How to DM Someone on TikTok?

Are you wondering about having a hard time DM or sending a direct message to someone on TikTok?Then come along and learn the steps in detail. We will also share some of the few tricks on how to DM someone on the platform. Enjoy to the end and become a pro.

The growth rate of TikTok among people around the world is worth beholding in our sight. as you continue to get introduced to the platform, there are plenty of features as well, which you must learn how to sue them. The typical ones are sharing, posting, and creating a duet, with many other options available. However, the most important thing on TikTok and other social media platforms is the ability to communicate well with other users.

Have you ever encountered a situation where you wish to message a user on TikTok and still do not know how to move ahead? Then we are here to teach all that tips and procedures. This is the right place to be, as we are doing to cover everything you need to know about how to DM someone on TikTok. We will even go beyond your expectations by showing some of the advanced tips and tricks of the platform.

But first, you must understand what a Direct message, shortened as DM, is. DM is a private chat between two TikTok or other social media platform users. Here, the chat is only linked to one user and not all audiences on the platform.

This is different from the comments. Like other social media platforms, TikTok also has an option with which you can send a direct message to a user on the platform. And if you want to learn more, keep reading this article to the end and get entertained.

How to Message Someone on TikTok (iPhone and Android)?

By the Inbox Icon

While there are different methods to send the DM to someone on TikTok, in this section, we will guide you on how to go about it using the inbox icon. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application. Ensure you are logged in to your account. Then, locate the inbox icon below the screen and click on it to open the chat section and access the activity page.

Launch TikTok application

Step 2: Then head to the top right corner of your screen and locate the direct message icon; click on it and proceed.

Locate the direct message icon on TikTok

Step 3: From that point, you will be redirected to the list of people who can send the DM on your TikTok account. Choose the person from here, or you can also search for them using their username through the search bar found at the top of the screen. This is when the particular users you are looking for are not listed in this section.

Particular users you are looking for are not listed in this section

Step 4: Once you select it, you can start composing the message. And when you are done, click on the arrow button, which is always located at the lower right corner of the screen, to send the message.

Send the message on TikTok

That is all, but when the person responds to the message. Equally, you can click on the inbox button found at the bottom of the screen and confirm the reply.

Through User’s Profile

Besides using the inbox icon, you can also use this second method. You will have to locate the user and head to their profile here. This means you must be following each other on TikTok to be able to use this method. If not, you will not be able to locate the message icon. If all is well, then follow the below steps and send the DM to the target person with the simple steps:

Step 1: Assuming you have launched the TikTok application and logged in to your account, locate the friend you want to DM on the platform. You can find friends when you click on the followers. Simply search for the person through the search bar at the screen's top.

Assuming you have launched the TikTok application

Step 2: Then click on the friend's profile to open up their profile page, then click on the message button.

Click on the message button

Step 3: You can proceed to type in the message and when you are through, then click send icon found in the lower-right-hand side corner of your screen.

But when you come across a situation where you are unable to locate the message icon, then be sure that you are not following each other on TikTok. for such a can, follow the below steps and send the message:

Step 1: Directly head to their profile page.

Step 2: Then click on the 3 dots at your screen's top right corner.

Click on the 3 dots at your screen's top right corner on TikTok Application

Step 3: Then, you will see a new panel popping up. From the options, choose to send a message and start composing.

See a new panel popping up

How to Message Someone on TikTok on PC

Message Someone on TikTok on PC

Messaging someone on TikTok is not only limited to the smartphone but also possible when you are using a desktop. Here are the steps:

Step 1: First of all, open the browser of your choice and head to the TikTok website. Then log in to your account with relevant details.

Step 2: You must have the correct login details to access your TikTok account on the desktop.

Step 3: The platform interface will look different on the PC, although not as unique as when using mobile applications.

Step 4: Once you log in to your account, the default site is for your feed on TikTok. Then, at the center, you can access the videos found in the For you feed center.

Step 5: Navigate to the left column of your screen and locate the subsection known as the suggested accounts.

Step 6: Then, you will be able to access the lists of the suggested accounts when you click on the see all icon found at the bottom of the screen on the list.

Step 7: Then, you can select any of the users or names from that list and click on it. This will redirect you to the profile page of the person you want to send the message to through your account.

Step 8: Then, while on the profile page, locate the 3 dots close to the profile name and tap on them to see the advanced options.

Step 9: From the pop-up menu, immediately after you click on the 3 dots, you will see two options; click n the first one that sends messages.

Step 10: Then, you will be redirected to the chat screen at once and start typing in the message on the message box. After that., you can send it to the recipient.

