Netflix Without Credit Card is Possible

In school, we have been taught that when two chemicals mix or react together, it results into some third product. You can compare the same thing with internet and entertainment. When internet and entertainment react together, they come up with a product which is known as Netflix. Netflix is one of the main or leading providers of online videos. Streaming videos and your favourite television shows is all under one name, known as Netflix.

Today, Netflix is an addiction. In addition to this, for new users, Netflix provides first free trial month so that you take your own time to get addicted to it. So for the next month, you will then pay 8.99$ as you are now in tune with Netflix.

Almost all of us reading this article know that Netflix requires your credit card details. These details are required when you register in Netflix by creating your account. Your account is only created successfully if you input your credit card details and confirm your email account. But again, this seems a very normal script, monotonous right? Then let’s talk about the twist.

Netflix without a credit card is possible and if you think it is difficult than you are wrong. It is not as difficult as you think. There are other ways in which Netflix can be accessed. So let us discuss these points.

The Cycle of Credit and Debit

You must be aware of good VPN Service providers. These service providers will help you unblock Netflix if Netflix is blocked in your country. So get a good VPN service provider, I recommend Hide My Ass Pro. You just have to search about it online.

Now once you unblock Netflix and create your own account, Netflix will ask for credit/debit card details. Many good banks today treat your debit card as a credit card. So if you don’t have a credit card or you don’t intend to share your credit card details, the other option is the debit card. So if your debit card belongs to big guns like Visa or Master, you don’t need to worry. Your debit card will work in place of the credit card.

One thing to be noted here is that gift cards will not work even if they exactly look like your credit/debit card and service providers have tried their level best to give it an attractive look. Still they won’t work here. Gift cards are not accepted by Netflix. There is, however, one version which uses a gift card. You can redeem your subscription using gift card version. Once again, I just mentioned redeem and not pay.

Your Pal, PayPal

PayPal is a very good platform for online transactions. You can pay your bills or purchase any stuff, using PayPal. So you don’t need to carry your debit/credit cards each and every time. PayPal is safe and secure as it uses data encryption, so your data will never be lost. PayPal will encrypt each and every minor detail about your account. So on the other side, only your email address will be displayed and nothing else.

PayPal is directly linked to your bank account. Netflix happily accepts PayPal as a form of payment. You can also use PayPal account to create your Netflix account which is outside the US. You don’t need any credit card for this.

Here’s the Key

You will encounter numerous sites which suggest you to get Netflix account without credit card. But you need to check its complete description and you will come to know that most of them are fooling. They will suggest you to go for a free trial Netflix account.

One option is to obtain a fake credit card or virtual credit card. There are various service providers which serve you with a virtual credit card, for example, or But the chances are only 50% or even less than 50%. Be careful about viruses and malware while you are trying to get a virtual credit card number.

The other and real option is to create your profile on someone else’s account. Netflix officially allows five different profiles from one account (subscriber account). Netflix brought up this concept considering family and friends. So if you have someone in your family or in friends, who are willing to share their account with you, then you will never need a credit card.