5 Ways to Make Money from Blogging Online in 2022

According to Google searches, many people are asking the question,” Can you make money blogging?”. Yes, you can use blogging through a well-customized website to make money.

You work from home at your convenience and there is no limitation to how much you should earn from it. However, there is no get-the-rich quick scheme in this niche. You have to toil and put effort into perfecting your craft and ensuring that you have what it takes to attract a considerable audience.

This improves your traffic to the blog. Before you start your blog, there are several ways you can do to start earning money. In this guide, you will have a step-by-step guide to creating a platform for earning money online. Once your blog is set up, follow the following steps;

Choose a Niche 

Choose a Niche 

Take some time to brainstorm on topic ideas that you will be specific about for the blog. Your blog’s success is dependent on what area you will focus on, especially its content. You will need content regularly at least thrice a week or even daily to maintain a constant source of information for your target audience.

Think about 5 topic ideas for the center, such as things relevant to your expertise and interests. Examples of search topic ideas include personal finance, fashion, travel, parenting, lifestyle, and food. These topics offer a broad overview, but in the articles, they must be narrowed down to specific topics. The competition online is great and for your blog to match up with it, you have to select sub-niches that help target a very defined audience.

Select a Reliable Web Host

Choose a web host for your blog. You have to go for the most affordable, reliable, and efficient host that will get you started and later upgrade. The blog should be capable of handling more than 10,000 visitors per month on the lowest plan. Once you have a web host, choose a package that fits your needs. It is recommended that you go for a single share plan.

The host must ensure that they have all the technicalities of your website for you to focus on the core business of blogging. Get a domain name and get a designer to design yours in a way that is easily navigable and attractive for your audience.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to recommending a product or service to an audience through a targeted tracking link and getting a referral commission whenever a person buys after they have clicked the site through the shared link. There are many affiliate programs one can join as long as they have a website with a couple of niches.

If you are to start, use links to websites that are relevant to your website. Check if you get results from it and expand slowly to other products that are attracting massive traffic or in demand.

Initiate Google Ads on Your Site

Google Adsense is a credible way to make a lot of money from blogging. You just have to add a script from Google to the site and display ads. You will get money for every person that clicks the ad link. It is referred to as a CPC ad.

The cost per click is usually rated by an advertiser. However, when you use a CPM, you will get paid for ad views instead of waiting for someone to click. Google Adsense will help you start earning your first coins and later expand to other options.

Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

Many bloggers are not in awe of publishing their ads to audiences and you may wonder how they make money online. With an ad network, you can lose control over the type of content you display on your website. Some audiences may get annoyed or irritated because of ads why many people use ad blockers affects their potential to earn. As a result, they choose to sponsor other people's bogs for money. A com[can pay you to display their products and promote their site service to your audience.

There are many ways one can earn from blogging online. The above are just a few other means. However, through thorough research, you can compile other different methods to earn more.

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