Supreme Proxies for Supreme Bot to Bypass Limited Cops

Getting limited clothing and Shoes for shopping is quite fascinating for customers. Basically, the streetwear and limited sneaker had been an important part of fashion. Without those cool stuff, The sports world is incomplete. Today a wide range of clothes and accessories with brands have been evolved all through over the online portals allowing people to easily get them at a reasonable price. Today let me show you How to Cop The Item on Supreme.

However, It’s not easy to buy from limited items websites, Specially, such as Supreme (  and Nike…Lots of people who want to collect their limited items, but most of the time, the item was sold instantly… To tackle such situations,  Let me tell you how to win this game on supreme.

Supreme bot

When purchasing these shoes online, you can definitely use the Supreme bot such as EasyCop and AIO Bot, which increases your chances of being one of the few hundreds or thousands to own a pair of limited edition shoes.

Now EasyCop cannot works on supremenewyork anymore, Particularly the boring Captcha is a obstacle for that, if you do not trust the Supreme bot anymore, I would suggest you could use autofill extensions and you have to manually beat the Captcha.

Other bots claim to support Supreme, AIOMacBot, ForceCOP and HeatedSneaks, Note: I not used those three Supreme bot, and I appreciate it if you can share your experience on those Bots.

However, Even though bots increase your chances of being one of the few to own a coveted pair of Supreme shoes, the number of tasks gets limited. IP addresses get banned when numerous tasks are conducted from the same address. The best solution to this problem is the use of proxies since they are the most effective way around all the restrictions.

So, Want to get multiple supreme items at one time?

Use Proxies to Bypass Limited Cops

When you purchase a bot you expect to benefit through it as it allows you to automatically handle at least 10 to 15 tasks at once. However, when using a bot your IP address remains the same, which eventually leads to failed transactions in most cases. When you are unable to get a pair of shoes with your Supreme bot, it is time for you to start using proxies as they allow you to access more IP addresses which eventually results in more accounts and more tasks.

In order to get access smoothly, You should use more accounts for Cops! But obviously, it’s can not run multiple accounts on your PC or Mac without proxies for it’s the same IP address that’s ISP assigns to you.

That’s the reason why you should use the proxies for supreme.The proxies can help you unblock their limit based on IP address. More accounts to cops mean that It gives you more probability to win this game than others. So it’s not difficult to cop limited upcoming sneakers from Supreme!

Keys to Choose suitable Supreme Proxies

Once you decide that you want to use a proxy, you need to deal with several options as there are numerous popular proxies available, which can assist you in obtaining more than a few pairs. You should choose only the best proxy as only the best offers fastest service which in turn increases your chances of obtaining more pairs of shoes. Thus, choose only from amongst private proxies as they offer better and quicker service than public proxies.

Public proxy servers are free, which results in them being unreliable, slow and disrupting your usage with plenty of ads. Not only do you have to share them with other users, but your payment information might also at times be collected by wrong sources and it is likely that a previous user might have gotten the IP  banned from the web store selling products. By relying on private proxies, you have lesser individuals to share the network with and there are no ads interrupting your work.

Some of the other features based on which one should choose a Supreme proxy are:

  • Speed: Speed is necessary as a fraction of a second can make or break a deal. Private proxies offer better speed when compared to their public counterparts which increases your chances of making a deal.
  • Nearby geographic location: In some cases, it is an important factor as stores often have time-based filters. Some stores have conditions regarding locations for shipping and you might need to appear local, thus a proxy with nearby location proves useful in many ways. Now, The CDN network of Supreme is mainly located in Ashburn, Newark, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Which type of IP address is suited to bypass the Supreme?

Now 80% of ordinary private proxies may be already blocked for Supreme marked and banned 80% IP address located in datacenter subnets (I check Almost 100% IPs from Vultr are blocked…). So I suggest you have to find a fresh dedicated proxies package which specific for Supreme. if you have technical skills you can use the residential proxies for Supreme.

