How to See Your Most Played Songs on Spotify

Are you wondering how much music you have listened to often on Spotify this year? Then we have you covered. Let us learn how to see the most played songs on Spotify.

Every time is the most beautiful time of the year. So, we are always enjoying life with collections of different music and other entertainment online. The good news is that anyone can access Spotify, and in addition, you can even access Spotify wrapped.

When you listen to the music often through Spotify and at the end of the year you wish to check on your listening statistics, Spotify offers you one of a kind annual wrap-up every year. This feature gives the only opportunity to understand your music taste. Not only can you benefit but also Spotify values and check on their not-so-subtle marketing.

Before we go into details, you must also understand that Spotify has almost 3200 million active users based on the statistics on its website. Therefore, people can access countless genres, artists, and playlists annually. This article is for you if you have ever wished to dive deeper into the details of your music listening habits. There are various methods online that you can use to check on the Spotify stats.

However, our next was a section,  article selected as the most efficient and favorite, which cuts across the various spheres with less effort Therefore, by the end of the article, you will be able to check on Spotify wrapped and got the basic ideas where necessary.

How to See Your Spotify Wrapped?

See Your Spotify Wrapped

Since 2016, Spotify has provided a detailed summary to the users online of their most popular music, podcast, and statistics from Jan to October 31. These statistics are available every December. This statistic is what, in this case, we term Spotify wrapped.

With Spotify wrapped, the person can learn about the listening history by observing the ornate visualization called cards. Therefore, Spotify wrapped card is meant to evaluate the artists, genres, songs, and even podcasts that the user has often listened to throughout the year.

Thus, Spotify encourages users to always share these cards with their family and friends through social media platforms. You get to understand the music's visual presentation, which comes in the form of shareable cards on different platforms.

Then if you are fond of using the Spotify private session in such a case, you must be aware that the record wi be out at the end of every year. During the private session, it is true that no one will be in a position to see what you are listening to, but one thing for sure is that the results will be available on the Spotify-wrapped card.

Spotify-wrapped card

Well, if you all along been uploading the songs to Spotify, listening to the same songs, such songs will not reflect or count for the factors included in the Spotify wrapped report. What counts is only the songs that are from the Spotify platform. And the wrapped card comes with a detailed report, including the listing duration,  audio aura, top songs, top genre, top artist, and even top podcast.

With that in mind, you must ask yourself how to see these Spotify-wrapped results using your device. It is simple, with a few steps involved. Head to the Spotify home screen. Launch the application and click on the home screen icon, which is found at the bottom of the toolbar.

Step 1: Then, on the home screen, you will first see the Spotify-wrapped results.

Step 2: Still, you can go to the website, which will open up the wrapped screening Spotify on your device.

Wrapped screening Spotify on your device

Step 3: Then, from the Spotify wrapped feature, search from the hub for the wrapped, then select your preferred option. This option will give you access to different wrapped features which you need to make a selection.

How to See Your Most Played Songs on Spotify

See Your Most Played Songs on Spotify

It is possible that you can as well see the most played song on your Spotify account. This is another method to use besides relying on the Spotify-wrapped results. This is because Spotify wrapped does not give you the option to see the numbers or access the listening time in minutes.

Sometimes, the basic information about a specific aspect is unavailable on these results in December. Thus, the details shared are minimal. But still, Spotify gives you another list of the top tracks and artists. You can access the most played song from these lists. Let us find out more in this section using different devices.


How to See on Desktop

When using a desktop, accessing the most played songs on Spotify is not complex when using a desktop. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Spotify website on the desktop. Then tap on your username at the screen's top right corner. You will see a drop-down menu, tap on the profile, and you will be redirected to the Spotify profile.

Launch the Spotify website on the desktop

Step 2: Once the Spotify profile page displays, keep scrolling until you reach the top artist as well as the top track of the month options. Then you will have a list of 10 artists and 50 tracks.

Once the Spotify profile page displays

Step 3: To access the list of 50 songs for that particular month, you will need to tap on the' see all' option which is found at the bottom close to the top tracks of this month's head. Then you can browse the list of the songs you have often played for the last month.


How to See on Android & iOS

The procedure is the same, with minor differences when using mobile devices such as iOS or Android. But Spotify does not indicate the top artist and tracklist as opposed to when you use the desktop. But the good news is that you can access the recently played artists through the mobile application.

If you are wondering how then here are the steps you need to take:-

Step 1: Launch the Spotify application on your mobile device.

Step 2: Then click on the settings gear button at your screen's top right corner.

Step 3: Then, from the popup menu, scroll down and locate the option titled, recently played artists, and proceed to toggle it.

Scroll down and locate the option titled

Step 4: Also, ensure that in the social setting, the option is also enabled. To see the recently played songs, then you must toggle this option. This is the only way you can make your list public. And if you do not want other people to access the music list, then when you are done, ensure that you turn it off.

Step 5: So, once you have enabled the toggle button, keep scrolling upwards and click on the username to access your profile. Then you can locate the recently played artists in this educated area.

Step 6: You can tap on the ‘see all' icon to access the complete list of the recently played artists through the Spotify application. Though it sounds complicated, it becomes more straightforward if you follow the procedure keenly.


How to See Your Spotify Stats

Besides the above Spotify aspects, you can also access the Spotify stats with online platforms. For instance, you can count on the stats for Spotify for simple procedures. The method is straightforward, with a well-explained procedure that you must follow.

