6 Gadgets That Can Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is an important part of running a successful business. This blog post will examine some gadgets that can improve customer experience and make your customers more satisfied with their shopping experience.

1. Alexa-enabled devices

Alexa-enabled devices 

Customer experience can be improved with the use of Alexa-enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets. Take the time to explore online sources for you to find the best tablet devices for hotels that are powered by Alexa in case you are running a hospitality business.

Through these tablets, customers can ask for specific tours offered by your hotel and book them automatically. In the retail industry, people can search for products by name and Alexa will help them find the right product, or they can reorder a previous purchase with their voice.

Google Home (Home Mini)

Google Home (Home Mini)

Google home is another device that has great features to improve customer experience in the hospitality industry. For example, you can give your guests voice control over devices with Google Home or let them order room service by simply asking their device to place an order for them.

2. Video Walls

Video Walls in hotel

Another way for improving customer experience with technology is by setting up video walls or interactive digital signage that will be used for broadcasting information to your customers. Touch screens can also be installed in front of these video walls so that people can use them with ease.

These devices are a great way for businesses to provide their clients with the required information about services and products, as well as up-to-date events or promotions without having someone at hand to do it for them.

Touch Screens

Touch Screens

Setting up touch screens can also be beneficial for your business in terms of customer experience because it will allow customers to access information on their own. Touch screens can be particularly useful if you set them up in places where your customer traffic is high and there isn't enough time to answer questions of all customers, such as shopping malls and airports.

In this way, your clients will still be able to find the information they are looking for on their own.

3. App Tabs

develop apps

You can also cover all the information required by customers through an app tab, which is a great way of improving customer experience as well as developing loyal clients and followers on social media. You can develop apps that will provide special deals or promotions specifically tailored to your target audience to increase sales and market awareness.

For instance, if you have a clothing store, it would be beneficial to create an app for your business in which customers can find all the information they need about products and upcoming fashion trends.

Apps are also a great way of communicating with clients directly through their devices without having to invest in expensive marketing campaigns or taking out front-page ads in newspapers.

People love using apps because they are quick, easy to use, and provide them with all the information they need at their fingertips so you can be sure that your clients will appreciate this method of communication.

Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons

Businesses can also take advantage of social media buttons that allow clients to share information about your business on their profiles or pages.

This is a great way for improving customer experience since it allows you to reach out to potential customers who are already following them on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It's also beneficial in terms of marketing because it allows you to target a larger audience without having to spend on expensive marketing campaigns.

4. Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery

This is yet another gadget that you may want to invest in if you are running an eCommerce business. Some of the industries where drone delivery is already being used are the automobile industry, food services, and e-commerce. Drone delivery services will help you deliver products faster and more efficiently without the need for a courier van to be parked outside your store.

Drone delivery works by sending the drone to a customer's location and having him pick up his order. The process is quick, easy, and requires very minimal human interaction if you set it up properly.

Another advantage of using this method for delivering products is that your customers will always receive their orders on time since drones can travel much faster than cars or any other vehicle used by courier services.

5. Aromatherapy Devices

Aromatherapy Devices

Some businesses may want to consider using aromatherapy diffusers in different places such as lounges and reception areas. This device will be able to spread essential oils around your establishment with a simple command, which can improve customer experience by calming their senses.

Some of the best scents that prove to be effective in this case include lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

Some offices also utilize these devices as well to boost their productivity and to create a more relaxing environment at the office. It is important to choose aromatherapy devices that come with an automatic shut-off option, for them not to use up all of the essential oil when left unattended.

6. Emergency Buttons

Emergency Buttons

Another way for improving customer experience in any business is by installing emergency buttons or panic buttons on every floor where customers might visit. This small gadget will allow your clients to alert you or any other person in charge about an emergency that they may be facing.

For example, if a customer falls down the stairs and needs urgent medical assistance, he can press this button which will automatically notify all employees of your company so that someone is sent to his aid immediately.


These are some of the gadgets that can improve your customer experience and make customers more satisfied with their experience in your business. Customer experience is an important part of running a successful business, so it is crucial to invest in these devices and explore online resources where you can find similar gadgets.

With the rapid development of technology, businesses are seeing more and more ways to improve customer experience. These devices are not only helpful for work or entertainment but they can also make day-to-day life much easier. Now that you have a better understanding of the technology behind these products, it’s time to take action.

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