Read More:  Residential Proxies vs Datacenter Proxies

Find the Best Residential Proxies for Supreme

luminati logo
$300 – 20GB
  • Worldwide location
  • 72+ million IPs
  • Proxies for Sneakers
Visit Site
soax logo
$75 – 5GB – 300 Ports
  • Detailed Geo-targeting
  • 8.5+ million IPs
  • Proxies for Nike
Visit Site
$75 – 5GB
  • 195+ locations
  • 40+ million IPs
  • Proxies for Supreme
Visit Site

Find the Best Dedicated Proxies for Supreme

Here are 5 Supreme proxy providers that offer the dedicated proxies for

20 Sneakers proxies
Cost $65
  • Guaranteed To Work on
  • Also, Adidas/ Barneys
Visit Site
50 Shoe Proxies
Cost $150
  • Proxies for Shoe sites
  • Proxies for Adidas sale
  • Supreme and Finishline
Visit Site
The Social Proxy logo
Per UK proxy
Cost €89.00
  • Private Mobile Proxies
  • Proxies for Sneakers
  • Perfect combination with Bots
Visit Site
250 Supreme proxies
Cost $500
  • Dedicated US IP address
  • Proxies for Shopping
  • Proxies for Craigslist
Visit Site
250 Sneakers Proxies
Cost $500
  • 1 subnet/prefix 250 IPs
  • Proxies for Sneakers
  • Manual activation proxies
Visit Site

Last, Wish you cop the chicken dinner when Supreme drop on every week:)

  1. Hello,Sir
    I purchased Supreme bot these days,but I am afraid that I get IP banned from Supreme website. I want to buy multiple items, so if I buy private proxys, can I get my hope?
    And please also advise how to set the proxy on Supreme bot after buying your proxy.

    • You need carefully use the proxies, it’s easy to ban the proxies on Supreme and the proxy service not offer money back to this type of proxies.
      So i suggest you only use 2 times
      1.when just buy the proxies
      2.when the sneaker release

  2. Try Been very successful and they are actually reliable and not banned on the drop.

    • You can share you proxies when Supreme / Adidas / Footsite sneaker or shoes websites dropping. And i don’t use the proxies, if you’ve used actproxys please share your review here!

  3. Dear John,
    Thanks a lot for this article!! Im struggling however with finding Europe proxies for Supreme, do you have any advice of a place to contact

    • Sorry, i only use the proxies located in US. i suggest you sent a ticket to the proxy service to know more detail about the location of Europe proxies.

      BTW, Usually proxy providers offer ip address of datacenter servers that’s mainly from Netherlands, Germany,United Kingdom.

  4. Thanks for the article John, that’s really helpful. Can you advise me on something please… if i’m based in the UK what location is best for my proxy? I want to access Supreme as fast as possible.


  5. Any thoughts about proxy-n-vpn?

    • For foot sites proxy-n-vpn only sell only entire subnets and look like they are tired on the footsite proxies.

      Some reason here,

      The supreme usually ban full prefix of datacentre’s IP address AND some of proxy service not have too many proxies on hands, For guarantee other users proxies work, the proxy providers such as sslprivateproxy and proxy-n-vpn only provide only provide 250 proxies package that’s from same prefix(subnet).

  6. Hey, thanks for info. thinking about getting the 20 proxies for 65. How many should I use per task for tomorrow’s Box logo drop?

    • I suggest assign 1 proxy per task, for the proxies are banned easily on supreme.
      Both the supreme and adidas are strict on it.

  7. try for me it’s the another supreme bot. French and English support great team really.

  8. Hi, I’m considering buying some proxies for my shoe bot but I’d like to know is there any difference between these ‘sneaker proxy’ and normal dedicated one?


    • Both proxies are the private HTTP proxies, no different on technical..

      The ‘sneaker proxy’ is the proxy that provider promise to works well on the special sneaker website such as Adidas, FinishLine,Eastbay, Barneys, Sneakersnstuff…and more.

      Different is that sneaker proxies are checked on the footsite site before you buy, dedicated proxies don’t checked,so the proxies may be already banned by the sneaker websites.