However, one thing you must have at your fingertips is your online privacy. Thus, never give third-party applications any permission to keep your data safe. Revoke the access at all costs where you can and say safe.

Otherwise, here is the method you must follow:

Step 1: The first thing is to launch the browser of your choice and visit the Stats for Spotify website. There are the basic stats you can access.

Stats for Spotify

Step 2: Make sure you log in to the website using the Spotify details.

Step 3: Select the parameter for your stats, such as the favorite artists, songs, or the genre for the last year, all-time, or even six months or recent months. Note that you can access various aspects immediately after you log into the site.

Parameter for your stats

Step 4: Thus, when you tap on the top tracks icon, you will be able to see the top songs, and when you click on the top artists or even the top genre, you will see the top artists in the top genre as represented, respectively.

Step 5: Then, when you scroll to the bottom of your screen, you will; come across the top track page and create a playlist icon. You can use this icon to create an instant playlist consist the songs you wish to have on it.

This site updates the data daily, and thus you will access real-time information. You must also note that stats for Spotify, in most cases, crash often. Thus, when you find an error message, keep retrying until it loads.

Other Spotify Stats Tools

Many other third-party tools are effective in provisioning the Spotify stats. In this section, we will give you a general overview of the most efficient tools as listed below:-


Volt fm overview

Other than the above-outlined methods and discussed Spotify tools, you might be interested in accessing more detailed insights and becoming more flexible. We encourage you to check out the Volt. FM tool online. It will enable you to access the Spotify stats in no time. It is a simple tool and comes with a friendly user interface. You only need to log in with your Spotify details when you visit the website.

After that, you will access many stats such as the top songs for the last 4 weeks, 6 months, and even all-time stats. What makes this tool unique is the ability to give you a feature which enables you to save the top song to your music playlists with only one click on the playlist button. Then the app adds that song to the music library.

The app also guarantees a detailed analysis of the stats where the highlight presents the general mood of the songs you listened to. Another thing you can find on this site is the average popularity of the song, the release date of the song, and the length of the Spotify library. It goes to all users the showtime of your Spotify profile through the steroid. You can share the Spotify wrapped, compare, and access it anytime you need.




The second option, termed the best tool to check on the Spotify stats, is Obscurity. SO, when you want to find out how this tool tastes in the music industry, count on this website to evaluate all the aspects with one click. This is another simplest to9ol to use. The website is only one click away, and once you log in using your Spotify details, you are ready to start enjoying the results.

Another accession to the most played songs, artists, and other Spotify-wrapped details, you will also be able to access the mood of the songs. Such include the song you listen to when you are happy, energy, danceability,  or even when you are aco8usticness. All these categories are sorted in order.

One of the best parts is that the tool gives you recommendations of the songs based on your saved music library. When you save a song on the playlist, you will be accessible to the related recommendations. It also has a simple user interface and supports signing in with other social media platforms, apple, and even phone numbers.


Receptively is an anthems app where you can showcase your Spotify music. The tool is not only available on the website, but you can as well download it to your android or iOS devices and start unlocking the unique design for your music listening on Spotify.

Otherwise, the tool is responsible for checking the songs you often listen to, most platy, and then printing the receipt with the songs listed in the order. You can also get a list of your favorite tracks based on the set duration, such as one year, 6 months, or even all time. Though it is considered a simple gimmick, it guarantees faster sharing on other social media platforms, which is a great option.

Zodiac Affinity

Next on the list is Zodiac Affinity. Well, it is said that astrology is not there for everyone but only those who believe in it. However, when you have memorized the moon, the sun, and rising signs, we urge you to look at the Zodiac Affinity tool.

When you connect the Zodiac Affinity to your Spotify account,  you can easily select your zodiac sign, the sun sign, from the drop-down option. Then this site guarantees that it will list for you the best and top five recent songs you love and matches well with the zodiac sign. This is a unique tool as opposed to others discussed above.

Bad is Your Spotify

How Bad is Your Spotify is a tool that uses artificial intelligence technology t judge the awful taste of your Spotify music. Click on their website and find out this to be true. This stereotypical snarky guarantees you the remarks about your Spotify music. If you need to check out, it is simple to use, and you can easily find out more on their website. Otherwise, it efficiently gets the Spotify stats in the shortest time.


1. How to see Spotify Wrapped after December?

Even after the Spotify wrapped period has elapsed, you can still access the result from the search bar. Click on the search and lookup for the Spotify wrapped. Then you will see the latest Spotify wrapped hub continuing to show up, such as the genre and music you can tap on it to view. for the shareable card, you need to download them during December before it vanishes.

2. Why can’t I see Spotify Wrapped?

On desktop, Spotify-wrapped cards are not available. And also, the option is not available to all the users simultaneously. Therefore, it takes time for the features to roll on your app, meaning you must be patient. Also, it is worth noting that the feature is only available when you use a mobile application on andor9id and iOS gadgets rather than a website and is active throughout December.

3. How to see artist stats on Spotify?

If you want to access the stats for a particular artist on Spotify, it is simple with the search option for the artist. Go directly to their profile, and you can view the play count found alongside every song in the popular area.


Spotify is a popular music third-party application that comes with many advanced features. However, accessing your music stats or listening patterns is crucial as it helps you understand your music taste and explores various opinions and genres recommended based on the music library.

We have guided you on various methods to see the most played songs on Spotify in our tile. Put them into practice and share the report with your friends. Hopefully, to this end, you have learned something helpful to take your music habit to the next level and share it with friends and DNS family.

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