VPN scam – Exposing VPN Rip Off’s and Scams

VPN companies own websites and blogs, buy out every review, and a good portion of VPNs straight up lie to consumer about base of locations, services, or even how well they provide anonymity… Is your VPN a honeypot? Is your VPN legit? Subscribe to the site to be notified of any controversial news. And no, I won’t recommend you a VPN. That would compromise my integrity. But I will tell you which to AVOID…

That writes “Ripoff Reporter” from VPNScam.com, “Ripoff Reporter” writes for VPNScam.com to help educate the VPN customers on how dirty it is.

The VPN industry is like “deep week“…Some VPN providers operate as “dark web”…I can not confirm those articles’ information is right or not, but I think which give some interesting viewpoints for readers, Whether or not interesting? Let’s check their posts,

I think their content gives some interesting thinking to users! So, I decided to reprinted online, also you can find out those content from,

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Update – 2020.06.24Wow…I found VPNScam is offline now! I do not know why, still you can easily find out their content from web.archive.org/web/*/vpnscam.com/