  9. Hi, on “yourprivateproxy” there is 2 format types for dedicated proxy: Http/https and Sock5, so what is the difference between those two ? Also they ask to select the proxy authentication, that i don’t really understand too could you explain ?
    Thanks for your reply and great article

    • Http/https proxy can only use via HTTP request mean only can use on browser or other tools that’s support http.
      Sock5 proxy can use on more client or app, such as Skype, FTP, MSN, Outlook and so on.

      Which one should you use depend on what’s application you want to use.

      There are 2 type of the proxy authentication
      1. IP Authentication
      2. Username and Password
      More information about authentication you can refer,

  10. Hello,
    I just bought a bot for Supreme called Superbot Pro. On their website, it says that multiple users can use it at the same time, but on the same IP address. Does this mean that you can’t use proxies?

    • If THE Bot can works for multiple users with one IP address, you really don’t need the proxies.
      But, I am no experience about how it works with same IP address.
      And i hope you can share your experience to others after you used this bot.

  11. I just bought a bot too : Their staff sells their own proxies, I am European, is it possible to buy 2 times the same item on the two different shop (US,EU) ? One with my IP and the other with a USA proxy. My card will be on two orders (similar) But the delivery address will be different: A US and a European address shipping. Only my card will be on the 2 shop (which are not open at the same time) Sorry for my english and thanks in advance

  12. If we’re buying only 1 of each item is there any reason for purchasing a proxy?

    • Use server mean get more faster speed.
      Use proxies mean you can get more chance to cop more stuff, It’s just like a game, you may win to other or also you may fail, you just can control the probability of win rates.
      For some of special guys in this market. they’re usually get more size of each item, if get the size that not need, they can easily change to other or sold out.

  13. Hello,

    I was just looking at yourprivateproxy and proxy-n-vpn. Which one is better for Supreme? To avoid supreme’s duplicate check do I need to change my address, name, and card? Also, when purchasing a proxy, it gives me multiple options getting more expensive with plans including more proxies. Even though it has more proxies, is it all under one address or does this just mean you are buying more addresses. Like ( If it is all under one proxy, how many would you need to buy around 3 of one supreme item. I know this is a lot of questions!


    • 1. I suggest you use yourprivateproxy for supreme, Proxy-n-vpn only offer the proxies from full prefix in same subnet for the footsites or Supreme.

      2. Yes, you need multi address, multi credit card info. If use same information on two or more orders that usually will be get cancelled and remain only 1 orders by supreme.

      3. Proxies are let you run the more tasks to cop the items on websites. Means, 1 proxy just like 1 PC (person) operate on another computer to win the games, – PC1 – task1 (item1 – address1 – CC1) – PC2 – task2 (item2 – address2 – CC2) – PC3 – task3 (item3 – address3 – CC3) – PC4 – task4 (item4 – address4 – CC4)

      4. You may need 3, But it’s really hard to estimate how many tasks you need to run, there are many factor on it.
      But you can do more more tasks means more chance.

      • Can I use the same email address? And is it ok if for a card I use, the owner’s address is not the address it is being shipped to? And Can I use same phone number or should I change that too?

        • The supreme have a automated system that detect whether the orders by one person or not,if so, your other orders can be get cancelled and remain only 1 orders.

          I think there are many parameters, such as IP address, email, address information, billing information…to pick up on that, It’s really easy to find your orders, If you’re use two same address or same cc(credit card) information.

          My suggestion is more different will more chance to win this games on release,

          And if you’re use the gmail i can tell you a tip on it, let me use “[email protected]” as a example,
          [email protected]” just is same as,
          [email protected]
          [email protected]
          [email protected]
          [email protected]

          And You should brain storming on how to get more address and billing information.

          There are many bank and company offer virtual credit card online, Ok, i want to tell you more, you may check the privacy and entropay to solve the issue on CC.

        • Does entropay virtual cc accepted by supremenewyork?

        • I do not use the entropay virtual credit card, i use another Visa debit cards which works well, and i rename the card as my name on the website, and use blank on Billing address 🙂

          Your shipping and Billing address should be matched on supremenewyork, “shipping address match as an additional step to prevent credit card fraud.”

          So, you should check entropay virtual cc which show your Billing address or not, if not, i think which should works, but you have to try one by yourself.