Rules for Sending TikTokDMs

Rules for Sending TikTokDMs

After you have learned how to Dm someone on TikTok using different devices, it is time to dive into a few rules for sending the TikTok DM. TikTok, like other social media platforms, comes with unique rules. In this section, we will only cover those related to sending TikTok DMs.

  • The platform messages are only available to registered users or account holders of 16 years and above. Therefore, parents can set restrictions on children aged between 16 to 18 years using the family pairing feature.
  • It is impossible to share private videos; therefore, if the content creator d3ecide to change the settings of a video from public to private, unfortunately, it is after you share through the message. In this case, the video will not be available, or anyone will not be able to watch it.
  • Any content not created on the TikTok platform or uploaded to the platform cannot be shared through direct messages.
  • Through the privacy settings, users can select who can send them a message on TikTok. Therefore, when you choose the no one option, rest assured that you will never receive any message unless you decide to change it later. But in your inbox, you can see the chat history and threads.
  • Again, TikTok does not allow users to send multiple messages to multiple uses simultaneously. The anti-spam system detects it and raises it as spammy activity. But, the limitation on this is yet to be confirmed, just like it is impossible to follow multiple users simultaneously without coming across the error message.

How to Turn on Direct Messages on TikTok?

First of all, before we proceed with the steps to send the DM to someone on the platform, you also need to learn how to opt out of the DMs. This is because, with TikTok, users have little control over their profile, specifically the inbox, than any other social media platform. Besides blocking target TikTok users, you can also amend the settings to allow a particular group of people to send you the DM.

This means you can select to receive the messages from everyone, no one or friends. When you want to perform these settings, follow the below procedure:-

Step 1: Launch your TikTok application or visit the TikTok website and log in with your details.

Step 2: Then, while on the account, navigate to the profile page.

Navigate to the profile page on TikTok

Step 3: Then tap on the 3 horizontal lines found at the top right corner of your screen.

Tap on the 3 horizontal lines found at the top right corner of your screen on TikTok

Step 4: From the menu, click on privacy.

Click on privacy on Phone

Step 5: Then, choose the direct messages and proceed.

Direct messages and proceed on TikTok

Step 6: After that, you will have a list of options to select from. Only choose the one that suits you best based on your needs.

You will have a list of options to select

Note that, while you decide to toggle the settings to friends only or equally no one, the people who you previously interacted with are excepted. This means they can still send you messages anytime.


1. Can you DM someone on TikTok if they don't follow you?

The option to DM someone on TikTok that is not following you is very limited. For you to manage to send the message to the target users. Therefore you need to comment on one of the videos they shared on their timeline. This puts across a signal that you need to chat with the person.

Secondly, you can confirm if the profile has links that lead to other social media accounts, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. So you only have to click and send them a message. You can also confirm the Linktree from their profile. This is important because it is a large organization with an external website in Linktree.

2. Why can't I DM someone on TikTok?

There are multiple reasons why you might find yourself having a hard time DM someone on TikTok. First, you are likely under 16 years, you are not connected as friends on the platform by the time you try to send the message, and you have not sued your phone number to register the account.

If the message has either been reported or flagged for reasons, your account is likely shadow-banned, the other users from their end have sent their privacy settings to none can send them the message, etc. therefore, other than the above restrictions, the other possible issue the application malfunction which hinders your capability to DM someone.

3. Can I DM someone on TikTok without a phone number?

Phone number is one of the mandatory requirements while registering the TikTok account. Thus, without using the number, TikTok restricts accessing some features, including the DM functionality. However, one can depend on son the virtual google numbers to verify the account or even the temporary number so that one can have access to such features.

But remember that with these numbers, you might have difficulty logging in to the TikTok account. But if you already have registered and verified your number but still receive an error notification while sending the DM, then you can contact the support staff for support in that case.

4. Can I know if someone read my TikTok DM?

TikTok, unlike other social media platforms, is yet to introduce the read receipt. Therefore, when someone reads your message, the platform does not notify the user, and there is no way the sender will know that you opened their message unless the recipient tells you. This makes this platform unique compared to other social media platforms.


TikTok ahs gaiend astronomical success of late. But, the features this platform introduces also comes with restrictions. Most platform users are young and under age, and the company has laid out strict guidelines. And this involves direct messaging (DM).

Therefore, before you message someone on TikTok, you must meet a few conditions. This article highlights some basic rules and procedures for DMing someone using different devices, be it your friend or a non-friend. It is simple, as you have seen in the article. Become a pro in a second with the above tips.

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