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Proxy-N-VPN is an online elite proxy company with high global standards.

It was created back in 2012 and has been selling quality proxies at a very reasonable price for more than 7 years now.


Proxy-N-VPN provides HTTP/HTTPs proxies. They have really fast servers which can pack up a speed of more than 1000 Mb/s. Their proxies, having HTTP/HTTPs protocol, are fully compatible with most of the softwares on the internet and are very smooth and fast when it comes to their performance.

Proxy-N-VPN DetailsUser RatingUser Reviews
Dedicated ProxyYes
Socks5 ProxyNo
Speed1000 Mbps
Multiple CitiesYes
Multiple SubnetsYes
Non – Sequential IP'sYes
Customer Support24/7 Ticket Support + Live Chat

Proxy-N-VPN Review

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Currently, They are providing the following proxies on their website.

  • Private Proxies
  • Shared Proxies
  • Instagram Proxies
  • Craigslist Proxies
  • TicketMaster Proxies
  • Gaming Proxies
  • Shopping Proxies

Proxy-N-VPN has more than 10,000 IPv4 dedicated IP addresses which are readily available on their websites in the form of proxy packages. They offer a lot of proxies which can be categorized under different sections like Private Proxies, Shared Proxies, Craigslist Proxies and more.

They have a dual proxy authentication method which can prove to be very reliable. You can easily access your proxies from anywhere, and the data of your proxies are fully protected as well. Moreover, They do not charge any type of setup fees on their proxy packages as well.

This proxy provider is one of the leading proxy providers on the globe and has made their name strong among the best. They have a wide range of proxy servers which are located in the USA as well as a couple of international data centers for their customers. Their datacenters are mainly USA based which is why a large proportion of their data centers are present in the USA.

They have slowly been expanding their online business over the last seven years and have come to a point where they are one of the biggest proxy providers in the world. They have a huge customer base with hundreds of thousands of five-star reviews which make them one of the best proxy providers.


They have great customer support which responds to your queries as fast as possible with a ticket based system where you can submit any type of complaints or questions regarding their website.

They have an easy to use website interface which can be used to navigate through their website with ease. They provide their customers with unlimited bandwidth on the proxies which means that you can use their proxies for as much as you want for the whole month provided that you pay for the proxy plan each month.

They also offer a money back guarantee on all of their proxies. Moreover, they support both IP Authentication and Username/Password authentication which makes your proxies not only easier to access but with an extra layer of security as well.

Proxy-n-VPN Pros

Versatile Proxy Seller

Proxy-N-VPN is one of the most versatile proxy sellers on the market. They have been selling proxies on the internet for more than 7 years and have gained experience with their ups and downs in the internet market. They have been providing the VPN also, so you can learn about VPN from gizlilikveguvenlik.

Proxy-N-VPN has been ranked the top proxy selling website by many official websites, and their proxies have been best known for its quality and smoothness. Being an old company, This proxy seller has quite a lot of experience on their hands and have been selling proxies for the betterment of the internet for a lot of time now.

They have a vast range of datacenter which is present in and outside the USA. This increasing number of locations on proxies has been deemed positive as a lot of customers benefit from having to choose from a number for locations for their proxies which enables them to choose a location which suits the proxy and their present location.

They are also providing quite a large number of different proxy packages on their website which makes it better as each proxy is specifically designed to be used on a certain website, which maximizes its efficiency.

Numerous Datacenters

Proxy-N-VPN is providing more than 27 Locations from all the United States of America, so you can get US IP addresses from Denmark like other VPN service on internetbeskyttelse. They are also providing some International locations, and you can easily choose whichever location you want from the website.

If you are unsure of which location that you want to choose from, You can easily check the datacentre map given on their website. It is more convenient to choose the location which is the nearest to you as it provides better speed and ping when using the proxy.

Following are the locations which are provided by Proxy-N-VPN.

USA Locations

Las VegasNV
Los AngelesCA
New YorkNY
San FranciscoCA
San JoseCA
Salt LakeNV

International Locations

Milton KeynesUK

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Most proxies come with a bandwidth limit, and once you finish up on that limit, you cannot use the proxy anymore.

