Fleet Vehicle Tracking That Every Business Needs

You might think that vehicle trackers are only used in spy movies or, sometimes, for really expensive cars.

But in actuality, if you’re a business or company that lets their employees use their company vehicles, or an agency that lends out rentals, then you definitely need fleet vehicle tracking, like Rewire Security.

Continue reading this article if you'd like to learn more about fleet vehicle trackers, which you can attach to any and all automobiles, how they work, the benefits you get for having them, and whether insurance is cheaper when a fleet vehicle tracker is involved.

How Does Fleet Vehicle Tracking Work?

How Does Fleet Vehicle Tracking Work

How fleet vehicle tracking works is a lot easier to understand than you’d think. In order to get the fleet vehicle tracker to work, installing it with the instructions given is the first step, which can be installed either on the inside or the outside of the vehicle or attached to the battery.

Once everything’s installed correctly, you can pay someone to do it for you as well, often there’s an app that comes with a fleet vehicle tracker that you purchase, which you can download onto your phone or really any type of device. After that, it's even simpler.

GPS satellites circle the world two times a day in order to get you an accurate and calculated location of your automobile and the driver, with the fleet tracker installed.

Thanks to the GPS software that is embedded into the fleet vehicle tracker, you’re able to use the app to track the vehicle in question, live, at all times, with the ability to also see other bits of information.

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Vehicle Tracking?

There are a lot of benefits that come with having a fleet vehicle tracker, the amount of features that come with having them is endless, especially when you’re a business or company needing to track a borrowed or rented vehicle.

For starters, when a theft has occurred, or you don't know where a vehicle is, despite already needing to be back at the warehouse or location it started in, then having a tracker can put your mind at ease, and help the police locate the vehicle in faster than simply going off leads and the possible chance of never finding it again, costing you more money to replace.

Using fleet vehicle trackers, like from Rewire Security, allow you to find ways for you to use less fuel or find more time-valued points of travel when delivering products or related deliveries to people. Not only do you save more money on fuel for longer periods of time, but you can also ensure deliveries are on time, if not earlier than planned.

If there's been a car crash, a collision up ahead during somebodies route, or slow traffic, the fleet vehicle tracking system can help you plan ahead, in order to avoid any delays that might happen. People can also warn the drivers of any such occurrence, and improve the safety of their drivers.

If a vehicle is speeding, stopping more than it should, or going through different routes than it should be, then vehicle trackers can account for this, and document it, so the boss or head of the driver or employee can question them and prevent any more mishaps.

Is Insurance Cheaper If I Have A Fleet Vehicle Tracker?

Is Insurance Cheaper If I Have A Fleet Vehicle Tracker

A fun fact, that a lot of people will be overjoyed about, is that fleet vehicle trackers have the ability for you to get insurance and trips to the mechanics cheaper.

This is because part of insurance is its tracking capabilities, which are really no longer needed because you’d already have your own tracking system. Not only that, but the quicker recovery of the vehicle, thanks to if this were to happen, the police get the GPS information easier, the repair needs are often reduced, saving the insurance agencies more money.

The percentage saved on insurance for your vehicle, thanks to the fleet vehicle tracker, can be up to 30%! If you’re a fleet manager, then you’re more likely to get this deal.

This can also be really helpful on your behalf, because not only are you saving money on insurance, but you know you’re also getting the best of your buck.

Final Thoughts

When you have a fleet vehicle tracker, like from Rewire Security, installed to your automobile, whether it is the companies or not, you can be assured that your vehicle will be easier to find and extremely efficient.

One of the greatest benefits of having them is the amount of money you save. This is not just on fuel and delivery services, but on your insurance as well.

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