        • Hey I use multiple profiles so I can get multiples of the same item. I’m in middle school so would using my card and my house address and then one of my parents office addresses and their credit card work with their name and email? (We all live in the same house and I pay them back of course)

        • There are lots of Reshipper online,
          What’s i should tell you…oh..
          I think you should works harder on your study.

      • Thanks for the quick reply!

        So just changing the address isn’t enough?
        If this is true, can i change the card and address but still have it under the same name? Also, my bot doesn’t have the option to put multiple proxies in, just one. So is there any need for a proxy unless supreme bans my ip?


  14. What exactly does proxies guarantee if successful?

    Like does proxies allow more tasks per ip address?
    Allow more cops per website to the same address? Etc

    I’m asking this because if I have lets say two credit cards going to two separate addresses, I could get up to 2 pairs per website. However how would that change with a proxy?

    • There are lots of questions, I am also a little uncertain about your meaning for…
      And look like you want to know why use proxies?
      OK, Let me explain,

      You may already know the supreme or other sites don’t allow to cop the same item with same address or same credit cards. if so, your orders usually will be get cancelled and remain only 1 orders, sometimes losing all orders with bad lucky.

      Here is the reason to use proxies,

      Now the Nike, supreme and adidas are all don’t like the guys who are using the bot or tools to cop, To prevent it, sneakers websites really hate it, so run banning technique on IP address.

      The system can easily block a IP address which sent lots of requests on add to cart in short time. And now both Nike and supreme are running the IP blocking technique, they can easily detect the abnormal activities via your IP.

      Let me in short,
      1. The proxies can help you run multi task on sneaker bots or other tools.
      2. The Proxies help you to Bypass the IP address banning technique on foot sites.

      So, if you’re want to get more stuff, It’s wise to use the proxies to win the game. Hope you get it and Any more questions, just let me know.

      • hello, I bought some proxies from the website, however, when I use the proxy tester, it said that my proxies were unable to connect to the supreme website, do you have any solutions to fix this problem? Thank you very much!!

        • There are many reasons that’s proxies can’ works, I suggest test the proxies on the browser, not just test proxies for Supreme also for other websites such google, FB and so on, if its only not works on supreme that’s means the ip address was blacked by Supreme.

          And the proxy can not works on other common sites that’s mean the proxy not get correctly or problem comes when proxy authenticate, The problem have happen i just need to contact proxy providers use their ticket support, such as MPP suport.

  15. awesome information

    two questions

    1) do you find some bots are simply better and get more deals than other bots… all other factors being the same.

    2). if you get Supreme friendly proxies , can those proxies be used on other store sites, like for Yeezys and Nikes etc.

    3). or so you need distinct store specific proxies across the board.

    • 1. i only use bot from anothernikebot..I am no experience on other bots, Any good supreme bot, let’s know.

      2. That’s just may be…in my experience, each websites use different system to prevent DOS attack or Proxies requests, in my views,
      Nike > Supreme NYC (Use CND – content delivery network ) > Adidas US > Adidas UK > Footsites, such as Footlocker, Footaction, EastBay, ChampSports, Finishline, SneakersNStuff.
      So if you have the proxies, why not use the proxies on others?

      3. If you can find good re-ship service and payment methods, it’s really a good choice for that, Such as, Adidas UK is really easy to get than Adidas US, and now US proxies are blocked too much than other countries proxies.

      • So … Nike > Supreme NYC (Use CND – content delivery network )

        Does > Adidas US > Adidas UK > Footsites, such as Footlocker, Footaction, EastBay, ChampSports, Finishline, SneakersNStuff. also use the CND, or do they use something different. I was unclear.

        So if you have the proxies, why not use the proxies on others?
        At this point I have not got any proxies yet.
        Just so I’m clear. I WOULD NOT use one Store specific proxy on another Store.
        (I could but my chances for success would not be as good).

        – Supreme would have better results with a proxy that is specifically purchased and used for Supreme
        – Nike would have better results with a proxy that is specifically purchased and used for Nike
        – Adidas would have better results with a proxy that is specifically purchased and used for Adidas
        – Footsites would have better results with a proxy that is specifically purchased and used for Footsites

        I don’t want to buy separate proxies if they are interchangeable between stores.

