How to Hack Your Boyfriend’s Phone without Him Knowing

Wondering what your boyfriend is doing behind your back? Try spying on his phone and find out everything that he is doing using his phone. Yes, it is very much possible and you don’t need any special tools & techniques.

The only thing that you need to make this happen is a reliable and feature-rich phone spy app. Technology has offered it to the world and now people can track any phone and find out its usages.

I have personally used one and was able to figure out every secret that my boyfriend tried to hide from me. It was just a great help and helped me to have ultimate peace of mind.

If you also want to have such help to figure out the authenticity of your relationship, try Minspy.  In the article, we will talk about this solution in detail. However, you may use this link to learn how to read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone.

Minspy – Unfolding Every Single Lie  

A tool for the 21st century, the Minspy is packed with some amazing capabilities and facilities that will allow anyone to track others’ phones without any risk and hassle.

Its service is available in 190 nations without any added cost. By the time you read this article and know Minspy a little better, over 1 million people have already started using it and have experienced amazing phone spying abilities.

Its impeccable performance has managed to grab the attention of many leading media houses. Forbes, The CNET, and The Economic Times are few notable names.

They all have praised Minspy for its superb job and the way it has simplified the task of phone spying.


Is using Minspy a risk-free job?

No, of course not. Using Minspy is anything but risky as it uses a novel phone monitoring technique that is free from rooting/jailbreak.

Any phone spy app that takes the help of rooting/jailbreak is going to give you the endless hassle as risks like reduced phone performance and compromised phone security will never leave your side.

Also, using any phone spy app that saves data on the server during the process is a risky affair. Don’t know why? Well, such apps make your crucial data prone to various cyber-attacks and increase endless hassles.

Minspy doesn’t work like that. It never saves data on the server and increases your worries.

Will it expose me while I am trying to spy on my boyfriend’s phone?

Well, I know that getting caught in the act is a scary thing and one would never want to face it. But, nothing of this sort will happen when you are using Minspy. Minspy is equipped to cover your tracks by all means.

Its Android solution comes with an in-built stealth mode that hides the app’s presence on the targeted phone by all means. Activation of this mode leads to complete hiding of the app’s icon from the home page and app list page.

spy on my boyfriend’s phone

To make the job more discreet, it has a remote dashboard that will fetch the data from miles away. You don’t have to be around the targeted person all the time to fetch the details. Even if your boyfriend is miles away, you can find out what he is doing on his phone.

So, when you are hovering over the head of your boyfriend, he will have no reasons to have suspicions about you.

I am a novice, can I still use it?

Not everyone is a pro and has experience in phone spying. But, that doesn’t mean you will have to bear the cheating of your boyfriend. Minspy has eliminated the need of having exceptional skills for phone spying and made it everyone’s cup of tea.

Minspy for iOS has a 100% web-based interface for this job that can be at your service without any download and installation.

You can use any common device and browser to bring it into action. The only thing that you need to spy on your boyfriend’s iPhone is its valid iCloud credential.


If your boyfriend is using an Android phone then also you will have nothing to worry about as Minspy offers a dedicated solution to spy on Android phones as well. Minspy for Android is a very easy-to-use app.

Due to its compact size, it will only consume 5 minutes in completing the set-up. You don’t need any special tools as it shares great similarities with any other common Android app.

If at all you face any other hassles, there live demos available on the website. Refer them and you will understand the process easily.

What can it track?

When it comes to tracking phone activities, Minspy stands second to none as this single tool can keep tabs on tons of things. In total, 35 phone activities can be tracked with its help.

You can find out which calls your boyfriend receives, which text he shares, what all contacts are saved, what content he browses over the internet, which all apps are downloaded on his phone, and many more others.

You can even do live location tracking with Minspy. Likewise, it's a one-stop solution for all your phone spying needs. As long as you have it by your side, you don’t need any other help.

What can it track

How dependable is Minspy?  

Minspy is very much dependable and worthy of your trust & money, by all means. It is because it can capture the data in real-time and deliver it with time-stamps.

The timestamps allow you to have a detailed understanding of all activities your boyfriend is doing at what time. Also, the data delivery is without any third person’s involvement. This reduces the odds of data tempering and poor data quality.

Whatever you will access through Minspy, it is of high-end quality.

The best thing is that you will get all these features and facilities at a mere expense of $10 per month. Yes, it is that cost-effective. This means everyone can use this tool without any hassles and qualms.

Concluding words  

Your boyfriend may tell lies but Minspy will never do that as this tool is built with amazing technology that can track everything that your boyfriend is doing. Using it is a risk-free job and anyone can use it with full confidence.

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