How to Watch Sling TV in Canada

Are you wondering how to watch Sling TV when restricted for only USA citizens? Or do you want to know the type of VPNs that can access you to Sling TV? You’ll find everything you need to know in this article.

Apart from the VPNs that allow you to access sling TV, you will also learn about other options for accessing Sling TV. These include the chrome extension, proxy server, and smart DNS. Still, you will know more about Sling TV.

Why Can't Watch SlingTV Outside the U.S.

Sadly, you cannot access Sling TV anywhere outside the USA due to government restrictions, where Sling TV operators use geo-blocks to restrict you from accessing it outside the US. But there is good news for you Canadian living in Ottawa, Vancouver, or anywhere in Canada. You can watch Sling TV using a VPN to bypass the geo-blocks.

How Does VPN Operate?

How Does VPN Operate

The idea of using a virtual private network (VPN) is to ‘trick’ the sling TV platform that you are living in the USA when you are not. But how do you ‘trick’ it? You can do that by changing your IP address to read that your location is in America when it is in Canada.

Also, the VPN utilizes military-grade encryption with protected servers that hide where you are situated. Therefore, to connect to Sling TV in Canada or any other place- apart from the USA- you need a VPN address and a PayPal account to subscribe to this program.

Other benefits of VPN:

  •       VPN keeps your data discrete and confidential
  •       Makes you safe from virus, malware or fraud
  •       It enables the streaming of Sling TV to be stable.
  •       Secures you from bandwidth throttling when the internet speed is stable

The Best VPNs for the Sling TV

Express VPN Overview

It is one of the fastest VPN available. But there are other ample benefits when using express VPN.

With this product, you do not experience myriads of questioners. You only need to put your details like name and email, choose your pricing plan, and enter your Sling TV purchasing information. Also, you can use this program with a tablet, computer, or phone. Another thing is that Express VPN only requires your activation code to log in once, which is different from other VPNs where you need to key in your details regularly.

Since VPN is about hiding your location, express VPN enables you to choose a preferable location in the IP address. That sounds better with sling TV which you have to cover multiple US locations. You only need to part with at least $13 a month to get your package. Wherever subscription option you choose- like monthly, six-month, yearly, or 15-month- you will find out that the product is affordable.

Express VPN utilizes a 256-bit SSL formatting which is secure from frauds or hackers. It also comes with a suitable antivirus. Still, Express VPN hides your data and informs you when someone is accessing your content. Typically, most internet users complain about the slowness of VPNs. But with this one, the speed is fast and stable. Since Sling TV is an online channel, it requires some fast casting platforms like Express VPN.

It Allows the torrenting of the internet. Torrenting further hides your IP address from the Sling TV operator. It uses a peer-to-peer protocol in which BitTorrent coordinates all computers downloading or streaming the same data. Therefore you do not need a central server to do so.

Surfshark Overview

With Surfshark, you experience over eight-hundred servers to choose from globally. It is also compatible with many switch TV programs like Netflix.

Since regularly logging an application or program will expose your location, with Surfshark VPN you do not have to log in every time. Even when accessing Sling TV, you automatically get logged into your account. The only details kept in this program is your email address and transaction information.

Surfshark contains secure protocols that hide your credentials. Like shadowsocks or IKEv2, these protocols are not much used therefore making it hard for the geoblocks trackers to identify you. Also, the system has advanced to GPS spoofing and RAM-limited servers. Consequently, after switching to Sling TV, the information is stored in RAM, which is erased as you log out of the server.

Whether you are using Windows, Linux, Mac, or any computer programs, Surfshark is compatible. Also, the system agrees with browsers like chrome and Firefox. Streaming shows from sling TV with friends or family is fun when a VPN connection to multiple devices. Surfshark can connect to at least ten devices that share the same internet protocol.

But, It sometimes experiences slow speeds, especially with its torrenting capability. Like in Canada, Italy, or the UK this program limits peer-to-peer (P2P) connection. Even when one changes the server, still it torrents slowly.

NordVPN Overview

First, NordVPN originates from Panama. And Panama is a country where there are no internet surveillance protocols thus your credentials are protected from government control. Moreover, NordVpn possesses a 256bit encryption system that enables only you the user to manipulate your data. Lastly, the program has a PGP module that encrypts your contact with NordVPN. Therefore it leaves zero leaks of your location while connecting to Sling TV.

Sometimes the VPN curtains may fail, which makes the Sling TV platform detect your location quickly. When that occurs in NordVPN, a kill switch diagnostic system ‘kills' or terminates internet streaming instantly. While using NordVPN, you will realize a consistent network depending on your location from the server. Furthermore, NordVPN performs with a stable internet of 450 to 500 Mbps.

If you subscribe to Sling TV, they identify your US citizenship when you pay using a US credit card. However, with NordVPN, they accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoins which are hard to trace. Typically, Netflix is one program that rejects a VPN connection. Since Netflix is also found in Sling TV, it can easily detect your location and instantly close your streaming. But NordVPN has advanced measures to bypass even Netflix blocking.

