How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

By optimizing your Instagram Profile, you can significantly increase your chances of winning the clients. Here are some of the best practices that is being used by the Instagram marketing experts.

Take advantage of your Instagram profile!

Currently Instagram is one of the social networks that has the highest demand and user interactions. In fact, there are those who consider it the first option to boost their digital presence. If you use this network professionally, that is, to offer your products or services, then you must have a winning Instagram profile: one that sells for you. Many people tends to buy Instagram Followers Canada to get maximum advantage from their profile.

Take advantage of your Instagram profile

My first recommendation is that your account be a company account. This gives you several advantages over personal profiles:

  • Do you have a contact button?
  • You can see more statistics
  • You can promote publications or make advertising campaigns
  • Most third-party apps require a company account

Bio of your Profile

You have 150 characters to explain what the account is about. Try to make the most of the text you are going to write. Describe how your product/service can solve a problem that someone who visits your profile has.

In the case of a local business, it is convenient that you put the address and telephone number. If you want to be contacted by email, write it. Despite having the contact button, many times users ask internally for the contact email or telephone number.

Try not to add tags or hashtags in your description. You will only get the user to navigate through it and leave your profile.

If possible, end with a call to action. Use emoticons to better highlight the text as explained by SuperViral. This way you will be actively offering your product or service.

The link in the bio

There is only one clickable link on Instagram: The link in your bio. There you can specify your web page, or a link so that they communicate with you via Whatsapp, or your YouTube channel; in short, the site to which you want to direct the visitors of your Instagram profile.

The link in the bio

One way to take advantage of this single link is to use an app that allows you to multiply it into several options. So when the user clicks on the link in your bio, a menu of buttons is displayed where the user can choose what he wants to see. In this Links in Bio article you have several applications that allow you to do this.

Add your main products or services. Place one or several forms of contact: Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or Telegram. If you have a Newsletter or a YouTube channel, it is also convenient that you invite the user to join your subscriber base. Add links to your other social networks.

Put effort into the design, a good selection of buttons and relevant information will do the work for you to lead the user to exactly where you want them to go.

Highlight what is Important

Highlights are part of your profile. Add one for each star product/service you offer. If you have a promotion or essential information for the user, create a story that shows it and highlights it.

Make a coherent cover for each featured story. For this I recommend using (Canva), among other tools. Take care that all the covers have a homogeneous design and that it is consistent with the corporate colors. Choose a short title, preferably one word that identifies the topic you are dealing with.

Present yourself as a brand

Have you heard of the elevator pitch? It is a way to introduce yourself in a few seconds. If you are a professional who offers your services on Instagram, you should use this resource. I believe that the ideal way is to make a featured story where you develop your elevator pitch.

You can follow the following structure:

  • Start with a question or raise something that grabs attention.
  • Describe how you can help resolve the question or situation raised.
  • Highlight the benefits of your service/solution for the user. Make him want to form a key with you.
  • Close with a call to action: “call me if you want more information”, “subscribe to my newsletter”, etc.

Your Instagram Feed

Your Instagram Feed

The posts you make on Instagram are part of your profile. At least the most recent. Make sure your content demonstrates what you do or offer. Of course, keep in mind that not all your posts should be promotional or commercial. The information you share should also be useful to your followers. Plan a publication rhythm whereby two or three posts of your last 9 show products, services or information related to your commercial activity. In this way you visually reinforce what your profile says.

Accounts that offer tech items often use their feed as a product catalog.

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