7 Ways to Moving Your IT Infrastructure in a Budget

Though remote working environment has become very popular still there are reasons which make people move the location of their business. But office relocations are not easy because you don’t just have to move the furniture items but also a move requires to relocate the entire IT infrastructure.

This makes the entire process very complex and daunting. Regardless of the reason why you are moving, having a plan is important. Certain tricks can make your IT infrastructure move cost-effective but you have to follow the best practices for it.

1. Start with preparing a good plan 

Start with preparing a good plan 

Before you start preparing a plan, it is important to understand your requirements. Assess the current projects and know how they will get affected by the moving process. Also, moving IT infrastructure requires the help of professionals as you can’t do it by yourself.

Therefore, it is recommended you get in contact with the service providers, technology vendors, and carriers. Also prepare a budget for relocation, when preparing a budget, a moving cost calculator, like the one available with iMoving, is a tool that will help you a lot.

2. Evaluate equipment 

Now it is time to make an inventory of all the equipment that you have. Check out the assets you want to relocate. To move further, you should know what you have. To do it, you need to compile an inventory of all the IT assets present in your current office. Then consider the infrastructure of your new office.

Placement requirements such as equipment, assets of your new office should be determined apart from connections and peripherals. When you know what you have and what you have to move then only you can make the connections.

3. Have a strategy for what could go wrong 

If you want to save yourself from unexpected costs then it is important to have a proper strategy for everything that can go wrong during the relocation process. You should communicate the move with the external stakeholders else you might problems later.

Having alternative plans is always great because you might face problems like internet connectivity, WI-Fi connections, and so on. Plan carefully for all the issues that can encounter during the process. This is the best way to eliminate the unexpected costs from the moving process.

4. Prepare your budget well 

Prepare your budget well 

It is recommended you prepare your budget well if you want to eliminate the additional expenses or charges. You don’t have to prepare a budget for the IT equipment but also for the entire moving process from start to end which also includes the space planning of your new office.

Yes, moving infrastructure means hiring specialists also, therefore, be ready to spend an amount that they will charge. Also, know what you are taking along with you and what you are leaving behind.

5. Consider the cost of special services 

Know if you need to outsource a specialist to complete the moving process from start to finish. If you have a dedicated professional then the one could also save you from unexpected costs because he knows all the unforeseen problems that can encounter during the process and is also aware of the solutions to these problems.

6. Get quotes from two to three professionals 

Of course, you can’t complete the moving process of IT infrastructure by yourself therefore it is a great idea to get quotes from two to three professionals to reduce the cost of relocation.

Yes, though the professionals are providing the same quality of services they do not charge the same amount. That is why you should hire the one that provides the services at a less cost than the other.

7. Prepare yourself for the moving day 

Prepare yourself for the moving day 

Moving day is huge if you don’t plan it well then it might end up damaging the products or equipment which could make you lose a huge amount of money. Therefore, having a good plan for the day is important so that everything goes smooth without any hassle and the transition of the entire infrastructure can be completed without any hassle and damage.

Make sure you make the proper backup of all the data because the data can get lost during the transition. You should duplicate the data with ease. It is recommended you label all the IT equipment along with their peripherals so that you can create the same connections as they are now. It will minimize the loss of productivity when transferring the equipment.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Moving your business is an expensive and stressful endeavor especially relocating the IT infrastructure. The only way to do it successfully is by hiring professionals to do it and hiring professionals is only the way that helps you to save the cost else you will end up damaging the very costly items. Professionals also know how to reconnect all the equipment and will correctly install everything.

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