NordVPN uses OpenVPN technology that is complex and not user friendly. That is because the protocol requires you first to download a ZIP file –which is a hectic process-. The ZIP file has a different server configuration that can extend to more than eight-thousand files that are hard to find a particular file server.

If you click on the ‘auto-connect startup' icon in NordVPN, you will realize you have a limited server connection. That is because the peer-to-peer connection is limited to few NordVPN servers.

Ivacy Overview

This is another fast VPN with a 1Gbps transmission. Depending on your ISP and your location from the USA (mind you that some Canadian places are closer to sling TV US server) the Sling TV transmission will be higher than 1Gbps. Also, Ivacy transmission is fast because it has limitless bandwidth capability. Even when a program or app is geo-blocked, you can still access it from other servers hosting the same program. That suits you also when you are dealing with Sling TV.

With Ivacy, even when you are connected to Sling TV there is no downtime. That means this program benefits you with 99% uptime. Therefore even when a broadcasting network fails, the Ivacy network will switch to a more robust network that is consistent.

Ivacy operates well with peer-to-peer internet servers that enable effective torrenting. Therefore your location remains unknown even for geo-blocks trackers to detect you. Also, Ivacy has antivirus, which ensures secure scanning when you're downloading files.

ProtonVPN Overview

Switzerland's ProtonMail program has no link to the USA and is one of the largest encrypted providers.

When a platform has a log in the platform, it retains your personal information where the geo-blocked program can easily trace your location. However, with ProtonVPN, you log in automatically, and your personal information is protected.

ProtonVPN uses an open-source strategy with technology systems like android, macOS, Windows, and IOS. That means that this program is open to be audited or inspected by such systems and browsers as Mozilla. Therefore you do not have to worry about privacy leaks, viruses, or frauds when streaming Sling TV.

Another security detail of this VPN is the DNS (Domain name System) leak protection. ProtonVPN uses an IPV6 platform that prevents data from getting outside of the VPN. Depending on your location, the best ProtonVPN can offer 10 Gbps transmission on the internet.

Other Options For Hiding Your Location

Use Chrome Extension

Hola Overview

Typically, chrome extensions are programs that change the browser workability. When it comes to unblocking geoblocks, Hola is a chrome extension program to use.

Unlike the VPNs which are premium and limit your access to programs found on the network, Hola is different. First, it is free and accesses you to multiple programs from a different network. Hola works by coordinating with other hola programs found in a computer to encrypt and decrypt data.

Therefore, Hola works fast by using many different proxies or computers that makes it harder for the geoblocks trackers to identify you. Also, Hola does not use the central peer-to-peer server but uses several servers that are hard to block.

Use Proxy Servers

To make it easier to understand, the word proxy means a representative or a broker in the business world.  Just as brokers act on behalf of the seller, proxy servers request computer commands on behalf of their client from the servers. Therefore in all two cases, the clients or seller remain anonymous to the server or buyer. Consequently, the server cannot identify your location.

Moreover, Proxy servers operate the same as a VPN but are different when changing an IP address. As the VPN encrypts an original IP address to hide your address, the Proxy server replaces the central server's IP (for example the sling TV IP) with an anonymous address.

In contrast to VPNs, most Proxy servers have fewer security protocols. First, a hacker can easily access a Proxy IP belonging to you. Also, proxy servers have weak antiviruses that risk having spyware that destroys your file. Your IP address is also unencrypted using the proxy server.

Use SmartDNS

Overplay Overview

A DNS (domain name server) program also unblock geoblocking restriction. It works by processing your geographical information and translating your data location to appear from a central SmartDNS Proxy server (from a geoblocking country). That is the same case where the USA smart DNS proxy coordinates with your Canadian DNS for you to access Sling TV.

However, SmartDNS is different from a VPN. Unlike VPN, or proxy servers, SmartDNS does not change an IP address. With it, you alter your location traffic by a DNS setting.

Setting up a smart DNS proxy is a bit more complicated than a VPN, but you don't need to install any additional software. Here, we recommend Overplay, to use it, just change the device's Internet Settings.

FAQs about Sling TV

1. How do I pay for sling TV outside the US?

You, therefore, purchase the PayPal sling TV gift card from the PayPal gift card store. With it, a gift card code is sent to your email to activate your Sling TV account.

2. How much does Sling TV cost?

Sling TV can be paid for either orange or blue program bundles and depending on channels you subscribe. Each package costs $30 a month but there is a discount of $45 or 35$ for both programs instead of $60.

3. Which are the packages and channels in sling TV?

There are premium channels, local programs, and add-on packages. The premium packages include sports like NBA, Bein sports, NFL and others. Movie channels involve ShowTime, starts, AMC and many others. Lastly, the local channels include NBC or Fox.


Now that you are aware of ways to unblock the sling TV blocking, make a point to access its services immediately. Subscribing for Sling TV also requires secure billing methods like cryptocurrencies and PayPal. Therefore if possible try all VPNs to know which is the best to access Sling TV.

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