8 Educational Movies and TV Series for School or College Students

This article will deal with popular science films and series that focus on educating the viewer rather than telling a fiction story.

But don't think that these will be dull lectures, where one professor at the blackboard tells the unenlightened truths, no. Everything here is colorful, beautiful, loud, and informative. Imagine if a Hollywood director took your lecture and transferred it to a movie screen. That's the kind of film we'll be talking about today. By the way, don’t hesitate to save some more time for yourself using an essay writer service.

1. Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (1980)

A Personal Voyage

We begin with a cult classic that's still going strong nearly 40 years later. Back in 1980, a group of friends in the form of Anne Druyan, Stephen Sauter and Carl Sagan wrote and directed a popular science series about space, with the latter as the host. Throughout the 13 episodes, you can learn the most interesting things about space: from the birth of life in the big bang to the role of all humanity on the scale of the universe. Carl Sagan pays special attention to the search for life beyond Earth.

If you are even a little bit curious about the workings of the universe and the cosmos, this is the perfect way to begin your immersion into this topic. There's a reason this series is recognized as an imperishable classic, with a sequel being released in 2014.

2. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014)

A Spacetime Odyssey

A sequel, so to speak, to the previous “documentary.” Carl Sagal, unfortunately, died in 1996, but his friends and his widow decided to continue his work by inviting Neil Degrasse Tyson to play the leading science popularizer.

The second part is essentially a continuation of The Personal Journey, recounting what has not yet been said, not forgetting the discoveries that have taken place in the 34 years between editions. And the high critical acclaim and national acclaim could not go unnoticed. A third installment is planned for 2019.

3. Inside the Human Body / Inside the Human Body (2011)

Inside the Human Body

If you're interested in biology but not at all interested in textbooks, Inside the Human Body is the perfect foundation for learning this fascinating science. Simple words and clear illustrations will explain for you complex biological processes. The director of this film will take the viewer on a journey through the universe inside of ourselves.

4. The Brain. Secrets of the mind / The Brain. A Secret History (2010)

The Brain. A Secret History

Let's move on from the general to the particular. I have always been interested in how our brains work if consciousness exists in humans or it is just brain impulses, how we make decisions, and many other things.

This documentary will try to answer all the questions about the human “gray matter”. And experimental psychology will help the filmmakers in this!

Food Factory (2012)

From the brain to the stomach, or rather what goes into it. How many delicious things are there in the world? And you want to try it all, and some want to know how it is made.

This documentary will tell you and, most importantly, show you how the most delicious products are made. From unhealthy beer and chips to sweet Swiss chocolate. You will finally understand how the raw materials grown in the fields and on the trees are used to make ready-made food.

5. Adam Ruins Everything (2015 – …)

Adam Ruins Everything

I have to be honest, this is my favorite show in the science-pop genre. Creators and host Adam Conover dispels the most popular myths on all sorts of topics, inviting various experts to break all your stereotypes.

6. Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (2010)

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

A sensational three-part documentary about the universe by the genius scientist and innovator Stephen Hawking.

In the first episode he will talk about life in other galaxies, he is convinced that it exists and is different from the one we imagine.

In the second episode, we will talk about time travel, why it is impossible to travel to the past, but the future…

The third episode is about the most important thing, the Theory of Everything, or how the universe happened, the Big Bang, and how life originated in our solar system. Great work, highly recommended!

7. Through Space and Time (Through the Wormhole) with Morgan Freeman / Through the Wormhole (2010-2017)

Through the Wormhole

One of the most popular documentaries with mainstream viewers. The host is “Mr. Explanation” Morgan Freeman and, as everyone is used to, he answers the most popular questions about the structure of the world, from the origin and existence of the Creator to ways to cheat death.

Thanks to the charisma of Morgan Freeman and the excellent visuals, the documentary series does not let the viewer get bored, despite the eight seasons, and the issues raised in each series are relevant, both at the time of release and now.

8. From a Science Standpoint (Naked Science) / Naked Science (2004 – 2011)

Naked Science

And to end today's article we would like to end with another hotly beloved documentary in the science-pop genre. This series from NationalGeographicChannel will talk about current, technological, and theoretical problems of the modern world, as well as try to solve mysteries that have remained unanswered for many years.

In “Naked Science,” you can examine historical facts, supernatural and unexplained natural phenomena, and cataclysms through a magnifying glass, as well as unravel man-made disasters.

Despite the title of the article, all of the above works can also be watched by adults. After all, it is impossible to know everything, and “a century you live, a century you learn”.

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