Ways Mobile Apps Can Facilitate User Engagement

Usually, there is an assumption that user acquisition serves as a central metric for determining mobile app success. However, it is even worth noting that there won't be the possibility of adding business value without active users and the anticipated high download rates.

These days, brands are spending an enormous amount of money in acquiring the user's attention. The organization also needs to hire a top mobile app development company for developing robust mobile apps to catch the customer’s attention.

Mobile app engagement alongside mobile app retention serves as the two metrics that will provide genuine insight into the success of an application.

The methods for increasing app engagement and user retention

Increasing app engagement and user retention is possible with the following measures:

1. Efficient onboarding

Efficient onboarding

Though it seems simple yet not, all business-based mobile apps have become smart with the efficient onboarding process. There is a need to make the onboarding process quite simple and implement simple ways for user onboarding. There is a need to shorten the number of steps necessary for creating an account or sign-in in.

Also, mobile app development companies make sure to simplify the multiple registration options to adopt the onboarding procedure. For the introduction of the app's functionality, teach through every action.

2. Addition of the push notifications

The best way to fight the issues related to app engagement and user retention is the implementation of push app marketing.  An average US smartphone user receives 46 app push notifications every day that boosts engagement.

The principle that you should follow should be simple: the user should only receive notifications that will be relevant and interesting to them. Doing this is possible by considering the profile info, ensuring that the notifications are based on the user behavior, and ensuring combining the two approaches.

Most companies prioritize the addition of push notifications for user engagement. Also, the creation of a local notification can help to a considerable extent. The messages get triggered by the events on the user's device compared to the regular push notifications that usually require external services for functioning.

3. In-app messaging can ensure improvement of customer engagement

In-app messaging can ensure improvement of customer engagement

The different notifications and alerts are usually displayed on the home screen while the in-app messages are popping up inside the app. It makes instant noticeable notifications. The messages get triggered by the specific event inside the app and are more effective than the ones that get triggered by the app launch.

For increasing user engagement, the in-app messages need to be the organic part of your app and not something that is only half effective in terms of its marketing capacity. The best protocol that you can follow is the use of the in-app messages in the onboarding procedure. Whenever the user is accessing the feature for the first time, make sure that you are forwarding the message explaining how to use it.

4. Offers and incentives

How can mobile applications improve customer engagement? Whenever the business model allows the users to get the loyalty program or rewards, they naturally will be more interested and excited in using your app. Ensure that you are capitalizing on the opportunity. 

Mobile apps can help improve customer engagement and involve better user interaction levels. These programs help in incentivizing the users to use your app more and buy more products, but the loyalty programs will also be very beneficial to make your brand highlighted and beat your targeted competitors.

5. Addition of location-based app suggestions

Addition of location-based app suggestions

For mobile apps, make suggestions based on the location, habits, or even the current time. Certain music apps display notifications when it comes to plugged-in headphones with a GPS. These apps can also go ahead with activation whenever you are linking the device physically or right through social networks. Weather apps fall under the location-based apps category, and there are 65% such weather apps compared to 35% social networking apps.

It can also suggest the events that are happening nearby and close-by locations. The feature allows the discovery of the venue hosting the events and helps people from their local communities. The users can go ahead with adjusting notification ideas with mobile app design to receive the suggestions for the events.

6. Encouraging two-way communications

One of the top ways and approaches to engage with your customers via mobile app is two-way communications. Consumers are always wanting to build relationships with the brands whenever they feel valued and appreciated.

So, this is the right time when there is a scope for implementing two-way communication. Ensure that the messages you are sending out to the consumers help the apps gather feedback, solve customer problems, and improve the product functionality.

There is also an added benefit of opening such lines of communication with the users. It will be helping you learn more about the user-based problems before they post a negative review regarding your brand or your app. This mobile app for meaningful engagement strategy will be allowing you to get access to the bottom of the problem, rectify them, and build a good relationship with the clients before it affects future downloads.

Ensure maintaining responsiveness, long-term relevancy, and address their queries in time that will be helping in boosting the engagement and retention rate. Also, it will help in increasing positive reviews and can build long-term brand loyalty.

7. Addition of the spotlight indexing

Addition of the spotlight indexing

App development companies have been prioritizing the addition of spotlight indexing. Implementation of the universal links in the app gives you access to spotlight indexing. Using it will ensure that it becomes easier to find any app you have installed, any app that you wish to install, or anything else associated with it.

Whenever the app has a search function, then you will be benefiting immensely from the spotlight indexing. It helps users get access to the app for searching the content, but it also gives them access to the app from the home screen.

Key Takeaways

We have listed the best ways and approaches to engage with your customers. With these strategies, it will be easier to maintain your brand name's recognition while also attracting new prospects and converting them into customers.

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