Does Food Lion Sell Flowers?

Are you also still wondering if Food Lion sells flowers for any occasion? Read the article to find out if it is a convenient place to order beautiful flowers in addition to groceries. You are lucky; we have all the answers for you.

There are many retail stores worldwide and all over the internet. Thus, you are here because you want to find a convenient one-stop shop for all your shopping needs.

Though you might be a die-hard customer at Food Lion, you are likely to ask yourself, with time, if Food Lion Sells flowers. Regardless of your flower preference, let us find out if Food Lion is ideal for all your flower needs: brightening the home, unique gifts for the occasion, and arrangements for the festival.

If you are curious and need to know everything, keep reading the article to the end. We have done detailed research for you, and we are here to serve you from your comfort.

Does Food Lion Sell Flowers?

Food Lion sell flowers

Yes, Food Lion sells flowers. Historically, Food Lion has been a popular supermarket chain based in the US and headquartered in Salisbury. With over 1100 stores well spread, Food Lion offers access to an extensive collection of flowers for any occasion. The collection ranges from pre-made bouquets to roses, individual bunches and many more under the floral department.

At Food Lion, you will find the floral department in the produce section. They have a variety that meets all your needs. Select from the classic roses, vibrant blooms of the lilies, and seasonal wildflowers, leaving alone the famous and cheerful sunflowers.

If you are searching for an urgent hostess gift, flowers for a touch of beauty or a birthday surprise, Food Lion is the perfect place to start. In fact, in addition to in-store flower shopping and delivery services, they offer online flower shopping and delivery services.

If you are interested in learning more about the types of flowers Food Lion sells, the potted plant collection, arrangements, seasonal flowers, pricing and more, keep reading to the end.

What Type of Flowers Are Sold at Food Lion?

What type of flowers are sold at Food Lion

Food Lion sells multiple types of flowers for any occasion. You can even purchase the mixed bouquet for the burst of colors. For illustration, here are some of the available flowers at Food Lion.

  1. Roses: Food Lion offers various options for rose flowers. There are not only single stems but also full bouquets. They come in multiple shades, such as white, pink, yellow, or red.
  2. Bouquets: This contains a collection featuring mixed bouquets. It might feature roses, popular carnations, lilies, daisies, chrysanthemums etc. You can select from your preferred size as well as colors.
  3. Other than accessing the cut flowers, Food Lion also sells potted flower plants. These range from the famous orchid to the miniature rose and African violets. They are ideal for gifts as well as indoor decoration.
  4. Special occasion arrangements:  These are flowers meant for occasions and events. Special arrangements are ideal when gifting someone for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter and other special occasions.
  5. Seasonal Flowers: these flowers are available based on the current season. Some seasonal flocks that Food Lion stocks are sunflowers, ideal for summer,  while tulips are perfect for spring. Then you can look for the famous poinsettias. For the holiday seasons

How Much Do Flowers at Food Lions Cost?

The pricing of flowers at Food Lions differs. The major determinants of flower pricing here are the season, size, and type of flowers, as well as other variables like location.

In this section, we will only highlight the general pricing of flowers to give you a hint. First, Roses are the cheapest flowers, costing only a few bucks. But during special occasions, dozens of roses will cost you $15 to $34 or even more. General flowers are available for $7.99 while assorted Assiatic Lily cost $5.

Potted flower plant pricing also differs. The small one costs $10 or less, while the exotic and larger potted plants cost $20 to $30. There is also a standard boutique. For the small arrangement, expect to spend between $10 and $20 and enjoy a large and elaborate boutique.

Lastly, there are seasonal flowers. These are special flower arrangements for holidays or occasions. They are different, and pricing also differs, though the high-end price is because of the unique state. More about p[ricing and current details find it on the Food Lion website. They are also available for order and delivery through Instacart

How to Locate Flowers at Food Lion?

How much do flowers at Food Lions cost

Our research found three locations where you can find flowers while shopping at Food Lion. These areas are outlined in the section below.:-

  • Checkout section: Many Food Lion stores stock flowers at the checkout point or counter. You will easily see the small floral section. It is ideal, especially for customers in rush hour, without even navigating through other items on the premises.
  • Floral selection area: Many Food Lion stores normally have a special area to stock flowers. The floral selection is usually based on the entrance and is central for the customer to quickly access. In this selection, you will get numerous options, from the potted plants to the roses, floral arrangements, TNS or seasonal flowers.
  • Seasonal display section: Some Food Lion stores have a special display section that stocks seasonal items. These include gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, events, Christmas, etc. The area is set aside, especially in a prominent location, often at the checkout line, front end, etc., where they showcase all seasonal products, flower arrangements, blooms, etc.

