How to Building a Tech Team for Your Remote-Based Business

Tech support is one of the most important parts of managing your remote-based business. You need tech support to resolve emergency issues with applications and your network, and you need a security team to maintain your network’s essential data protection functions.

It can seem daunting to have an online team of tech experts for your business needs, but there are some easy ways to make sure that you get the team that you need on your side. Tech teams are so essential that you cannot afford to skip this step of your business support needs.

If you are ready to learn about building a tech team for your remote-based business, read on!

Building a Tech Team for Your Remote-Based Business

Building a tech team is about more than just hiring a few people to take care of your tech support calls. You need to consider all of the many roles that make up a tech team and you cannot just hire a few people and expect them to take care of all of your business needs for customer support, application support, and security support.

1. Hire a vCIO

One of the best ways to make sure that your tech team is developed, supported, and crafted with the right balance of skills and positions needed to support your business needs. Hiring a vCIO will make sure that the infrastructure is in place for your network and that security is maintained as well.

This is an essential position that you will need to have in place if you want your tech team to be managed correctly and to provide all the right services and support for your needs.

Being able to outsource this leadership position’s tasks to someone who knows exactly how to take care of these tasks is important and can help you to lighten your own management load.

Hire a vCIO

2. Use an MSP

A Managed Service Provider can be the perfect solution for your remote tech team support needs. These entities make sure that you have access to all of the support functions and features that you need and you will get to pay a low monthly rate to cover this. You can also expand the amount of coverage that you are paying for to scale it with your business.

This can be a really big help because you will not have to hire any of these employees and the tech teams that you will have access to have been built correctly for optimal support. You might also get access to a vCIO through your contract, which saves you the trouble of finding this person for your needs. MSPs can be the perfect solution to get access to all the tech support that you need without having to onboard an entire team of employees.

3. Offer Competitive Wages and Benefits

If you are building your own tech team that will support your remote-based business, you will need to know what the industry standards are for pay and benefits before you start trying to hire people. You will find that tech workers are offered many excellent jobs with huge companies that offer them high rates of pay as well as a nice range of benefits. To be able to gain access to qualified and skilled tech support, you will need to be able to offer them competitive pay and benefits.

Make sure that you are able to at least come close to the hiring packages that some of your competitors are offering or consider whether you might be better off to work with an MSP. You will find that really skilled and senior positions will always be harder to fill within your own tech team as a smaller company. This is one of the reasons that so many people are switching to the use of an MSP for their tech team needs.

Offer Competitive Wages and Benefits

4. Communication is Key

Make sure that your tech team has all the right access to communicate with the rest of your organization. If you are going to ask a tech team to support your company, they need to be able to talk to customers with ease as well as managing the support of technical items. You cannot expect them to work in a vacuum and you cannot expect your other employees to trust their tech support without open lines of communication.

Making sure that your tech team is connected with your entire business can be a big help with customer support and customer comfort. You will find that your tech team feels more connected to their customers and they will also feel like they are included in the decisions that are made that might affect them. There is nothing that is more frustrating to tech support than having to try and take care of customer needs that they were not aware even existed.

Building a Remote Tech Team Doesn’t Have to be Tough

Building a Remote Tech Team

If you have been struggling to get your remote tech team built, you probably need to look into hiring the right vCIO or using the right MSP to make the process easier for you. There is no exchange for a qualified tech team on the side of your business, and you will be glad that you used the advice and tips in this article to craft the right tech team for your needs.

Remember that internet security is just as important as help desk and customer support. You will need support for all of your business network and infrastructure needs as well as support for users. This is part of why designing the right team matters so much and this is also where using the right tools to create your perfect tech team can save you lots of time and false starts.

Building the right tech team doesn’t have to be a struggle if you go about the process in the right way. These tips and tricks will help you to gain access to the right tech team for your remote-based business.

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