How to Build a Fitness Training Plan App

Fitness has always been associated with health. No wonder many people have made it their top priority.

A gym membership isn’t as affordable as one might assume. So looking for alternative solutions becomes a simple necessity. How about downloading and installing a fitness app that will guide you throughout your sports sessions?

Fortunately, you can contact our fitness app development company to develop your own software. Fast, simple, and easy fitness exercises will turn your daily sports routine into a fun adventure.

Explore the Fitness Training Plan Apps Market

Explore the Fitness Training Plan Apps Market

The international market for fitness software reached almost 14 billion in 2022. From 2022 to 2030, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24% and hit the level of $120 billion. If you build your own fitness plan app, you will have to face benchmarks saying that your product enjoys a 28% conversion rate, a 50% retention rate, and a 4- or 5-star rating.

This can be possible only if you follow the best practices throughout the creative process. The demand for your app will keep growing over the next few years, which makes investments in your fitness app project a wise idea.

Choose the Fitness Training Plan App Type You Need

Do you need a fitness app for your personal use? Or do you need it as part of your business project? In both cases, you should know what kind of software you want to get in the end.

  • Diet and nutrition apps (for example, MyFitnessPal and Waterlogged)operate like tracking devices for particular functions. These can be tracking the number of calories, estimating a water intake, and integrating a barcode scanner.
  • Activity tracking apps (for example, Strava and RunKeeper) keep track of different sports activities. These are intended for runners, cyclists, and other individuals that practice active kinds of sports.
  • Workout apps (for example, Sworkit and Freeletics) imitate a role of a personal trainer or a mimic of a fitness studio. They offer online training sessions adjusted to your personal needs, whether you want to gain some muscles or lose a couple of kgs.

Define Fitness Training Plan App Key Features

When creating a fitness app, it’s important to integrate the most valuable features into it. This way, you will manage to reach a competitive edge.

  • Sign up and log in allow users to register their personal accounts and get access to the available services.
  • Personal account/user profile offers a more customized service based on fitness goals, age, gender, weight, and height.
  • User activity tracking helps users get more accurate results in their fitness training. Being able to track different activities encourages the progress of users’ fitness adventures.
  • Geolocation forms routes for walking, running, and cycling. It also helps users see and track the distance they cover.
  • Notifications and reminders allow users to stay updated, which makes it easier to stick with their fitness goals. Make sure the frequency of notifications can be controlled.

Supervise the Development Process

Knowing how to build a fitness training plan app is a crucial thing for a new entrepreneur. Throughout the development process, you will need to take a few standard steps:

  • Do market research. You need to explore the market of local fitness applications in order to get an idea of what you want to create yourself.
  • Make the features for the first app version clear. You should make up a list of features for the first app version so you can make some changes (if needed) later on.
  • Find professional fitness app developers. You need a professional vendor that will develop a fitness app with an eye for detail.
  • Pay attention to a mobile version of your fitness app. The development process is usually split into several big stages: analysis and planning, UX/UI design, fitness app development, testing, and deployment.
  • Develop a smart marketing strategy. You should start working on your marketing strategy based on various instruments such as paid ads, social media campaigns, app advertising at events, etc.
  • Enjoy thorough development and responsive support.You continue working on your application by adding new features, collecting customer feedback, and addressing pain points.

Final Words

Once you decide to build a fitness app, you will need to proceed with market research, plan your future app, and think through a development process. You can ensure the success of your future software by specifying a unique set of features and solving the problems failed by competitors.

Feel free to launch the first version of the software to test your idea. It should have basic features and provide users with an overall app concept. If you find it successful, don’t hesitate to continue the development process by adding even more advanced features.

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