If you are a flower enthusiast, the Food Lion floral department is a haven for you. Food Lion is famous and claims to offer high-end flowers to their dedicated customers. The store combines affordability with fresh flowers to give you the utmost floral taste and preferences.

Are Food Lion Flowers Worth the Investment?

Food Lion is one of the ideal stores that remain a perfect option when it comes to flower shopping among customers who value quality, affordability, variety, and convenience. Customers can easily buy flowers while on shopping errands under one roof, hence avoiding extra trips to visit the florists. If you have a busy schedule, this store gives you a simple solution for your needs.

Still, Food Lion is popular because of its competitive pricing plan. In addition to groceries, the pricing also covers the floral department, and you will not break the bank to get a refreshing flower for any occasion. There are multiple ranges and varieties of flower flowers to select from, differentiated by size, location, occasion, quality, etc. Food Lion flowers are worth the investment and attractive for customers who no longer want to strain their Budget.

The Food Lion flower assortment features all the famous flowers that are considered seasonal uniqueness or casual occasions. Lastly, Food Lion makes sure they keep their flowers well maintained and fresh to make an overall appeal.

Tips on Buying Fresh Flowers at Food Lion

Tips on buying fresh flowers at Food Lion

When you learn how to select the fresh and impressive flowers at Food Lion, it guarantees you a delightful experience all along. Thus, before we sum up, we would also like to guide you with tips for purchasing perfect flowers. To get the vibrant blooms and freshest flowers, here are tips for you:-

  • Always go for the freshness indicators. Note that fresh flowers, such as roses, feature protective netting on the buds. The net is ideal for keeping buds safe and fresh while in transit.
  • Inspect the stems of flowers. For healthy flowers, make sure they have firm and green stems. As such, they no longer have to be flexible but remain sturdy. The cut will be clean without discoloring.
  • Smell the flowers. Fresh flowers will have a pleasant and natural scent. When a flower lacks fragrance or scent, it clearly shows that it is not fresh.
  • Inspect the water in the bucket first. When a flower is stocked in water, choose clear water. Avoid flowers with cloudy water, which indicates bacterial growth, which, in the long run, shortens the flower's lifespan.
  • Check the buds and petals. The petals must be perky and bright to show color. The buds need to be fairly closed, and when you take them home, they should open fully to bring freshness to the house. Avoid at all cost those flowers that wilt and feature a browning petal, as this clearly shows that the flowers have passed their prime time.
  • Also, we suggest gently shaking the bunch. When the flower is too old, you'll see leaves and petals falling off. Fresh flowers will always retain leaves and petals, even while shaking them.
  • Lastly, you need to consider the season. Most of the seasonal flowers are often fresher. Check the signage to see what is contained in the seasons.

Alternative Places to Buy Flowers

Other than Food Lion, many other retailers, florists, and supermarket chains sell flowers. Each of the options you go for has particular preferences in the stores and guarantees customers special benefits. Some of the alternative places to try are:

  • Garden Centres and nurseries
  • Farmers market
  • Home Improvement stores like Lowes, Home Depot, etc.
  • Specialty organic stores like Whole Food Market
  • Online Flower Delivery Services
  • Supermarket chains like Trader Joe's, Kroger, Walmart, etc
  • Local florists
  • Warehouse Clubs like Sam's Club, Costco

The list is long. But above everything, a few factors determine the availability of flowers not only at Food Lion but also at all other alternative stores. These determinants are the seasonal variations, occasional specials, size of the store, locations, and the frequency of the restocking in the store. Also, the regular stocks play a vital role here.

Customers can now order flowers online at Food Lion and wait for the delivery at their convenience. If you prefer online shopping, then Food Lion is one of the go-to supermarket chains for your flower needs and will save you time.

Today Food Lion is dedicated to creating convenience, and they prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the operation. Though affordable flower varieties, they are still committed to quality and expanding the range of products based on their customers' responses.


Food Lion absolutely sells flowers at an affordable price. The company is dedicated to quality, convenience, and quality while prioritizing the client's satisfaction. Food Lion sells flowers online as well as in-store for any occasion.

The company has you covered for all the floral needs and grocery supplies under one roof. In the above article, we have covered the Food Lion, availability of flowers, variety, and pricing with other variables. Food Lion flowers are worth the investment.

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