

The super-soft earpads offer endless comfort. You can go on wearing them for hours and you will not have any problem. Although, the fancy LED and smart colors make them suitable for children, yet the stretchable length allows the adults to use them as well.

The headphones are compatible with virtually all smartphones, iOS devices, tablets, and computers. In addition to 105 degree swiveling ear cups, foldable design, and portable size, you are entitled to a 12-month replacement warranty.

  • 70 hours of music/talk time
  • Adjustable Head beam
  • 3.5 mm jack offers universal compatibility
  • Built-in Mic
  • Stereo HD Sound Quality
  • Not Identified

iClever Boostcare Kids Headphones

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iClever Kids friendly headphones are another addition to our top ten best cat ear headphones. We understand that standard headphones do not fit the child’s head to perfection. Moreover, the standard headphones might cause some damage to your child’s hearing ability.

However, with iClever boost care Kids-friendly headphones, you are taking the first step towards protecting your kid’s hearing. Their 85 dB volume limit makes them the best headphones for kids. iClever designed the headphones by keeping the up-coming generation in mind.

In addition, to offer comfortable head fitting, the soft memory-protein earmuffs are excellent for the ears of your little one. They can go on wearing these headphones for hours without any trouble. Since the headphones are meant for little hands, thus they offer robustness and sturdiness.

The company uses food-grade materials in order to come up with these strong, twistable, soft and bendable headphones. The tangle-free cord is sturdy and strong. The standard 3.5mm jack offers compatibility with numerous devices including tablets, computers, laptops, Android or iOS devices.

The rich quality sound and great base make them an excellent choice, even for adults who like having colorful things. FCC, CPSIA, EN71, RoHS approve these headphones, thus they are the best choice for your little ones. These portable size earphones are convenient to take along on long car rides, train trips or plane trips. 

  • 85 dB volume control
  • Adjustable Head beam
  • 3.5 mm jack offers universal compatibility
  • Made from durable food-grade material
  • Limited LED Light Styles
  • May apply slight pressure around the outer ear

Esonstyle Kids Headphones Over Ear

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Ensonstyle cat-inspired headphones are simply unmatched. Their inbuilt volume control technology makes them perfectly safe for kids. The 85 dB limits allow your children to fully enjoy the music without effecting their hearing abilities.

To add a fanciness to the headphones, they come with LED lights. You can choose to turn these lights either on or off. You can also enjoy the blinking effect. Since the headphones come with a 3.5 mm jack and 1.5-meter cable, thus you can connect them to virtually any device. May it be an iPad, tablet, Android or a laptop; you can listen to endless music with these headphones.

These lightweight and portable headphones are extremely convenient to carry around. The fold-ability factor further adds to the convenience factor. Ensonstyle earphones offer a high comfortability level. Thus, you can wear them for as long as you want.

The headphones come with long battery life. You can use it for up to 18 hours with a single charge. You can further increase the battery life by turning off the LED lights or by switching to an LED blinking option.

All and all, these amazing headphones are an ideal gift for thanksgiving, Christmas or your kid’s upcoming birthday.

  • 18 hours of battery life
  • Adjustable Head beam
  • 3.5 mm jack offers universal compatibility
  • Made from durable food-grade material
  • Limited LED Light Styles

Brookstone Wired Cat Ear Headphones

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The amazing headphones are going to be the love of your life. Its 3.5 mm jack will ensure that you can use them with device you want. Some of these may include tablets, iPhones, and Android devices.

Either you can enjoy the music alone or you can turn on the external cat speakers for music sharing. Simply flip the switch to convert your earphones from a private sound studio to a party sound system. The over the ear cushioning technology not only allows you to wear the headphones for a long time, but at the same time it ensures noise reduction. It means you can enjoy the vibrant, and rich sound.

The 5 hours playing time and the detachable gaming boom mic further ads to its appeal. The detachable mic functionalities make it an excellent choice for all the little gamers out there. You can lighten up the prominent cat ears by bright LED lights. Use the speakers to independently, control these lights. So, enjoy the distinct shape, the diversity of Led lights and outstanding sound quality.

  • External Cat ear speakers
  • LED accent lights controlled independently
  • Noise Reduction by over the ear cushioning
  • Excellent for longer use
  • 5 hours battery time

Barsone Kids Cat Ear Headphones

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The cute LED cat ear headphones are stylish and robust. With the one and off button, you can easily bring the cat ears to life. There is no denying that these headphones are perfect for your daughter.

In addition to being sassy, the headphones offer protection. Their volume restrictor of 85dB ensures that your kid is able to use it for a longer period without any side effect. They are suitable for not only elder kids, but also for toddlers. Any kid above the age of two would love these earphones.

Since the headphones are for kids, thus Barsone used environmental friendly TPE material. The headphones are soft and comfortable. Since the headphones are foldable, thus you can carry them anywhere you go. Take them on a road trip or for outdoor activities, carrying them will never be a problem.

Its 3.5 mm jack offers universal usability. It means you can attach them to any device you like, and they will functional properly.  Its Cr2032 Button battery offers a long music time. You can continuous flash the LED for about 18 to 20 hours.

Barsone cat-eye headphones with LED flashlights are ideal for your wife, daughter, cosplay fans, toddlers, boys and women who like flashing things.