        Thanks John

  16. It I’m going for SUPREME product. I’ve heard a couple different answers to this question.

    What City should I select for the Proxy. The City that’s nearest me … or the City that’s nearest the retailer’s ….
    website ? or Shipping Center ?

    my Proxy package offers one city. The cities below are just a few of the many they offer. Do you have a recommendation.

    New York, New York
    Buffalo, New York
    Las Vegas,

    • From Blazingllcseo (I am not have good experience on their proxies..)

      Supreme CND locations in Ashburn,Virginia, Newark and New Jersey, you need you find the Location of proxies that’s closer the CND location, That’s will be reduce your PING.

      And you can search their domain whois to get the information about their server locations.

  17. Two points

    1) the heatedsneaks bot support guy was adamant that the proxy be nearest MY LOCATION …. not the stores. ???
    I havent purchased proxy yet. Til i figure which location.

    2) does each bot use its own keywords for an item.

    I would have thought they would be the same from bot to bot.

    But someone told me each bot uses different keywords for a given item. Which is true.

  18. I’m using now the bot supreme and it’s work great ! Very happy for the price, captcha working too

  19. Hey John this Article is extremly helpful and I want to thank you firstly. I have manged my way arround Bot and Proxies very well already but I ám starting to get some errors in the latest drops.

    1. My Bots get Cart Redirect Errors constantly what can be the reason for this?
    2. If I buy a proxie for UK can i stil ship to my homecountry even to the proxie is UK based?

    Again thank you very much!

    • 1. I really don’t know which bots you are using, I suggest you contact to support of bot. And, that may be you are run too many tasks/accounts at one time with same account information.

      2. Of course, but you have get UK payment methods and UK address to ship, some of online re-ship service, it’s really not so difficult.

  20. nathaniel iranata September 2, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    okay, yesterday supreme week 2 . i on holiday now, i want cop some supreme in us so i use vpn .. then supreme declined my checkout? how to solve this problem? should i use another vpn or what,

    • Obviously the VPN is banned by supreme….You should almost all VPN are shared to use by their users!!! That means the VPN service only offer shared IP address to use, so all the IPs are already banned or marked by supreme.

      So you have to use the private proxies to use for copping, and you can also use residential proxies to cop, which ip address more like human but may slow, and hard to find.

      And In nowadays, the dedicated proxies are still the best solution for that, but you have to find the right proxy service.

  21. Hello John

    If I was in Asia and wanna cop supreme from US online store, do I still need the VPN to go to the US online store or proxy will direct me to the US store instead of Japanese online store because my IP address located in US when using proxy. Second question is if I buy “yourprivateproxy”, will they offer me the unique IP address that is tested not to be banned by Supreme? Thank you

    • Nowadays the VPN almost cannot works for all the VPN service which offer the shared IP address, all of their users can access the IP address.

      The answer of your first question is YES, when you use the US IP address the online store will be auto redirect to the US supreme store, which is easy to know.

      The “yourprivateproxy” only offer the ordinary private proxies which not tested for any special website before you buy, but offer 3 days money back, MPP offer the sneaker proxies which tested before you buy but no money back offered, so you should make a decision by yourself .

      • So I need VPN + Proxy in order to enter US online store and cop supreme successfully? How can I test the proxies by myself before weekly drop?

        • Just use the proxy will be fine…VPN is also another type of proxy in my view.
          I reason to use Proxies is, To get more IP address for preventing IP restriction by US supreme online store.

          Yes, you can test proxies, easily test the proxies on your browser, but i don’t suggest test the proxies on your BOT..which may let the proxies banned.

  22. Hi John

    I recently bought a proxy by YourPrivateProxy.
    I tested out this proxy on the supreme site. Now my proxy isn’t working anymore.
    Is this because of my tests? To many times?

    I just want to buy stuff on the supreme site for myself… so 1 proxy will do I guess? Is that correct?

    Any updates about the best bots?

