Free Reverse Phone Lookup With CocoFinder: How It Works?

Are you worried about unknown calls and messages you are getting? Do you want to know who is calling you? The answers to all these questions and worries are reverse phone lookup.

There are many reverse phone lookup tools available online. You need to find the best reverse phone lookup tool that is free to use. CocoFinder is one of the best reverse phone number lookup tools that you can have. Intelius is another best free reverse phone lookup tool online. Click here to know more about Intelius.

Free reverse phone lookup with CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a reverse phone number lookup service that allows you to search any phone number and get all the required information along with the name of the owner of the phone number.


It is an internet service that works directly through the website. All you need to do is enter the telephone number of the person and look for it. CocoFinder then goes through its databases and finds out the profile that matches the amount exactly.

There is no background check service that will be completely accurate. However, CocoFinder’s reverse phone lookup uses the knowledge available on public records.

Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup

Intelius is another one of the best reverse phone number lookup tools. It lets you search for any phone number and identify the owner’s name and personal details. Intelius is the leading provider of public data about people and their connections to others.

Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup

Intelius is a trusted phone lookup tool of the Better business bureau and Online trust alliance. It is a premier people search tool with a great user interface. The app is highly trusted by a large user base.

When you perform a Reverse Phone Lookup, our comprehensive data engine produces a confidential report which incorporates, when available: the owner's name, their address history, age, possible relatives, the phone type and carrier, the situation related to the amount, and more.

How does the reverse phone lookup tool work?

To check how reverse phone lookup works, first, let us see how the reverse phone lookup tool is used. Its working will be seen simultaneously.

1. Visit Intelius website

You need to visit the Intelius website. Once the page is open, you will see the ‘phone’ tab just above the search engine bar.

2. Click on the ‘Phone’ tab

Click on the ‘Phone’ tab and the phone number search engine will be displayed in front of you.

Click on the ‘Phone’ tab

3. Enter phone number 

Now enter the phone number in the search box and click on the search button.

4. Search begins

As soon as the phone number is entered in the search engine and started, the tool starts crawling deep into the large database.

Intelius database has been collected from different public and private records, such as private companies and public sources like state government agencies, local agencies and federal agencies.

The tool digs out the most relevant data available in the databases. If there is more than one result data available, the tool provides a list of search results, you can choose the best search result as per your requirement.

The desired search result will be displayed in front of you. All the information associated with the phone number is available to you.

Why Intelius?

Intelius is one of the important and useful reverse phone lookup tools.

Comprehensive database

Intelius is a comprehensive data engine that provides a confidential report including the identity of the owner of the phone number, address history, age, location, relatives and more.

Whether it is a telephone number, a landline, or a business number, Intelius can provide you with the info related to the unfamiliar telephone number in order that you'll determine who is looking at you.

Detailed Information

The reverse phone lookup tool provides a list of detailed information associated with the person. You not only get the basic personal details like name, age, address, contact details but also a piece of detailed information including civil records, educational details, work records and much more.

Reliable information

All the information provided by Intelius is fully reliable as it has been extracted from some of the most reliable sources. Public records cannot be altered by anyone or everyone and recorded for civic purposes hence trustworthy.

Relevant and Fast Search Result

Intelius reverse phone lookup tool provides the most relevant search results in front of you within a couple of minutes. The huge database ensures providing the most relevant search results.

Free Reverse Lookup Service

There are many reverse lookup tools available online but they charge huge costs, while Intelius provides basic reverse phone lookup free of cost. You can search for any phone number for free and fetch basic information.

Secure Search

Intelius allows you to make searches securely. You can anonymously and privately search for any phone number and extract all the available information associated with the same. Its high-class encryption system ensures the secrecy of its users.

All these features of Intelius make it one of the best and yet must try reverse phone lookup tool.

Features of Intelius

Intelius provides you with more useful features other than the reverse phone lookup tool.

  • People Search
  • Public records
  • Background check
  • Reverse Address
  • Criminal records
  • Identity protect
  • People directory
  • Phone directory

You can use all these features as and when required based on the information you have and the information you need.

Summing up

There are many reverse phone lookups in the market but CocoFinder and Intelius are the two topmost free lookup tools. In this article, you get to know how these reverse lookup tools work and why Intelius is one of the best reverse phone number lookup tools.

With these tools, you no more need to worry about unknown phone calls or messages. You can now not only reveal the identity of the unknown caller but also a piece of in-depth detailed information about that person.

Other than reverse phone lookup, Intelius offers various other tools as well. You must try all the features as per your requirements and get the best results out of them.

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