Cheefbotanicals: 2 Classes of CBD Products You Should Know About

Although the cannabis industry has seen some hard times because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is one of the fastest-growing industries. Particularly, the sector that is into the production of cannabidiol products is breaking records as more people buy into the use of CBD products.

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Speaking of growth, the financial return is not only what we are talking about. You should also know that CBD manufacturers are constantly coming up with newer, easier, and better ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. This is considering the many ways this non-psychoactive drug can be used.

We are going to examine 2 methods of administering cannabidiol in this article. So, we advise you to pay attention as we explain these 2 methods and what you stand to gain by using them. But first, it would not be out of place to explain what CBD is.

What Is CBD?

What Is CBD

This is a therapeutic chemical compound that is naturally occurring and found in the cannabis plant. Considering regulations by the Farm Act of 2018 and other adjustments made, this naturally occurring chemical is mostly sourced from industrial hemp which has lots of it.

Frankly, CBD which is also known as cannabidiol is not the only compound with therapeutic qualities in the cannabis plant. However, it stands out for a particular reason. This is the fact that its effects are not mind-altering. In other words, using especially Isolate CBD (even in an overdosed state) will not trigger psychoactive effects.

This is except the amount of THC (if used) exceeds the legal limit as stipulated by the 2018 Farm Act or local health code. This is why you should be particular about buying a product that plays by the rules.

2 Classes of CBD Products

As stated earlier, CBD manufacturers do not cease to amaze consumers with newer, easier, and better ways to make use of this naturally occurring compound. Judging from what many brands offer, here are 2 of the classes of CBD products available:



The whole idea of topicals is applying the drug on the surface of the body. This means that it is not ingested into the body.

Some people think that such products do not offer the best of CBD. However, this is not entirely true. As a matter of fact, there are instances or conditions where cannabidiol administered in this way is a lot better.

For instance, we strongly advise that you make use of cannabidiol in this manner if you are treating pain or inflammation in a specific part of the body. This is because you will feel the maximum impact when you apply the topical product to the affected area.

It will be better than something that has to interact with the bloodstream before the effect can be felt. With topicals, the effects are felt directly as the therapeutic compound passes through the pores of the skin. Some of the topical products available include:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Bomb Bath
  • Lip Balm
  • Salves
  • Body Lotion
  • Shampoos

Especially with CBD topicals, there are some things you should take into consideration before you buy the product. For instance, you have to make sure the product is as natural as possible. This means it must be void of harsh chemicals that can do damage to your body.

They have to be free of all kinds of preservatives and paraben. Furthermore, the extraction process has to be safe and able to guarantee an effective product. We strongly advise that the product that you purchase is extracted using the CO2 method. For more on this extraction method, you can check here.



It might interest you to know that this is the best selling cannabidiol product in the market. This status is not a mere coincidence as using cannabidiol in this form offers a lot of benefits.

For instance, a good product can interact well with the bloodstream and trigger the desired effects for a long time. This is especially if the oil product is water-soluble. 3 major options of CBD oil are available. They are:

  • Broad Spectrum
  • Full Spectrum
  • Isolate

Frankly, the idea of broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate is not only applicable to CBD oil. It also applies to other ways cannabidiol can be administered.

There are lots of similarities between broad and full-spectrum oil. However, the major (and possibly only) difference is the use of THC.

While full spectrum products make use of a minute amount of THC, broad-spectrum products avoid it. Asides from the absence of THC, broad-spectrum products make use of many other terpenes, essential oil, and cannabidiol, just as with full-spectrum products.

Isolate products are entirely different. They only make use of CBD. So, people who need nothing other than cannabidiol in the product can make use of this option. Whatever it is that you choose, you should take note of some things particularly with CBD oil.

The essential oil used in the product that you buy must be natural and effective. Essential oils play a huge part in the way the product looks and the body’s ability to properly absorb the drug.

However, it is important that the essential oil used is safe and contributes to the effectiveness of the drug. One of the best options, as used by Cheefbotanicals and many other premium quality brands, is hemp seed oil.

Wrap Up

We have discussed two methods of administering CBD amidst the several ways it can be used. Having gone through this information, we hope that you make the right choice when the need arises. However, you need to make your purchase from the right brand.

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