5 Powerful Methods For Better Online Privacy

We have surely read stories about police tracking environmental activist, government monitoring activist or US security agencies prying into the communication of the activist mitigating black life matters and so forth.


Make Use of Strong Password for Your E-mail and Social Media Accounts

When it comes to your online account, there are few things you need to pay attention to. Never make use of the same password in more than one online account. The reason is simple: if one account is hacked, the other accounts with the same password will soon follow.

By using different passwords, the potential loss you will suffer in an event of a privacy breach is reduced. Using strong passwords, will ensure that your online accounts are not accessed by anyone except you.


Use Specialise Security Solutions to Stay Safe from Spyware Threats

Spywares are software’s that are capable of installing on your computer and starting opening pop-up windows and redirecting your browsers to malicious sites as well as monitoring your browsing sessions. They affect your private internet connections.

Always install anti-spyware products, some of these products are freely available online such as Malwarebytes, Destroy, Spybot Search, Lavasoft’s Ad-aware, etc. Don’t click on suspicious links, always exercise caution when downloading free applications and don’t answer to unnecessary pop-up questions, just click “No.”

And even if something happens, cloud backups will save you from ransomware or any other cyberattack. Protect your Microsoft account with Microsoft 365 backup.


Update your Operating Systems software and Vulnerability Application When Necessary

It has been observed that may people don’t take their vulnerabilities in their application seriously since most security solutions are created for malicious software. Software vulnerabilities are not something you should ignore; it is a popular method that criminals have used to gain access to restricted data.

So if you are using popular software’s like Acrobat Reader, Quicktime, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, always make sure you have the updated patches installed. It is always worthy to know that, software updates from the company is as a result of threats by criminals.


Always Use Standard Accounts to Go Online

Rights and privileges are always attached when you use a standard account for windows. If you use standard accounts, windows can make sure that malware that is capable of infecting your limited account will not be capable of doing damage to your system.

Important files related to your Windows can only be deleted from an administrator account, using a standard account will provide credentials to the administrator every time you make an important change and, therefore, keeping your important security updates.


Make Use of a Secure Browser to Go Online

The main tools we use to access the internet are the web browsers. That is why we need to pay great attention to properly securing them. Vulnerabilities from the web browser are like open invitations for hackers. Through browsers, criminals can attempt to retrieve sensitive data from our system.

Always make use of browsers with updated security patches, this keeps your system secured from online hackers. Increase the privacy security settings of your browser and always choose private browsing session when you reach a website you are not sure about.


These are the minimum powerful methods which we can use to increase our online privacy. Although one can never be fully private online, using these methods and always having them at the back of your mind will eliminate the fears of being hacked by online thieves.