Hootsuite + Instagram = ❤

Welcome to the Hootsuite Dashboard, Instagram! Or shall I say, welcome to the world of marketeers, Instagram… finally! After Instagram has decided to open Ads API Partner program this week, a lot of advertising options have become available to businesses. At last!

Instagram Ads API Partners will be able to perform tasks including scheduling and publishing content to the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network, monitoring audiences and sharing access to Instagram accounts across teams.

And now this week’s revelation – Instagram is also fully integrated in the Hootsuite program!

What does this mean exactly? If you’ve been using Hootsuite for your social media planning, monitoring and analyzing, you’d know that Instagram was the only platform that couldn’t be fully exploited within Hootsuite. You could follow your wall, your followers, but not e.g. schedule posts or share them with your team mates. It’s now all possible:

  • Push your latest photo to Instagram;
  • Schedule your next one;
  • Find, like, and comment on photos;
  • Mention or engage with followers and commenters;
  • Cross-promote your Instagram activities on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks—all from the same screen (Hootsuite)

Instagram activities on social media

More news on Instagram Ads in more countries, targeting options and analysis tools within Instagram are probably yet to come. All we need now is just patience…