GeoSurf Review

Geosurf is one of the best and leading proxy providers on the internet. Geosurf is one of the most widely used proxy services in the world.

Although they are mainly known for the VPN and other security services, Their residential proxies are some of the most secure and safest forms of proxies on the internet.

Geosurf is an elite proxy providing service which provides solutions like VPN's, Residential IP address, and more. However, For this review, We will be discussing mainly the residential IP addresses that they are providing on their website, which have been deemed unbeatable by various proxy critics on the internet.

Geo Surf Logo Overview

Currently, Geosurf is providing the following solutions on their website.

  • Residential IP's
  • Geosurf Toolbar
  • Desktop VPN
  • Mobile VPN
  • Direct Connect

However, We will be only discussing Residential IP's in this article.

Geosurf DetailsUser RatingUser Reviews
Dedicated ProxyYes
Residential ProxiesYes
Speed1000 Mbps
Multiple CitiesYes
Multiple SubnetsYes
Non – Sequential IP'sYes
Customer Support24/7 Live Support + Live Chat

Geosurf Review

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Residential Proxies are one of the most secure forms of proxies ever to have surfaced the internet. Not only do they provide better IP masking and reduce the risk of online theft for your IP address, But They can also be used to access geo-locked content. Residential IP addresses contain an IP address which belongs to a resident. Datacenter IP addresses can be easily spotted because they usually have sequential IP addresses and stand out from the crowd of IP addresses. Residential IP addresses can hardly ever be detected, and that is why they have been deemed as the most secure form of proxies on the internet.

Geosurf is providing Residential IP addresses from over 192 countries in the world. Almost all the countries of the world come under the coverage of their IP's. They have surely expanded its company to a leading online proxy selling company with globally high standards than the rest. When you buy proxies from Geosurf , You get to choose from an IP pool of 2 Million IP's.

Hence you get to choose from a lot of IP address while your IP address keeps changing after every five minutes. This mix of Proxy Masking, Residential IP's and Rotating IP address make these proxies truly undetectable!

Geosurf may not be one of the cheapest proxies on the internet. Their proxies are vaguely expensive. However, you must consider the fact that their proxies are unbeatable when it comes to the quality of the proxies. The quality of their proxies is very high as compared to another proxy service on the internet.

They are offering both types of proxy authorization, Username/Password authentication, and IP authentication. This is great as you can whitelist the IP's that you want to use to access your proxies as well as you can use username and password to access your proxies as well. In this way, you will be able to access your proxies no matter your circumstances.

GeoSurf Pros

Residential Price

Geosurf is one of the best residential proxy providers on the internet. They have slowly expanded their company to a point where they have a huge customer base which uses their products daily and have become an integral part of the proxy community.

They have set high global standards for all proxy selling companies and have been doing so since the time of their foundation. They have proxy locations in over 192 countries all around the world. Following are the advantages that you will receive.

Versatile Proxy Seller

Geosurf provides very extensive services on the internet. They have been providing the best proxy and VPN services on the internet for the past couple of years and have surely become one of the best proxy services on the internet. Starting from scratch, They now have proxy data centers in more than 192 countries from all around the world.

Moreover, They provide solutions other than proxies like VPN's and Toolbars. The hundred of locations that they are providing gives their customers a better choice to get the best location for their proxies for which they are paying for.

Residential Proxy Provider

Residential Proxies are more secure and safer than datacenter proxies. Almost all the residential proxies are rotating proxies. This means that the IP address of your Residential proxy keeps changing after every recurring period, and your IP never stays the same. Residential proxies have an IP address of a Resident, which is provided by an Authentic ISP.

The best thing about Geosurf is that they provide Residential Proxies. Residential Proxies are the best when it comes to proxy solutions. Despite their higher price point, they are still one of the most used and demanded proxies on the internet.

Numerous Locations

Geosurf provides a long list of locations for their proxies. They are providing up to 192 countries, meaning that they have datacentres all across the globe almost all the locations of the world. Every county there is.

This long list of numerous locations of the world provides the customers with a better opportunity to select the best location for their proxies. If you're looking for specific locations for your proxies, Geosurf should be your choice!


Following are some of the most popular locations provided by Geosurffor their proxies.


Authorization and IP Refresh

Geosurf, like all the other good proxy selling services out on the internet, Provide both types of authentication methods on their proxies. They provide the best Residential Proxies which have both types of Authorization methods enabled.

You can use either of the authorization methods to access your proxies from anywhere in the world easily. Following are the authentication methods provided by Geosurf.

  • Username/Password Authentication
  • IP authentication

Having both types of authorization methods provided can help you in accessing your proxies much faster while also provide better security to your own proxies. You can use whichever method suits you the best.

Moreover, With Geosurf, You can easily refresh your IP your Proxies once every month. This provides you with better proxy quality and management as you can easily refresh your proxies every month with ease.

Proxy Package

The Residential IP's provide by Geosurf may not be some of the cheapest proxies on the internet, but they are of the topmost quality and have been deemed as the safest forms of proxies which can be used on the internet. These proxies are best used for unlocking Geo-Targeted content and Social Media Marketing.

Following is the Residential IP package provided by Geosurf.

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice / Month
20 GBYesYes$300
38 GBYesYes$450
100 GBYesYes$1000
2000 GBYesYes


Faster Servers and Uptime

Geosurf claims to provide a 99.9% uptime. This means that their servers are never down. You can also check their website for the status of their proxy servers if you encounter any problem at all.

Geosurf has been known to use Squid Proxy servers which are more stable when it comes to online use while packing a greater speed as well. Their proxy servers run on 1000mb/s, which provides the best experience when using their proxies.

Dedicated Customer Support

Not only do they provide one of the best proxies on the internet, but Their customer support is also commendable. They have a ticket support system. If you have any queries related to their website or the proxies, you can submit a ticket, and they will respond in around 10 minutes. Moreover, there is also a live chat option where you can chat with one of their customer support representatives.

Geosurf provides dedicated customer support to the customers who pay for the higher price packages. This customer support replies instantly to all of your queries. Moreover, You can also contact Geosurf via email!

GeoSurf Cons

No specific Proxies

Geosurf only provides Residential Proxies. It does not provide shared proxies or the proxies which are specified for certain purposes like Instagram proxies, Craigslist proxies, etc.

Having a separate proxy for specified purposes ensures the satisfaction of the customers and also guarantees the working of these proxies. The absence of these specific proxies is a serious downside.

Limited Bandwidth

Having Unlimited bandwidth on proxies is one of the best features that a proxy can have. Geosurf does not provide unlimited bandwidth on their proxy package.

They have a limited amount of bandwidth after which you have to pay for the additional bandwidth that you request from Geosurf.


Do we recommend Geosurf?

Yes, we definitely do. Geosurf has established itself as the leading company on the internet when it comes to proxies and other products.

They have surely strengthened their grounds based on their experience since they started and have evolved into a leading proxy company with data centers all across the globe. Geosurf should be everyone's choice when it comes to buying Residential Proxies.


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