All proxies that you buy from Proxy-N-VPN comes with Unlimited bandwidth. This means that you do not have to worry about any sort of data limit when you're using the proxy, and you can use the proxy to the fullest.

In the case with Proxy-N-VPN, there's no such thing as a Limited Bandwidth. There are no restrictions when it comes to using your proxies limitlessly. You can use your proxies as much as you want, provided that you pay for them each month. You can enjoy the endless use of these proxies for a whole month!

proxy-n-vpn Unlimited Bandwidth

Authentication and Refreshing IP's

Proxy-N-VPN is a really fast-growing service, and like all good proxy services, it comes with a dual authentication method. Proxy-N-VPN currently Supports both types of authentication methods ;

  • IP authentication
  • Username/Password Authentication

This provides you with a better approach to your proxies whilst adding mobility and flexibility as well. You can easily authenticate your proxies with either of the methods indicated above without any problem at all.

Moreover, Proxy-N-VPN comes with an option to refresh your proxies every once a month. Although their proxies come with fresh IP's, adding an option to randomize the IP address every once a month provides an extra layer of security as well.

Better Proxy Packages

proxy-n-vpn packages

Proxy-N-VPN provides great proxy packages on their websites that you can choose from and you can select the different types of proxies from their categorically separated proxies like Dedicated Proxies and Shared Proxies. The proxy packages which are listed on their website are as follows.

Private Proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice / Month
1 proxyYesYes$2.35
5 proxiesYesYes$11.50
10 ProxiesYesYes$22.65
20 ProxiesYesYes$43
50 ProxiesYesYes$86
100 ProxiesYesYes$169
150 ProxiesYesYes$249
200 ProxiesYesYes$328
500 ProxiesYesYes$750
1000 ProxiesYesYes$1390


Shared Proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice / Month
10 proxiesYesYes$11
50 proxiesYesYes$49
100 ProxiesYesYes$91
250 ProxiesYesYes$215
500 ProxiesYesYes$405
1000 ProxiesYesYes$710


TicketMaster Proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice / Month
100 proxiesYesYes$270
250 proxiesYesYes$625
500 ProxiesYesYes$1100


Craigslist Proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice / Month
1 proxyYesYes$3
5 proxiesYesYes$15
10 ProxiesYesYes$29
20 ProxiesYesYes$67.50
50 ProxiesYesYes$130


Gaming Proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice / Month
5 proxiesYesYes$15
25 proxiesYesYes$65
50 ProxiesYesYes$125


Shopping Proxies

PackageMultiple Cities


Multiple SubnetsPrice / Month
250 proxiesYesYes$550
500 proxiesYesYes$1000


shared proxies

Refund Policy and Customer Support

Using their 3-day refund policy, you can easily get a refund of your money if you do not like the service that they are providing. This is a great feature as you can test their product for a duration of three days and if you don't like what you're paying for, you can get an instant refund.

Proxy-N-VPN has great customer support on their website, and if you have any queries related to their website or their products, you can easily contact them via Support Ticket or by email. Customer support is very supportive and replies quickly without wasting any time. Good customer support is like the backbone of a good website. It is safe to say that SquidProxies has a pretty strong backbone.

Proxy-n-VPN Cons

No SOCKS Proxies

We all know that SOCKS proxies are the best for use on the internet. Unfortunately, SquidProxies is not currently providing SOCKS proxies in its proxy packs. Moreover, The owner of the Proxy-N-VPN has not observed to be adding relatively new features on their website. But with the rate at which the service itself is growing, maybe we can expect such changes in the future to come.

Do we recommend Proxy-n-VPN?

Yes, we definitely do. Proxy-N-VPN is one of the leading proxy companies on the internet and is one of the few which have a vast experience in the proxy field, which is why they should be everyone's choice when it comes to using proxies.

Proxy-N-VPN has established itself as a trustworthy and leading company on the internet when it comes to proxies. They have surely strengthened their grounds based on their experience since they started in 2012 and have evolved into a leading proxy company with data centers all across the globe.

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