The Art Of Hiding Your IP Address

The Internet has been opened up many doors for new business, communications, entertainment, e-commerce.etc. Users of the Internet are increasing day by day and are using it highly. According to the rule of our world, whatever is popular is also prone to dangers. Same goes with the Internet, being famous and an open door for opportunities has also led to a prominent source of virus and malware. Just not this, spying and tracking is also easy via the Internet. Hiding your IP address is one such way to protect your online privacy.

What is IP Address?

Internet Protocol which is popularly known as IP Address is a method or protocol. Now this protocol is used to send data from one computer to another computer on the Internet. Every computer has an IP address and it is helpful in uniquely identifying that particular computer from among all the other computers on the Internet. IP address can be used for good as well as bad stuff. It can be used to track down illegal activities and it can also be tracked by someone who may be tracking you with bad intent.

Techniques to Hide Your IP Address



Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) simply offers connectivity to some other network. But in what way does offer connectivity? When you are connected using a VPN, you receive a new IP address from a VPN provider. All the traffic from your computer routes through this VPN network and thus, your real IP address is hidden.

Not only has this, using a VPN also helps you to access any network even if your network is geo-restricted. So you actually unblock geo restrictions. So using a good VPN service provider has many advantages. Below provided is the list of some good VPN service providers:

  • HideMyAss
  • Express VPN
  • Pure VPN
  • Vypr VPN


Proxy Server

A proxy server is a server which allows you to go outside your scope, which means it allows you to connect outside your network. So when you connect to a proxy, it routes your traffic through it and your IP is masked. The traffic appears to come from the proxy server. There are different types of proxies like web based proxies, open proxies, anonymity proxies, paid proxy software, VPN and proxy chain.

VPN and the proxy chain are the most difficult to trace and are highly preferred. Using a web based proxy is also a good option. A web proxy is useful when you are not on your computer as all the work will be done via the browser. This method works regardless of your computers operating system. There are several websites that list proxies, you simply have to find them out and start using. Most of them are reliable.


We all are using the Internet every day, for online transactions to communication, everything is on The Internet. This only means that you should think about online security. This will only be possible if you know the basic knowledge to protect yourself from online spying. Using a good VPN service provider will definitely protect you by hiding your IP. So start using a VPN today and protect your online privacy.