  • 3.5 mm Jack
  • Foldable Headphones
  • LED Flash Time 18-20 Hours
  • Environmental friendly TPE material
  • One LED Flash Light Color

Luckyu Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

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Another great addition to our top ten best cat ear headphones is Luckyu wireless Bluetooth headphones. The amazing headphones offer 7 colors LED lights and universal computability.

Therefore, to start with these headphones are not only flashy but also extremely useful. Since their main audience is children ranging from three and above, thus they have the inbuilt volume restrictor of 85dB.

You can use the Bluetooth V4.2 or the 3.5 mm jack to connect the headphones with your iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, and computers. Even though the headphones are for children between the age of three and 12, but it does not mean that adults cannot have fun. The adjustable headband allows even the adults to enjoy the colorful headphones.

These headphones are going to make your life easy. You will never miss a call with them again. The sound quality is extremely outstanding. You will be able to, fully enjoy every song. Its built-in 300mA lithium battery offers a long battery life.

With just 3 hours charging, you can go on using the headphones for almost the entire day.

  • 3.5 mm Jack
  • 300mA lithium battery
  • 7 color LED lights
  • Supports Music and Calls
  • Slightly Fragile
  • Sometimes Heat up due to continuous listening

iClever Boostcare Kids Headphones Girls

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iClever headphones are the perfect gift for your kids. These cute, stretchable, bendable and twistable headphones are approved by FCC, CPSIA, EN71, RoHS. Thus, they are the perfect headphones for kids above 2 years of age. To ensure the safety of your children, the headphones have 85bD max volume.

Why settle for ordinary when you can get something extraordinary. The soft headband and earpad cushions ensure long-lasting wearing comfort and the cute glowing LED lights add a fun element to the headphones. 

The easy to reach control buttons offer complete control over calls and music. You can use them wirelessly or with wire. Its 3.5mm headphone jack cable makes it compatible with a wide range of devices including computers, tablets, smartphones, and iPods.

Its 5.0 Bluetooth allows you to enjoy your music in the best possible way. You can even connect them with your TV, as long as the television supports Bluetooth connectivity. The headphones also offer less than 10m transmission range. However, the range does depend upon your environment.  These custom designed earphones offer comfortability as well as durability.

What’s more is that the headphones come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month replacement warranty. The amazing 24/7 customer service will provide you with assistance in every possible way.

  • Adjustable 85/94 dB Volume
  • 18-Month Replacement Warranty
  • 3.5 mm Jack
  • Ear pad cushions for comfortable wearing
  • Not Identified

WOICE Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

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Nothing can compete with Woice cat ear foldable Bluetooth headphones. They come in unique patterns and designs, thus offering the versatility you would want for you kids. These kids Bluetooth headphones are extremely convenient and safe to use.

They have an inbuilt volume control restrictor, making them safe for your child. The 40 mm dividers along with the EQ technology ensure high-quality sound, clear vocals, precise guitars, crisp percussion, and clean bass.

Its 500mAh battery offers 8 hours of listening time. Even if the headphones run out of battery, you can still use them because of the 3.5 mm jack. These flash cat ear headphones are compatible with almost all devices including Android, iOS, tablets, and computers. 

Its Bluetooth 5.0 offers fast and seamless connectivity. They come with a soft-padded cushion, thus your kid can keep them on for longer hours without any trouble. They are no doubt, your best travel partners.

You can enjoy a 12-month replacement warranty as well as 30 days, a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 3.5 mm
  • 40 mm dividers and EQ technology
  • Support Micro SD/TF Card
  • Not Identified

GBD Unicorn Kids Cat Ear Headphones

Check Pricing and Availability

If you are looking for extremely colorful headphones with LED lights, have a look at DBD Unicorn Kids cat ear headphones. The unicorn design and the flowing lights on the two cat ears make them an excellent choice for your princess.

Of course, you can bestow them upon your prince as well. After all, they have a sleek look to them. They are perfect headphones for cosplay fans. They come with an adjustable and foldable headband. It means they would not only fit children of different ages, but it would be extremely easy to take them anywhere you go.

You can connect the beautiful headphones to almost any device, thanks to the 3.5mm plug jack. Their environment-friendly, soft and durable material makes it possible to wear these headphones for hours without any discomfort.

There is no doubt that these unique and colorful headphones offer style and class. They are a great choice for a gift or a costume party.

  • 3.5 mm jack offers universal computability
  • Adjustable headband
  • Foldable headphone
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Not Identified

Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

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Brookstone wireless cat ear headphones are more than just regular headphones. They come with speakers. With a few button flips, you can turn these amazing headphones into outstanding speakers to share the music with your friends.

The headphones incorporate the latest Bluetooth technology to ensure fast connectivity and seamlessly functionality. To enhance the fun element, you can independently control the color-changing accent lights.  The color options include Pink, Yellow, Red, White, Orange, Purple, Green, and Blue.

What makes them a part of our top ten best cat ear headphones is the ability to use headphones and speakers at the same time.

Headphones have offered a secure fit and it’s over the ear cushioning enhance noise reduction. You can enjoy 5 hours of playing time with a single charge and it does take 2 hours to, completely charge the batteries.

  • 3.5 mm Jack
  • Independently control accent lights
  • Inbuilt Speaker
  • Use speaker and headphones together
  • 5 hours of playing time

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