Play Blackjack? Here Are Some Useful Tips for Playing Smarter

Blackjack is a card game with very simple rules. Each participant plays for himself with one deck of 52 cards. Players who use the right strategy win much more often. This is the main difference between blackjack and the best jackpot slots, bingo, keno, and other gambling games. If you want to become a pro at card games, these tips will definitely come in handy.

Essential rules and prohibitions for beginners


Players can gain an edge over the casino at blackjack, making the game so popular. Beginners should remember the DOs and DON'Ts to improve their chances.

What should the player do first?

  • Start playing by learning card values​​ and basic rules. To hit a dealer, players need to collect cards with 21 points. The king, queen, and jack give ten points each; the ace gives one or eleven points, depending on the player's decision.
  • Choose a game with a low minimum bet of up to $5.Feel free to tell the dealer that you are a newcomer. Tip the dealer from time to time. It's excellent blackjack etiquette to tip for a perfect game and good service.
  • Set a goal and monetary limits — for example, win $50 a night or not spend more than $100.Some professional gamers advise stopping playing after doubling the buy-in (a dollar amount).

Three prohibitions if you play blackjack

  • Don't bet more than you can afford.Once your budget is over, take a break and enjoy other entertainment at the casino, such as dinner at the restaurant, a concert program, shopping, a spa, etc.
  • Don't let other players confuse or intimidate you.Do not listen to their advice, even if you are playing for the first time. Each gambler should play his hand however he wishes.
  • If you are playing in a land-based casino,never place electronic devices and bulky items such as coats and umbrellas on the table. This is a gross violation of the rules of the casino.

What is the basic strategy?

What is the basic strategy

The basic blackjack strategy is the most crucial system that every blackjack fan should master. Moreover, if you want to play as efficiently as possible, you will have to forget about intuition, signs, luck, and other nonsense. They should be replaced by mathematics.

You will be able to beat the casino often and, perhaps, earn a living. Depending on the particular set of rules, the basic strategy may vary. The best option involves taking the rules as a basis when one card is open, and the dealer takes it at 16 or less and stops at 17. An ace is a maximum card; 6 is the minimum. First comes the move/pass — solid hands, then refusal, after — doubling the bet —subsequently, move/pass — soft hands, breaking, insurance.

  • Always stop dialing at nineteen or twenty;
  • Stop dialing on your eighteen against the dealer's seven or eight;
  • Always split eights and aces.


Card games like blackjack are great fun. This is an incredible way to have a good evening and meet new people from different countries. If you view gambling as entertainment rather than an income, you will increase your chances. We hope our tips will help you become a pro and hit the big jackpot on your next game!

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