King vs Queen Bed: Which Size Is Right for You?

How to choose a bed size correctly? Read about all the benefits of King VS Queen bed in this article.

Many people wonder which size of bed they should choose. There exist two common types that are King or Queen bed. As people’s dwellings and bedrooms got larger, there appeared bigger beds. The couples had a choice to choose beds where sleepers could share a bed. In all cases, the choice will depend on needs, preferences, and room size. Your needs and wants are the most essential for this choice, but there are several vital things to consider.

King vs Queen Mattress Comparison

King vs Queen Mattress Comparison

Before going deep into the details about each type of bed, let’s look at the brief table of differences between king and queen size beds. They differ by space used, width, cost, and other parameters.

BedLengthWidthWidth for one personBedroom sizeSize ComparisonAdvantageDisadvantagePopularity
Queen Bed203 cm / 80 inches152 cm / 60 inches76 cm / 30 inchesLarge master bedrooms16 inches narrower than King, but the length is the sameGood pricingWith children and/or pets, the bed might feel crowded47 percent
King Bed203 cm / 80 inches193 cm / 76 inches96.5 cm / 38 inchesLarge master bedrooms16 inches wider than Queen, but the length is the sameMore space for countries + childrenExpensive25 percent
Dimensions and Size of king & queen mattress

Generally, the two beds differ only in width, with the Queen bed being 16 cm narrower than the King bed. Although both beds fit large master bedrooms, the king one may take up more space and thus feel as bulky.

Pros and Cons of Queen Mattress

A queen bed is the best option for those who want a comfortable big bed but do not have a large bedroom to host a king bed. This bed is a kind of compromise because it is 6 inches narrower than the full, but 16 inches less than the King bed. A queen bed serves both decor needs and a good, spacious place for sleep.

Queen Mattress

  • One good thing about the Queen mattress is that it lets an adult stretch out in a way they want.
  • It has a design and measurements that fit a standard bedroom and comfortably hosts couples.
  • For a larger couple, this bed size might not be enough.
  • You may need more width to move around without disturbing your partner.

Pros and Cons of King Mattresses

The King-size bed appeared in the stores in the 1940s. At this time, it was common to show two twin beds that stand next to each other and form one large bed. After this, appeared a composite King bed. It quickly gained popularity because it fit the master bedroom perfectly.

king mattress

  • This bed is perfect for people who value space.
  • The king bed has a measurement of two XL adult beds placed next to each other.
  • It fits larger couples and smaller ones if they value personal space.
  • This bed is great if you want to welcome pets or have a family bed inviting where you could cuddle a child together.
  • Naturally, a King bed will cost more.
  • To add, it won’t fit a smaller room.
  • If you are trying to make some space for a drawer or bedside table, a King bed might not be the best option.

Room Sizes for King and Queen Beds

Room Sizes for King and Queen Beds

When you choose the bed size, consider your aesthetic, functional, and spatial needs. To decide which one you want, measure your room first. After this, draw up a plan of your room with all the existing or planned furniture, and see which size of bed fits best. Don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture on the room plan to find a perfect combination. Perhaps you could fit your dream bed in, no matter the size.

Level of Comfort

Any size of the bed can provide you with the most comfort. King size gives more comfort, while a queen bed is better in smaller spaces. Apart from the size of the bed, think about the following criteria:

  • The firmness of the bed

The firmness of the bed For different sleepers, mattresses should have different firmness. People who sleep on their back, stomach, and side will have different mattress needs. Also, larger people will have different firmness needs than smaller ones.

  • The material of the inside

inside material of the bed There can be different materials, from organic to synthetic. All of them have their positive and negative sides. Memory foam is dubbed as the most accessible and diverse material today, but you may opt for any mattresses that look good for you.

  • Height of the mattress

Mattress Height Often, the height of the mattress is a matter of cost. Higher beds cost more but are also more comfortable due to multiple layers that both support and provide press relief. If you want extra comfort and hotel-like comfort, it’s better to invest in a taller mattress.

How Much Space for Each Bed?

Usually, two feet is the minimum space between the bed and the walls or the other pieces of furniture such as drawers. 3 feet looks better if you prefer aesthetics to bed size. Still, if the size of the bed is more important for you, it’s possible to go with less than 2 feet if you are ready to cut out some maneuver place around the bed.

Space for king and queen size Bed

Let’s count the minimal room size for Queen bed. It is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. If we att 2 feet at all sides, we get a room which is 9 feet wide by 8 feet and 8 inches long. It is better to have a bigger space because you would want to add some furniture.

As for the King size bed, it has measurements 76 inches by 80 inches. If we add 2 more feet at both sides, we get a room of 10 feet, 4 inches by 8 feet, 8 inches. Add some more space for furniture, and you will get a perfect size of the room for a King bed size.

Number of Sleepers

Before choosing which mattress to buy, consider the number of sleepers on the bed. If the mattress is for the couple, in most cases, you might go for both of the mattresses. However, consider your body types, as larger sleepers will need more space. A king bed provides each person with 8 inches of space, which might be crucial for both of you. If you want to accommodate children, opt for a king bed to have the space for all.

Number of Sleepers

For queen size bed, each partner has 30 inches of space instead of 38 inches of the king mattress. A queen will be best for single sleepers who like to stretch around the bed a lot. If you like sleeping close to each other, a Queen mattress will be just right for you.

Your Lifestyle

If you move often, a Queen size mattress will be a better option for you. King’s bed is more difficult to carry and takes more space, so you will have more trouble with it when you move. If you are single and want to stay in one place for a long time, invest in a larger King size mattress.

Location of the Bedroom

Bedroom Location wit mattress King size mattresses are heavier than Queen and are heavier to carry around. If your bedroom is upstairs or you live in the upper levels of the apartment, think about a Queen bed. King mattress will be more inconvenient to deliver and place. Consider the width of stairways and doors. A queen bed has more chances of getting upstairs without a problem.


King's bed will typically cost more. But the cost doesn’t start and end on the mattress. Accessories, bed sheets, and other add-ons will be costlier. Pillows for King size bed will also cost more than Queen sized. Remember that for the sake of decor, you might want more pillows for a King size bed to have a puffier, more comfy appearance and feel. Still, the cost of the mattress depends on the manufacturer, type and height, segment, and other factors.


King and Queen size have their advantages and disadvantages. Whichever you choose, consider the needs of your body type, sleep position, back/neck pain presence, and budget. A king mattress is best for couples with children or people who value more space on the bed. Also, King's mattress is for larger rooms. If you don’t move often and have a bedroom downstairs, consider a King bed. Still, when you live alone or like to cuddle close to your partner, a Queen bed might be the option for you. If you live in the upper part of the apartment or have a bedroom upstairs, Queen bed is a great decision. If you have no children or large pets, think about this bed size. A queen bed is for smaller bedrooms, that is why it is more popular than King size.


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