Different Browsers May Appear Bugs and Errors in 2021

There are a few common problematic aspects for all the browsers. Often, in an inexplicable way, the computer starts to slow down, and this stops when you close the tab with common bugs in web application.

Variations of launch changes can be more innocent, aimed at displaying ad banners and checking dns probe finished bad config.

Almost any active Internet user encountered errors when working with sites. It is especially important for the site owner to know the cause of these errors.


Quite often, the problems that caused the errors are minor and you can solve them yourself. First you need to familiarize yourself with the types of the most common errors, and then the algorithm for eliminating them.

Types of errors

An http protocol error can occur if the files requested by the user do not reach him from the server. In such a situation, the server informs the user of an error code. There are only four types of server response code: two successful and two unsuccessful.

List of http errors (xx – any numbers):

  • 2xx – the requested request has been completed;
  • 3xx – the requested request was sent to the user, it is also considered a positive code;
  • 4xx – the file was not sent to the user due to an error. This code indicates a client-side error;
  • 5xx – server error.

Below we will analyze the last two server response codes. These are the most common mistakes, and their elimination does not take much time.

400-Bad Request

If, when requesting the site, you receive an error 400, then there was an error in the request itself. But such an error can occur if you are trying to log into the control panel of your site. This happens most often for 4 reasons:

  • the browser is blocked by an antivirus;
  • the browser is blocked by the Windows firewall;
  • a large number of cookies and files in the cache;
  • unstable internet connection.
  • To solve this problem, you need to check each possible cause of it in turn.

Browser blocked by antivirus

Check that your browser is not on the list of prohibited applications of your antivirus. If found, increase the level of confidence in it and save the settings.

The browser is blocked by a firewall

In this case, you need to temporarily disable the firewall, clear cookies and cash, and then refresh the page in your browser. If the problem is resolved, you need to add the browser to the allowed programs in the firewall.

Cookies & cash

The simplest solution is to just clear the cookies and cash in the browser and then refresh the error page.

Unstable internet connection.

Call your provider to find out what the interruption is. Perhaps the provider is working.

Error 403 “Access Denied”

If the server responds with a 403 error, it means that access to the requested files is denied. The most common reasons:

  • Invalid index file. To fix this error, you need to create such a file or rename it if it already exists.
  • The file's permissions prevent the web server from reading it. To solve the problem, you need to change the rights.
  • The data is located in the wrong directory. For a solution, check the location of the files in the public_html directory.

Error 403 Access Denied

Error 404 – file not found

This error means that the server does not find the data requested. The main reasons for its occurrence:

  • The URL was entered incorrectly. To resolve the error, check the spelling of the link.
  • The requested document is missing. To fix the error, you need to check if the requested file is in the correct directory.

Therefore, carefully examine the list of installed software, and if you see an unfamiliar application that you did not install, find out its meaning with https://hooks.guide.

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