Foster Your Marketing Campaigns of 2021: Experts Guide

Creating a brand image and fostering brand loyalty is quite challenging in this dynamic industry. Consumers have numerous choices regarding products, services, and prices – sticking to one brand can be difficult. Customers will find a way to a new brand unless you bring changes to your offering.

Even though keeping up with new developments in the industry is essential, it can become quite exhausting for companies to do so. As a prospective business person, you must be wondering how to retain customers? The answer is to make your brand impressionable. And a good marketing campaign can do the job for you.

Marketing campaigns are a focused effort to guide and compel your customers towards your product. After ages, brands that are still alive in your mind are because they succeeded in making memories with you.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for organizations that did not rely much on marketing to sell their products. Changes are inevitable since the novel coronavirus hit economies. Your marketing campaign should be strong enough to stand the consequences of these changes.

So, without further ado, let's start our guide to foster the best marketing campaigns.


Marketing campaigns are not typical advertisements for your company. A campaign tends to achieve particular goals. It can be an awareness program about a cause that your company has an association with, or it can be about customer reviews regarding a new product launch.

In this digital age, many business owners prefer content creation as a powerful marketing campaign tool. eBooks are a popular means of going about the job. Creating an eBook around your marketing theme portrays your grip or authority over the subject. You can consider ebook creator to create a compelling content hub of blog posts and articles to attract the target audience.

Although some might argue that blog posts are the best way to fuel your marketing campaign, consumers also favor long content for technical or complicated products. eBooks allow the consumer to understand the details and its application in a better way.

Smart business owners can take specific sections or chapters of the eBook and convert them into a blog post, infographic, video, or promotional email. But try to make subtle changes to your conversion when changing chapters into a different form to relate better with the customers.


Why are you running this marketing campaign? It should be the first question before going any further with your ideas. Often business owners are not clear on the goal they want to achieve through this marketing campaign. Try to decide on a purpose before calling for action. A standard set of objectives include:

  • Highlighting the launch of a new product
  • Gain customer feedback
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive revenues
  • Marketing an upcoming event

If you are vague on the reason behind your marketing campaign, the next logical step should be to adopt the SMART technique. Using this tool will sharpen your objectives into specific, measured, attainable, profit-oriented goals.

Rather than keeping your final objective as launching the new product, you should go for a SMART method. It helps save your time and money since you are less likely to keep revising your goal to reach a better one.


Deciding upon a marketing campaign and which tool to achieve it is the bare minimum. A wise business person will know that measuring success is extremely important. But you might ask how to measure the success of your campaign? The answer depends on the marketing tool that you have chosen.

Objective campaign

For some organizations, shares, likes, and comments will measure the success of the campaign. Simultaneously, others may choose 'email subscription rates' if they went with email marketing as a campaigning tool. Some other ways to measure your objective's campaign include:

  • Social mentions and pre-orders to measure promotion or launch of a new product in the marketing
  • Sales, upsell, and leads to measure the success of revenue generation
  • Press mention and social mention to gauge how well brand awareness went
  • Social mentions, reviews, and shares to measure customer feedback or content

Confusion may arise if the organization is using more than one marketing campaign tool to achieve its objective. For instance, they might be using social media and email marketing to ensure their marketing campaign runs successfully. There are also a variety of guest blogging WordPress plugin available through which digital marketing campaigns are measured to expand the target audience which results to generate more leads. We recommend that you set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to avoid any confusion. Setting KPIs not only reveals the success of your overall campaign but lets you know if you were able to achieve the set target within the timeline.


Although marketing campaigns tend to achieve desired goals, businesses always strive to maximize the impact. The drive produces data that not only gauges the success of the campaign but can bring new information.

As a business person, you can generate more clarity on your audience, how powerful is your content creation, and what marketing methods are more reliable. For instance, if you choose eBooks for your campaign, the number of times it gets shared or reviewed will tell about the audience engagement.

Negative reviews about the eBook or your product are insights that you weren't initially looking for but can certainly maximize on. Your data-driven marketing campaign can help you personalize future campaigns, boost user engagement, and enhance user experience.


Designing a marketing campaign while keeping every tidbit can be frustrating, especially for those starting in the business world. Experts will come at you with all sorts of points and angles when it comes to marketing. The key is to understand your business and product before starting with the marketing aspect.

Fostering a marketing campaign is not scary once you have a list of to-dos in hand. Campaigns are quite valuable for a growing business. Via marketing campaigns, you focus on a particular deliverable rather than on your organization as a whole. By nature, campaigns are creative, hence more likely to resonate with consumers.

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