    Like hearing from you!

    • There are many reasons that proxies are banned by supreme, The one is just you use the proxy to test via your Bot…when you test(means ping to the supreme via supreme BOT), the supreme may suspect and ban this IP address!

      For your 2nd question, The Proxies are help you run more tasks on your BOT, which just means you can get more chance to win, if you’re lucky enough, No proxies needed:)

      Last, I only have supreme bot by anothernikebot..and now mainly cop on foot sites,
      I don not have much experience on it.

  23. Is there anyway to cop supreme if I’m from Mexico? And if so, how? with the bots? Thanks

    • Yes, you can, and you have to get the 3 address 🙂
      1. IP address on the internet. if you want to cop on US supreme, you need to use US ip address.
      2. Billing address. You also need the billing address that allow to use on the supreme.
      3. Shipping address. Cop on US supreme, NO doubt you need a US shipping address.

      If you get those 3 address, you can cop on any where in my view. The supreme bots is just to get more chance to win, with the Bot, proxies and more address you can run more tasks/accounts on 1 computer, The Bot is tool which simulate as lots of different hands to cop:)

  24. Does the AIO BOT works for ASSC( and palaceskateboards?

    • Yes, the AIO BOT from ANB works well on both websites, and those sites are easy to cop,
      And You could use the bots for other footsites also:)

  25. hello sir
    i want to know by the mmp group could buy supreme’s clothing or just buy some supreme’s sneakers?

    • The proxies just a tool which help you to bypass the IP ban or prevent IP restriction on supreme.

      So, if proxies works on supreme, should works on well on all stuff.

      And you can use the proxies for running multi-tasks to increase the chance to win.

  26. Hello John, I missed the supreme drop for the 3rd week in a row. I tested the bot out at home about 20 times and that probably banned my ip there, but I’ve been actually trying to get the drops at school which is about 20 min away from my house. Idk but it think the ip there is different. Should I just buy proxies open a few google chrome windows, sign into different google accounts in each window and add different ips to all of the bot windows on the software for the bot.

    If this doesn’t make sense im a beginner on ips and proxies but also have a few questions
    1) are ips and proxies the same thing
    2) how do I activate a proxies after I buy it
    3) is it best advised to have multiple proxies on different open windows to increase my chance of copping supreme

    • 1) Proxy is the solution the IP address, the format of a dedicated proxy is the “IP:Port”, such as
      2) Easily set up the proxies on your browser (or copy the proxies on your Bot if you buy a Bot).
      3) Yes, recommend. Supreme now easily block a specified IP address which sent lots of requests for copping in short time, with the proxies you can run more accounts and tasks to run.

      So, It seems like it could be more practical to use some sort of chrome extension that would allow you to use a different dedicated proxy for each window on chrome and just open as many windows as you have proxies, assuming you are using 20 proxies, In this way, Supreme sees you as 20 individuals (for 20 different IPs), So, The chance of IP ban is reduced and you run 10-20 accounts which more chance to win.

      Last, At now Captcha is a bottleneck on supreme and it’s causing issues for most people, The most successful guys may be combination of autofill extensions and the others are using private scripts that acquire a boat load of captchas.

  27. Should use private proxies or dedicated proxies, shared proxies ? thanks in advance

    • Private proxies are just known as the dedicated proxies,
      I suggest you read this post,
      For copping on the supreme, you have to use the dedicated proxies, which give you the fast connections to use, stay away from the shared which spam or abused by other users.

  28. are ghost proxies available to supreme site?

    • From my own experience, you have to avoid 2 proxy providers for supreme,

      The one is blazingseollc, Another is the ghost proxies!
      For I tested almost all proxy providers, blazingseollc only use cheap datacenter server, Lots of IPs are blacklisted…

      And about ghostproxies,after payment, you have to waiting for so long time to get the proxies, Last time I wait for 2 days…still not get their proxies, then I refund from paypal, No support give me a reply…look like their proxies rent from other proxy provider!

      Some guys on twitter say they are resell the proxies from, But I am can not 100% convinced that, BUT you have to waiting for so long time for their proxies is 100% convinced.