Prices are Changing in Japan 

Most people see Japan as an expensive country. However, you will be surprised by how there are cheap restaurants and stores. While other countries face inflation, Japan has been in deflation for almost 20 years after its economy collapsed in 1988.

This has led to the continuous rise of brands and stores. As a result, the prices become cheaper compared to other countries.

The Big Mac Index-How much is it in Japan?

The Big Mac Index-How much is it in Japan

Big Mac Index is a way of determining the market exchange rate for various countrys' currencies.  It measures whether the currency is overvalued or undervalued. This is done using the Big Mac burger that is sold in McDonald’s restaurants around the world. Big Mac contains vegetables, meat, bread, cheese, and other foods.

It also involves other factors like labor, cost of renting, and equipment. If Big mac is low, then the price of the country is low. In addition, economists use the exchange rate to change the average cost of Big Mac to USD.

That said, Japan has a cheaper Big Mac compared to most of the countries. The low prices have attracted many visitors to the country. Generally, the price of Big Mac and drink combo is about less than $4. Despite the low prices, annual sales have been increasing throughout the years.

High quality, large variety, cheap 100 Yen shops

When you walk into 100 Yen shops, you will find various items such as electronics, cosmetics, gardening tools, kitchen items, interior items, and cleaning supplies. Besides that, these goods are not only cheap but also high quality.

This has made the shops attract locals and international tourists.

Advantages of Japanese online shopping platform-Ebuy

Japanese online shopping platform-Ebuy

Since prices of goods in Japan are changing, you can access Japanese goods online. Ebuy is a Japanese online platform that provides services like purchasing, warehousing, and shipping goods globally. The platform has the following advantages:

Convenience: the platform allows you to make orders from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, the package is delivered to any place.

Saves time: you don't have to plan when to visit a store and search for goods. This platform saves time, seeing that you only need to browse the website.

Wide range of products: Ebuy has all kinds of Japanese products to purchase. They are high quality and cheap.


Japan exports about $700 billion goods years. This makes it the 4th largest exporter in the world. Additionally, you can find all types of goods, including accessories, electronics, clothing, and jewelry.

The good is that you can get these products from anywhere around the world. Nonetheless, it's almost impossible to ship by yourself due to foreign rules and regulations. Fortunately, you can use Ebuy to purchase things, and shipment will be made on time. Please check our website to bid on goods.

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