How Can I Fax from The Computer Wirelessly in 2021

Do you know how to fax from the computer in 2021 without sharing signals through the wiring process? If yes, you can move past the information, but if you are looking forward to something like that, you are on the right site.

Here we are going to let you know how you can fax from the computer wirelessly. Could you find out how it can be done? You need to read this information till the end without skipping anything. We hope till the end of this article, you will find the answers to your questions.

Can we Fax from the Computer Wirelessly?

All those who wonder and think that maybe it would be a scam can leave their worries behind because we are helping you with the right information. Sending a fax from the computer can be done without any involvement of wires.

Now you must think about how it is possible? The answer is quite simple, with the help of a trusted faxing service. There are numerous faxing service providers out there that do this work for you and save you from the hassle of messed-up equipment and their management. You only need an active internet connection to do the work.

CocoFax, The Best Faxing Application

This application lets you do your work with 100% safety and confidentiality. There is no need to be worried about anything when you have CocoFax in hand, as it makes the faxing process easy for you.

Save your time and energy that you were previously spending on sending essential documents through mails, as now you can do all of this through CocoFax. Everything is simple and easy because the app is reliable.

Some Major Features of CocoFax


This user-friendly application lets you use it with all kinds of electronic devices. You can use it with an iPhone, tablet, Android, Mac, Computer, etc., and it will work with all these perfectly fine. There is no need to have any specified OS to use when it comes to CocoFax.

Fax Cover

Users have this advantage to use their preferred fax to cover the time they send the fax. It is up to you which kind of fax cover you need to operate according to the nature of the fax, or whether you need it in the first place.

Lifelong Storage of Faxes

With CocoFax, you have this advantage to save your faxes whether they are sent ones or received one till the day you need to. There is no need to be worried about them being removed automatically as they can be kept till you want them to be.

Searchable Faxes

There is this feature through which you can find the desired fax whenever you need to. There is no need to be worried about how all of this can be done. Just add the main keyword of the fax and tap the search button.

You will be able to find the fax you were looking for without wasting any of your time.

Fax Preview

Using this feature lets you send the fax and save you from any long-term trouble. Through this feature, you can see the fax before you are about to send it. By doing that, you can check it out and see if there is anything you forgot to add or make any errors.

Faxing with the help of CocoFax

For official communication, there are many people worldwide who are using CocoFax for a while now. This application has so much to offer that you cannot expect from any other faxing application with such unique features.

If you need to fax a couple of pages sometimes, then you can avail yourself of this opportunity to use CocoFax for this purpose. It offers you a limit of 24 hours in which you are supposed to fax ten pages at maximum. It is up to you how many pages you are faxing for professional or personal tasks.

Sending a Fax from Computer with the help of CocoFax (Without Phone Line)

Step 1: At the start, try CocoFax’s 30 days free trial. You will be able to get a free fax number from CocoFax. You have the advantage of choosing your fax number if you need to.


Sending a Fax


After you are done with the signing process, you will be taken to your CocoFax dashboard. You can also gain access to the dashboard through any computer by logging into your account on CocoFax’s official webpage.


Step 2: To send a fax, you should press the option that says the ‘Send Fax’ button. This will open a fax creation popup, so draft your fax here.

Send Fax button.



Step 3: After the ‘Send Fax’ popup has opened, you can make your fax by filling these essential fields:

Make your fax

In the ‘To’ field, you need to enter the fax number of the receipt. In case you need to add a note to the fax, you can include it in the ‘Subject’ field.

You can also add a cover page to the fax if you want to. This page will pop up as the first page on the receipt’s end.

In the end, attach the document that you need to fax. You can not only fax pdf from the computer, but CocoFax guides you with almost all sorts of formats for this purpose, such as Docx, Xls, doc, xlsx, png, jpg.


Step 4: When you are done creating the fax, you need to hit the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will dial the receipt’s fax machine and share your fax.

Share your fax

In case of a successful fax delivery, you will get a verification message on the dashboard. If the fax weren’t sent, you would get a message about it. These alerts will also be sent to the email address you registered with CocoFax in the earlier phase.

Remember that mostly when you are unable to send a fax, there is this possibility that the receipt’s fax machine is busy, it is turned off, or the fax number you added was incorrect.


All the above information will help you if you want to go for a trusted faxing solution that offers you 100% safety and ease of usage. We hope you will find this article helpful regarding faxing from the computer without carrying any equipment with you.

Go for CocoFax and let us know about your experience with this fantastic application. In case of any trouble, you can contact the customer support team, who is active 24/7 and will help you till you can fix the issue you are encountering. You can also contact us if you want, and we will try to get back to you.

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