CRO and Ravencoin: What’s The Difference?

In the modern digital currency world, coins like CRO and Ravencoin are popular blockchain solutions people favor over others. Before getting into the detail of their differences, it's better to read their description individually.

What Is Ravencoin

RavenCoin is the result of a fork in the Bitcoin code, and it includes four key changes: a modified issuing schedule and a block reward of 5 000 RVN, a reduction in block time to one minute, a coin supply that is maxed at 21 billion, and a mining algorithm that mitigates mining centralization through ASIC rigs.

RavenCoin is a computerized peer-to-peer network that concentrates on blockchain implementation for a variety of cases. RavenCoin was created with one purpose in mind: the exchange of assets of one user to the other.

What Is Ravencoin

What Is CRO?

The Chain's native token is CRO. The Chain was developed to connect cryptocurrency projects and help retailers accept bitcoin as payment. With the Chain, transactions between crypto users and businesses accepting crypto are easy, cost-effective, and safe.

The Crypto App allows users to pay for products and services using cryptocurrency at the time of purchase. Businesses get paid quickly in CRO, stable cryptocurrencies, or cash. Simpleswap Review will show that they have CRO that users can trade.

Statistical Difference Between CRO and RVN

Established 2018 2018
Price $0.13 $0.41
Market Cap $1,297,783,908 $10,322,639,549
24th Change 1.83% 7.26%
24th Trading Vol $43,714,155 $662,908,065



To understand the difference between RVN and CRO it's better to review these pros and cons of both coins:

While many blockchains are vying, RavenCoin is one of the top initiatives when it comes to tokenized assets in the crypto sector. It has high APY interest, and investors may find discounts on the fees.


As a result of RavenCoin's ASIC-resistant design, no one is forced to compete against powerful ASIC miners. Sign up for the syndicate event where several cryptocurrencies may be purchased at half-off.
Tokenized assets will allow investors to be rewarded for their investment in the company. Having a specific amount of CRO on hand provides benefits such as increased interest rates for staking.
RVN is in direct competition with other blockchains. The coin has little value outside the Crypto ecosystem.

Converting CRO to RVN

Using a different crypto platform, you can trade CRO to RVN without having to register an account or verify your identity.

  1. The CRO to RVN converter doesn't require you to be an expert.
  2. You can select a currency pair under the exchange tab
  3. Provide the number of coins you want to trade.
  4. Choose between a fixed or a fluctuation of the exchange rate when converting CRO to RVN.
  5. We will go through a variety of sources to get the most incredible bargains. Lists of the items will be created for easy reference. After making your choice, you can go on to the next steps.
  6. To complete the exchange between RVN and CRO, you must provide your Ravencoin receiving wallet address.
  7. Make sure you know how many cryptocurrencies you'll get after the trade.
  8. Transfer CRO to the deposit wallet address from your wallet.
  9. com Coin will be converted to Ravencoin and transferred to your wallet.
  10. There's no longer a need to question, “How do I convert CRO to RVN?” The entire process is straightforward to follow.
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